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  1. Nothing on the Shock Third, so on to the next update and Third uniform. First an update for the New York Excelsior. The biggest change is to the Chest and Sleeve Stripes. As suggested by vtgco, the direction of the arrows has been reversed. With the arrows being reversed it allowed me to continue the pattern onto the sleeves which lead to a much better design and overall better look in my opinion. The sleeve number is no longer on the elbow, now it is in a much better position on the upper arm. The last change is to the socks, now they only have the arrows going inward, not both ways like it was before. Here is the updated set for NYXL: Now for the Third Uniform for the Washington Justice. This Third is inspired by the design of the Third Uniform for the Justice and the Cherry Blossoms which you can find all over the area. Originally the stripes that are the main design of this uniform were going to have a navy accent stripe on them. However, once I saw how good red looked I had to go with it. The helmet has some cherry blossom flowers on it. Lastly Navy names and numbers to tie the uniform together. Now that the Third for the Justice is posted. Here is the Full Set for the Washington Justice: As always C&C is welcome and appreciated.
  2. After almost two months I'm back with new uniforms and updates. I want to finish this series and that's what I going to do here. Only one new uniform today, and it might only be one uniform per post from here on out. So without further ado here is the Third for the San Francisco Shock. This, as you can tell, is inspired by the Shock's actual third from season 2. And the Golden State Seals uniforms. A Black and Gray camouflage base accented with white and orange stripes. I tried to mimic the font the Seals used on their uniforms, with both the chest name and number font. The only thing I am not completely sold on are the gray pants. I wanted to break up the majority black look, but I don't know if gray, or even orange pants would look the best with a camo uniform. Now that the Third has been posted for the Shock here is the full set for the San Francisco Shock: As always C&C is welcome and appreciated.
  3. Nothing on the update to the Titans and the Third for the NYXL. And since it is opening weekend for the Overwatch League how about a new Third. Next up the Boston Uprising. The Third for Boston is inspired by their actual Third. I added the stripes to the sleeves so that they would not be blank. With the font that I used for the name and the number I was able to find one that mimics the Uprising logo. Overall though, this might be one of the more simple designs when it comes to the Third uniforms, but this is in my top 5 for Thirds. That I have done at the moment. Here is the full set for the Boston Uprising: Like New York, just because I am posting the full set here doesn't mean there might be an update later for the Uprising. With the Third posted for the Uprising, I have no updates or Thirds done and ready to post. Like I said in my last post I am focusing on finishing up this semester of college and haven't had the time to work on new Thirds or updates. When I have some time I will continue to work on this series and hopefully finish up every team. As always all C&C is welcome and appreciated.
  4. Thanks for the feedback on the last couple of thirds and updates. I understand what you're saying about the Mayhem update, there will probably be teams that I go back to update an update I already gave to them. Especially if I get feedback on the updates. As well, I did consider doing the vaporwave design on the Primary and Secondary for the Mayhem, but decided that was a little to far out there for the main set of uniforms, that doesn't mean that we won't ever see a vaporwave design though. But now on to the next update and Third. First an update to the Vancouver Titans. This is less of an update and more of I wanted to completely get away from what I originally did with the Titans. I wanted to get away from the Canucks look and give them something of their own. Also Green is now the primary color, because they are only one of two teams to use green as a color. Also I wanted to have a primary uniform that was a bright color, going back over every team, I noticed most primary sets were dark colors. The primary design is basically just a lot of V's. I can understand if this one doesn't get a lot of love, but I thought it was good enough to show them off. Now the Third uniform for the New Your Excelsior When I started making Third sets for teams this was one of the first ideas I had for a team. Inspired by the famous NY Rangers home uniform. I put the NYXL twist on it, the main logo is turned into a sublimated pattern that runs throughout the main part of the uniform. The number and plater name font is the same font that the Ranger use. I wanted to avoid using white anywhere on this uniform and I like how it came out. Now that the Third uniform is posted here is the full set for the New York Excelsior: Even with me posting the full set here doesn't mean I won't go back and update the main set. I just wanted to get the Third set out for the NYXL, because it is one of my favorites. So an update on why there haven't been a lot of posts lately. I'm focusing on finishing up this semester of school and am not putting a lot of time to updating sets or coming up with Third uniforms. I will still try to post one or two updates and/or thirds every week, and hopefully pick up the posts when the semester ends. As always all C&C is welcome and appreciated.
