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  1. I didn't like the CHA on the purple jersey. Bringing back the CHA on the city jersey and having it look like a niketeam design isn't better.
  2. Well, its been a month since I posted the football concepts. Now that I'm back at school I can post the basketball concepts. I think right now ETSU has some nice uniforms for basketball. The only problem I have with them is that they have 3 jerseys all with a different design. So I just wanted to make a set where all the uniforms have the same designs. Version 1: I really like Arizona's uniforms and at first had something like that, but the more I messed with it, the more I didn't like having multiple different colors around the shoulder area. So I just simplified it and made it a slightly darker color, much like the 2nd version of the football uniforms I used the mountain logo as a sublimated design above the name on the front of the jersey. It case its hard to see the sublimated design I added this image so it would be easier to see the mountain design. Version 2: This set is just based off of ETSUs current gold/yellow jerseys. The only different thing about this set is the shoulder stripe is set up to look like Tennessee if you look at it from above. C&C is appreciated. Have a nice day.
  3. Its been a while since I've posted my own concepts on here. Since its finals week and I'm really good at procrastinating I thought I would post some of the concepts I've made for East Tennessee State University over the last year. I'll post one sport at a time and wait a while before posting the next sport. For every sport that I've done there are at least two different concepts, designs, or versions. I'll go into detail a little about why the concept looks the way it does. So to start it off here are the football concepts. Version 1: This season was amazing to be a fan of ETSU, first winning season since the program came back from a 12 year hiatus, first conference championship since 1969, granted it was shared with two other schools, and first FCS playoff birth since 1996. Right now we're wearing just a templated nike uniform in our colors, and even though I know that that's the best we can get right now. But as a student, I can dream for something unique for ETSU. Overall when I made these about 8 months ago, I just wanted to do a simple design, I think I did that here. The over sized stripes on the sleeves might not really be simple but I liked it. The pants share the same stripe as the sleeve. I added BUCCANEERS and EAST TENNESSEE(state) to the chest, to make it feel more like a college team, that usually have the big names on the chest. If you would like to see all 9 uniform combinations click HERE Version 2: The idea for this version came from seeing someone at a game this season wearing an old game jersey from the 90's. I really like the simplicity of the design and made a few changes to the jersey, the pants on the other hand are completely new. I did darken the colors and change the number font for this design. The sleeve stripe is very simple, and carries over to the collar as well. The sleeve has this logo subliminally in it, which is like what James Madison has with their uniforms. The pants look simple from a distance, the shield logo on the front of the pants and just two stripes on the sides of the pants, with a sorta browns-ish design on the pants on the lower part of the pants. Instead of doing what the Browns did with stopping the stripe, an outline is in the stripe of the ETSU logo. Changed it to say East Tennessee State on the front of the jerseys instead of East Tennessee on the away and alt jersey. Lastly the motto: ETSU TOUGH was added inside the collar. If you would like to see all 9 uniform combinations click HERE Thanks for looking at my concepts. C&C is appreciated. Have a nice day
  4. As a team that has had one look for its entire history, I feel like these are pretty good. My biggest problem with the new uniforms are the pants. And the amount of Columbia blue on the pants. But overall they stayed true to their old uniforms, made some small changes to the jersey, of while I think are good and I kinda like the new font. The helmets look good but confuse me, because there is already a team in their division that wears a navy helmet. I'll grades these a B, mostly because of the pants just being a little to boring.
  5. Is their a template for the Nike NBA uniforms for paint yet?
  6. First off, I don't necessarily hate the Browns uniforms, not the worst redo by Nike. But definitely not the best. I feel like the Browns could just make some changes to their current uniforms and they would be, at least better then what they use now. Helmets: Change the color of the facemask to White, the brown they use now looks to much like its black on TV and far away. Jerseys: Change the sleeve stripes to what they looked like in the previous set, flip number color around on all uniforms, except the Orange Alts, leave the drop shadow numbers, and the keep the big CLEVELAND on the chest. Pants: Get rid of "BROWNS" on the sides of the pants, keep all pants colors they have now, just extend the stripes
  7. The template is amazing, with the way you presented your two country teams shows off the template perfectly. Both sets are good, the only thing I would change is the yoke on Lisander to green.
  8. Here is what the field will look like when the San Diego play home games, the second field is only for rainbow surge games. And final updates to the uniform set as well.
  9. Here's how the San Diego Captains will look. I would feedback on all uniforms, but would like to know of the alternate uniform which is better. Home and Away ALTS Alternates C&C would be great. Thanks
  10. Update for the San Diego Captains Logos and Workmarks. As well as the helmet is added.
  11. Here's the logos for the San Diego Captains. C&C would be great. Thanks
  12. I would like to be apart of this. City: San Diego Team Name: Captains Colors: Navy Blue, Gold, and Black Logo(s): Work in Progress When do you want the logos to be done by?
  13. Thank you to the people that commented. Thanks for the feedback. Milwaukee is up. And also an update to the Warriors. I will start with the update to Golden State, to the Home and Away uniforms. Home:Made the sleeve design straighter rather then the curved way i had before. And also added a sleeve number to it. Away: Same changes as the home uniform. Now to the Milwaukee Bucks. Home: Away: Alternate: C&C is always welcomed.
  14. I've had this idea in my head for a long time, and have worked on some teams already. Now that I'm finally done with school I feel like I will have the time to do more teams. Maybe even complete the entire NBA to what I think all the teams would look like as Hockey teams. I will throw in a couple of teams that are no longer in the league, and maybe even an all star set. One thing that I'm currently trying to figure out is if I should make the logos that have a basketball in it, and try to change it to something related to hockey. With most uniforms I will try to relate it to the current uniforms that the team is wearing. I will start off with 3 jerseys for each team consisting of the normal home and away, and an alternate (if an alternate is a throwback that will be used as the alt uniform). Now to the first two teams, since it is the finals I thought that would be a good place to start. The Cleveland Cavaliers Home: Away: Alternate: And The Golden State Warriors Home: Away: Alternate: (I know they have a black alt, but I liked this throwback to much, gray background is there just to make it easier to see the word on the sleeves) C&C is welcomed. And you can suggest who you want me to do next. Thank you.