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  1. At the 1976 World Hockey Association Intraleague Draft, the league announced the Cleveland Crusaders had been sold and were relocating to Hollywood, Florida for the 1976-'77 season. The deal fell through later that summer (with the Crusaders instead ending up as the short-lived second incarnation of the Minnesota Fighting Saints), but the WHA Florida Breakers did exist long enough to have a logo: I've lost track of the specific date / source of the newspaper article, but luckily was able to find the image (and some additional information) posted here
  2. Not only does it not represent their team name, it's the modified logo of another team - the IHL San Antonio Dragons (1996-1998):
  3. Things like the sign, the scoreboard, the ivy, and "The Friendly Confines" offered a chance to create a simple, instantly recognizable tribute to the stadium. None of the finalists does that. Even just a couple of ivy leaves with '100 Seasons' written in the typeface of the sign would have been more meaningful than these. Of the finalists posted, #3 is the only one I like at all. My problem with most of the submissions on the MLB site is that they prominently feature the Cubs logo - it's the 100th year of the stadium, not of the the Cubs playing in Wrigley (that will be 2016). It was built for Chicago's Federal League team (and is the last surviving park from that league) and home to the Bears for a lot of years too - there really should be a whale and a wishbone 'C' joining the Cubs logo. That won't / can't happen, but probably should have.
  4. Teams with mixed serif and sans serif numbers (especially 1, 4, and 7). NHL examples: Oilers / Canadiens / Rangers - 1 and 4 have serifs, but 7 does not Bruins - 1 and 7 have serifs, but 4 doesn't Lightning - 4 and 7 don't have serifs, but 1 does
  5. Oh, and this crazy-ass color scheme: And yes, those colors do represent the official Sun Pantone values. Even for the 70s, they were a... bold... choice for a pro sports team, but it really is a perfect representation of the distorted, purplish cast your vision can take on as your eyes fatigue after a long time out in the sun. The combination has a bit of a sun-bleached feel to it, too. Other than being exceptionally garish, I think this was a great match between nickname and colours. Back on topic: Washington Capitals (later Washington Ambassadors > Virginia Ambassadors > Florida Blazers > San Antonio Wings) Detroit Wheels prototype helmets
  6. Per google, Murphy suffered a concussion from an elbow to the head. He missed 3 games and returned wearing that reconstructed helmet which apparently didn't deter his game at all. I had to check the date of the article - 1980. At first I thought he wound up with a blue helmet because they just snagged one from the old Houston Aeros since they wore blue, but the Aeros were long gone by 1980. Maybe there was still one hanging around the equipment room at the arena fromt the Aeros so they used it anyway? This is entirely possible... The San Jose Sharks left the Cow Palace in 1993 and when the ECHL San Francisco Bulls started prepping the Cow Palace last summer they found Sharks equipment. The Houston Apollos wore blue and white uniforms, almost exactly like the WHA Aeros, playing in the Central League for the 79-80 season and part of 80-81. That's most likely where it came from, especially if they had already folded and there was a bunch of equipment left behind.
  7. Mark Messier in a uniform as atrocious as Trevor Linden being included in a thread about great players: I actually like the Chiefs uniforms quite a bit, but an all-white uniform with a red helmet is not a good look:
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    CFL 2012

    It would be nice to think they came to their senses and scrapped the ridiculous green helmet, but I'm assuming it's just a matter of having enough yellow helmets on hand to properly outfit all of the players on the training camp roster.
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    CFL 2012

    That Eskimos road uniform is an abomination, but not surprising given the clowns (and worse) running the team. The home, other than the weirdo Packers collar and keeping the bad number font, is decent though. Change it to have an all green collar and a non drop shadowed, heavier block style number font and it would have been almost perfect. Hamilton and BC easily have the best looks in the league now.
  10. Fort McMurray is basically a boomtown/company town for the oilsands, right? I'm surprised they haven't picked up a struggling Dub team yet. Yep, that's the polite way to describe Fort McMurray. It's way too remote for a WHL team (450 km away from the closest team in Edmonton) - I'm surprised they even have an AJHL team given the travel involved, especially with how dangerous the highway is. This baseball idea is completely insane.