  5. Nothing on the Update to the Mayhem and the Third for the Dragons so on to the next team. No update today. Now the Third uniform for the London Spitfire. This was a fun one for me to make. I tried to mimic the camouflage pattern and design that the actual British Spirtfires used. I wanted to keep the colors that London uses for this uniform, unlike what the Spitfire did for their actual Third, which was light pink. Also they are the first team that I "made" a logo for on the shoulder, which is suppose to be a nod to the letters and circle design on the side of the plane, I know there's probably an actual name for that I just didn't look it up. Now that the Third is posted for the Spitfire. Here is the full set for the London Spitfire: As always all C&C is welcome and appreciated.
  6. Thanks for all the feedback. The Atlanta Third was one I had thought of basically when I started to design all the teams. I am just happy it came out so good. I also did think the outline was a little thin for the Glads third, but I didn't want make it to thick. I did have a version of the Dallas Third with light blue numbers, but I liked it better with the dark numbers and a light blue outline. The Outlaws Third was almost completely different, originally I had the tequila sunrise design on the sleeves and not on the main part of the jersey. Now to another round of updates and thirds. First an update to the Miami Mayhem. Big changes to both sets of uniforms. Sleeve designs changed, the bomb is now on its own and a stripe has been added to the lower part of the arm that matches the waist stripe. The sleeve numbers have been made bigger now that there is more space for them. Other than that there are collar changes for each set, fully pink collar with a light blue trim for the primary. And a fully black collar with light blue trim for the secondary unifrom. Now the Third uniform for the Shanghai Dragons. Unlike with the other teams so far, there was no inspiration for the design of the Dragons Third. I wanted to have one team that had an oversized logo and I thought the Dragons were the team to do that with. The right sleeve does have a scale design on the entire sleeve, I don't know if I am fully sold on it, but I liked it enough to show it off. Left sleeve has the DRAGONS wordmark on it. And their Third is the only Third, that I have done at the moment, that has the name below the number on the back. Now that the Third for Shanghai has been posted. Here is the Full set for the Shanghai Dragons. As always all C&C is welcome and appreciated.
  7. Thanks for the feedback on the updates and Thirds. On to the next update and Third set now. First an update to the San Francisco Shock. As was suggested by vtgco, I fixed the helmet sticker on the Primary set to match the wordmark of the jersey. And the Secondary set is now Black accented rather than gray. Now to the Third Uniform for the Houston Outlaws. Not to hard to see what this uniform was inspired by, its not like I also show you pictures of the inspiration either the Astros famous or infamous Tequila Sunrise uniforms. But at the current moment, the Outlaws Third design is the same design as the Primary and Secondary sets, I really only did that because I just really like the base design for the Outlaws. But as you can tell this is a Light Green Tequila Sunrise design on a hockey jersey. This isn't the first time I've done something with the Tequila Sunrise design. There is a sublimated OUTLAWS name on the upper chest to mimic the out Astros uniform. And lastly to match the old Astros set, a number is on the front of the right leg. Now that the Outlaws Third is posted. Here is the full set for the Houston Outlaws: As always all C&C is welcome and appreciated.
  8. Nothing on the update to the Dragons or the Third for the Gladiators. So on to the next update and third. First an update to the Philadelphia Fusion. No big changes here, just a sleeve number color change on each set. Instead of Gray numbers on both sets, the Primary now has White sleeve numbers. While the Secondary jersey has Orange sleeves numbers. Now the Third for the Dallas Fuel. The Third for the Fuel is inspired by their actual Third jerseys. I wanted to keep the monochromatic look that the original had. But I wanted to add something to it so that was more that just a dark blue jersey with darker blue accents. So, I added what is basically racing stripes on the sleeves and shoulders only breaking up to have the sleeve numbers. Now that the Third is posted, here is the full set for the Dallas Fuel. As always all C&C is welcome and appreciated.
  9. Nothing on the Third for the Reign. So on to the next team. First up is an update to the Shanghai Dragons. Only an update to the Secondary jersey for the Dragons. Went with a more Red based uniform, as was suggested. Eliminated all yellow on the Secondary jersey and made the Black outline thicker than it normally was on the Primary. Now for the Third for the LA Gladiators. Not hard to see what I used as a reference here, the Kings Stadium Series uniform from when they played the Avalanche. Didn't want to do black on white, instead it is black on purple, with a white outline to try to make sure the two colors wouldn't blend to much. Oversized logo on the Right arm, and the GLADIATORS name logo wraps around the waste of the uniform. Now with the Third for the Gladiators posted. Here is the full set for the Los Angeles Gladiators: As always all C&C is welcome and appreciated.
