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  1. My nephew had a replica from Manziel's days and it didn't have the shoulder stripes either..
  2. With colors, extra descriptors are often necessary because of all the variants. Since the generic "gold" often includes what I call "yellow", I find it helpful to specify my fave gold as "Vegas Gold".
  3. I really miss the gold. But I really really miss the shield logo.
  4. I have a friend who was 10th Mountain Division, and she loves the tribute.
  5. Wow, Peyton Manning played for the Rams in the 40s?
  6. If they could get away with it, they should make that their away uniform. They also wore a blue jersey with yellow yoke, which I think should be their home jersey.
  7. I had to look that up. Man, that's a hideous-looking creature!
  8. Here's what I can't unsee: the blue area I outlined in the image below looks like the overhead view of a soaring bird with a very long beak.
  9. I never liked thos egold side panels, but I think they look better with those pants, for some reason.
  10. The last couple of NFL 2K and NFL Fever editions had blue pants for the Rams that had a gold "swoosh". The swoosh looked like the Panthers pants, but the swoosh was shorter. These existed but only appeared at the uni unveiling in 2001. These games also had blue pants for the Rams with no stripes or swooshes or anything. I don't think these ever even existed.