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  1. I'd prefer it to be their away uni, if allowed.
  2. I made a madden mod like that yellow one, but in navy. I also did a home jersey. I think it looks better in royal, like you did.
  3. The old horn was not abstract at all. It was a very good 2d representation of a Rams horn. When I first became a Rams fan, no one had to tell me that those things on the helmet were Rams horns. It was plain as day. But when I saw the new horns, my very first thought was "why are the horns broken in two"? I had to be told that it was supposed to represent the 3d curling of the Rams horn, and when I did read it, I thought "doesn't look like it to me". And I know I wasn't alone.
  4. So now that you have shown me that some people actually do like that bone design, I will amend my original post from "I can't imagine anyone liking that bone design" to "I can't imagine why anyone would like that bone design". I really can't.
  5. I think because it makes it look more like horns?
  6. Barf-worthy. I've never seen a uniform unveiling that disappointed such a large percentage of fans to this extent. I'm hoping that their first alt is an alt away uniform that they will use for every away game!
  7. I cannot imagine anyone liking that bone design. IMO, the worst part is the sleeve numbers overlapping the so-called horn design; it just looks sloppy to me. But the odd thing is, I've not seen anyone in the media or online mention that in their complaints. Doesn't that bug anyone but me?
  8. I'll take it. I'll take almost anything!
  9. Several months ago, I did a Rams concept as a joke, the Ugly Christmas Sweater uni. As ugly as it is, I honestly would rather see them wear it than that awful "bone" jersey.
  10. Do you like the way the sleeve numbers sit on top of the white and yellow "Horn" design on the way uniform?
  11. I can't either. I can't imagine in what mindset a designer had to be to think that shoulder looks good in any aspect. In Madden 12's team creator, some of the available sleeve patterns placed shoulder stripes and sleeve stripes behind the sleeve numbers. I never chose those patterns not only because they looked bad but because I always thought "that looks so unprofessional. No team would ever do that". I can't believe I was wrong.
  12. Oh come on that has to be one of those awful "fashion" jerseys you can only find on eBay, right?
  13. If those away unis are the real deal, I say "why so plain"? I sure would miss the 44 year history of the away jersey having sleeves of a different color than the torso.
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