  10. Thanks for all the feedback. I never imagined I would actually finish the main sets for every team in the OWL, mostly because I have never finished a thread I started here on the boards. I will take most to all of your suggestions into account when I go to update these last couple of teams. But now after a long time between posts. I am back with the first Third uniform set. No updates today, as I really had no time since my last post to work on updating any of the teams. So here's how the Third uniforms will be presented. The left picture will always be the actual Third jersey the team had, if I used it as inspiration. Middle picture will be the actual uniform set. The right picture will always be another inspiration for the uniform set if there is one. But now onto the first of the teams to get a Third jersey. The Atlanta Reign. Like I hinted back in the original Reign set, the Third uniform is based off one of the Thrashers uniforms. The peach color actually comes from their Third jersey from the one year they had one. I used the dark red that they normally use as a accent color. Also the number and name fonts match that of what the Thrashers used. The Reign are one of the only teams, that I currently have the Third uniform finished for, that use White as the primary color for the Third set. So now with the Third Uniform for the Reign posted. Here is the Full Set for the Atlanta Reign. C&C is always welcome and appreciated.
  11. Thanks for the feedback. NYXL is one of my favorite sets and the update in the OWL. I haven't actually tweaked any of the logos much. The first two seasons the teams all had the same templated design with the team logo on the front. A new brand called Staple took over the production of the jerseys last season and still have a templated design for all team, instead of the logo they put team names and the chest and the logos were placed on the shoulders. But now on to the Final set for the OWL. The San Francisco Shock. The Back-to-Back champions of the OWL. A dominant team over the last two years. The Shock are one of the favorites going into this upcoming season as well. But now onto the uniforms. The Shock, like the Fusion, originally used Orange but switched to Gray after the first season. I went through 3-4 different designs before I landed on this design. The shockwave logo is the primary sleeve design. The SHOCK on the primary jersey is the only diagonal script of all the teams in the OWL at the moment. The secondary jersey instead has the SF logo on the chest. An update to the Seoul Dynasty Biggest change to both sets is the pants now have a stripe to match the uniforms. No changes to the secondary jersey. The primary jersey has the DYNASTY removed from the waste stripe. And the helmet is now chrome gold, thank the Golden Knights for that idea, mostly to break up the completely black set that it originally was. . And with that all OWL team sets are done. Third Jerseys will be coming soon. As well as more updates. C&C is always welcome and appreciated.
  12. Jersey Number font is 4th and Inches The Nameplate font is Academic M54. On to the next team and some updates to the Outlaws and the Valiant. But first the New York Excelsior. The Excelsior or NYXL have always been contenders in the OWL, but they have always struggled to get to the Grand Finals Weekend. They have the second best overall record of the teams that have been in the OWL since its first season, only behind the Fusion. But now on to the uniforms. I will admit NYXL does not have the best logo, but it did inspire me to do the only chest stripe of all the teams in the OWL. As well as the secondary jersey might just be my favorite jersey that I have done in the entire OWL. Now on to some updates. First for the Houston Outlaws. No big changes here just a helmet change color for the primary jersey, no changes to the secondary uniform. Next is a small update to the LA Valiant. No big changes to the primary uniform, fixed the collar so that it is yellow all the way around. The secondary jersey, like the primary, has a fully sky blue collar. Biggest change to the secondary jersey is the sky blue outline on the logo on the chest. Only one more team to go. C&C is always welcome and appreciated.
  13. Nothing on the Dragons or the Mayhem. So on to the next team. The Atlanta Reign The Reign joined the OWL in the second year as the league expanded to a lot of new cities. They do use a shade of red like every other team in Atlanta, but it is a darker shade of red. When I was designing the Reigns uniforms I almost did a call back to the Thrashers which you still might see later , but instead I went a different route. Like the Dynasty the Reign are the other team to use a shiny fabric for everything that is silver. As well as being the second of the two teams that have a shoulder numbers. Only two more teams to go. C&C is always welcome.
  14. Thank you so much for the feedback, I didn't mind the novel at all. I actually really like all the feedback you gave. But now after the weekend break how about I show off two teams. And now on to the Shanghai Dragons and Miami Mayhem. First up the Shanghai Dragons. The Dragons went down in the sports history books in the first season of the OWL and not for a good reason. The Dragons went 0-40 in the inaugural season, making them have the worst record of any sports team ever, at least according to ESPN. But since that first season they have gone 40-17 over the last two seasons, and in the third season making it to the Grand Finals weekend. But now onto the uniforms I wanted to follow the shape of the logo for the design of the uniform. The Dragons are one of two teams that has shoulder numbers. They also have on of the more unique helmet designs, like the Seahawks in the NFL, the dragon on the helmet connects in the back. The Miami Mayhem, the second of the two teams that uses Pink in the OWL. However they didn't originally use the Vice colors, instead they used Red and Yellow, and were apart of a lot of McDonalds jokes. For the design I wanted to use the bomb logo main feature. The numbers on the sleeve are within the bomb logo, like the Fusion and the Outlaws. The helmet design like the Dragons doesn't follow the normal helmet design. Instead an large Palm Tree fuse takes the place on a small logo or name. For the secondary uniform I was stuck between which color to use for the sleeves, I ended up going with black in the end, but I do have designs with Pink and Blue. C&C is always welcome.