  11. Blame Google. The rest of that sentence from the front page of the league's site is "and much of the United States, the league brings affordable family entertainment to over 2M fans each season." Regardless, I agree, the league is boned. If the Texas teams break away, as was mentioned, that leaves Edmonton, Yuma, and four mythical on hiatus / expansion teams for next season. Maybe they patch together enough junk to start one more season, but I doubt it will happen. I'm sure some other questionable league will step in to continue the strong post-PCL tradition of awful baseball here in Edmonton though. Also, even for low level independent minor league sports the Fort McMurray idea is unfathomably stupid.
  12. The Gatineau jersey looks more like the Athletic Knit version of that Flames template than what you've posted to the site. Maybe I'm wrong, but I just don't see the sharply angled waist stripes in the handful of Gatineau pictures I've looked at.
  13. I managed to find this: There are also low quality pictures of the full card set here although none are especially helpful.
  14. There's no better way to compliment your minor league logos than with beer league jerseys, I always say. They look like they're suiting up to open the season against the Kootenay Ice, not the Montreal Canadiens.
  15. The Eskimos embarrassing yellow alternate The ultra lame Todd MacFarlane alternate The RBK / Patrick "Baltimore Ravens" LaForge freakshow
  16. It's all just so awful... none of it would look out of place in the Central League or SPHL or possibly on the label of some really bad beer. I have to imagine this will be another situation where whatever alternate they come up with will eventually / quickly become the primary.
  17. Simple, classy. Super huge crest aside, the Armada jerseys look really great. The one thing I don't like is how the crest interrupts the black stripe on the white jersey. It should just be the inverse of the black jersey, like this:
  18. The black helmet somehow manages to make their monstrosity of a road uniform look worse. Congratulations on accomplishing what I thought was impossible, Calgary Stampeders.
  19. Ricky Ray never played behind Favre.
  20. What a great Islanders concept. I would actually buy that and I rarely buy merchandise for teams I'm not a fan of. There's really not much else to say as far as c&c. I think if you're going with the drop shadow style numbers on the back you should also use them on the sleeves or at least add a cream outline to them. Also, it's a good enough look that I think it would also be fine in white rather than the cream you chose. Nice work.
  21. The Google News Archives has a fair number of articles about the Senators leaving Ottawa and eventually winding up in St. Louis including: talk of the team potentially moving to Chicago (meaning two teams in each of three cities), and articles that have the move to St. Louis confirmed as early as May and as late as August There is a specific mention of the St. Louis Eagles uniform in the November 18, 1934 issue of the Daily Boston Globe: "The Eagles produced attractive new uniforms of white jerseys with red Eagle on front and red numerals on back blue pants and white stockings with red ..." However, paid access is required to view the full article. The quote I've included is visible on the Google search page. Based on the era, the financial state of the team, and the possible late confirmation that the franchise would play during the 1934-'35 season my guess is that at least one version is a second hand set acquired from another team. The most likely candidate being the minor league New Haven Eagles. There is another Daily Boston Globe article from December '34 that mentions their new uniforms having a red background and there are pictures of later seasons showing an eagle crest (very different looking though) or New York Americans style sweaters. It seems the colours and name / logo could be a match, but without any photos to back this up it's purely speculation on my part.
  22. Something a little different, the Edmonton Trappers Pacific Coast League rings from '84, '96, and '97:
  23. Warren Moon green Edmonton Eskimos jersey on clearance for $60 or something ridiculous. It was the end of my first year of university, I was broke and moving home for the summer in a couple of days. I haven't been able to track down the right size / cut of that style of jersey since. The botched extra sleeve stripe on the 70s retro series last year and no definitive news if or when the CFL will be doing the 80s retro series hasn't helped. Also, a lot of the SuperSonics merchandise I put off to "buy later" and never did.
  24. Pre-Edge the jerseys were made in Canada. The knockoffs didn't show up until they moved production to Asia, jacked up the prices (the 550s were $90 weren't they?), significantly lowered the quality, and introduced the worst uniform designs in any sport. I don't own any counterfeits and don't plan to, but every lost sale for Reebok is, in my opinion, well deserved.