  15. Thank you so much for the feedback. I share your feelings about Vancouver, they're definitely going to be a team that gets an update, maybe an overhaul like the Spitfire did. But now after missing a day. On to the next team. The Philadelphia Fusion. The Fusion were one of two teams that originally used Orange as their primary color. But after the first season they switched from Orange to Black. Philly is owned by the same group that owns the Flyers, Wings, and former owners of the 76ers. Fun fact about the Fusion, they released a concept branding for their team that showed they were originally going to be closer to the Eagles in color. But now on to the uniforms. I really went hard with mimicking the logo with the design. The stripe is suppose to be the atoms path with the sleeve number on the left sleeve being within that atom. Back at it tomorrow with the last of the international teams. C&C is always welcome.
  16. Nothing on the Dynasty and the Spitfire. So on to the next team. The Vancouver Titans. The last of the two Canadian teams. The Titans are owned by the Canucks Sports & Entertainment group, as if the colors didn't already give that away. But for the uniforms I did not want to stray away from what the Canucks currently wear. But you can see I did make one change away from the Canucks. The sleeve stripe has three peaks in it. That is suppose to mimic the top of the Titans logo. No updates for any teams today. C&C is always welcome.
  17. Thanks for the feedback on the Outlaws. I actually did have a black helmet to go with the black jersey for awhile, but I wanted to see how green would look and forgot to change it back. So now on to the next team. The Seoul Dynasty. Seoul is the only team in the OWL to use Gold as a color. When the OWL first started everyone thought this was the team that was going to win it all. But they have only ever gotten as far as the Grand Finals weekend once. But, now on to the uniforms. The Dynasty are one of two teams that will have a shiny fabric (like Vegas in the NHL). I am not completely sold on the DYNASTY wordmark on the front on the primary jersey, but I did like it so I kept it there to show them off. Update Overhaul of the London Spitfire. Like I said with the original Spitfire set. "Overall this is a simple design, but now that I am posting it I am realizing that this is very close to a Flyers jersey." So, out with that set and in with a new set. No more different color nameplate. A completely new design for the Spitfire, that I like more than the original. C&C is always welcome.
  18. Thanks for the feedback on the Hunters and Spark. Lets get to the next team. The Houston Outlaws Houston has a solid color scheme and a amazing logo in my opinion. This was one of the first teams I actually finished, why I waited this long to show them off is a question I dont even know the answer to. But as always I didn't want to go crazy with them and I wanted to focus on the star in their logo, that is why I made it the focal point on the sleeve design. I almost did have the sleeves be green on the white jersey, but decided against it after I saw how good the black looked. My favorite part of this set though has to be the pants, I took the pistol from the logo and put one of each side. Because an outlaw always has to be ready to shoot. Update for the LA Gladiators Got rid of the black bottoms on the sleeves for both sets and added a stripe that goes around the waist as well. On the primary jersey the small stripe between the two white stripes is now black. On the secondary jersey the top stripe has been changed to black. Also the logo was made smaller because of the waist stripe C&C is always welcome.
  19. Thank you, that was one of my main goals was to make them look professional given that they are eSports teams. But I will admit some of the teams that are coming up will be a little out there, because at some point I just said they're eSport teams, they can be a little crazy. So now on to the next team. The Chengdu Hunters The only team to use white as its primary color in the OWL. That is reflected here that their primary uniform is white, again the team in the OWL who would wear white at home games if they were a real thing. The stripe design actually comes straight from the logo, I thought that looked really nice and was happy with how it came out. For the orange jersey, I almost did leave the logo transparent, because that is how it actually is, but its looks a lot better with the head filled in. Update for the Hangzhou Spark. Got rid of the SPARK name on the right sleeve, replaced it with another number. Fixed the right cuff on the primary jersey. On the secondary jersey again got rid of the SPARK on the right sleeve replaced it with the number. Biggest change comes on the chest of the secondary jersey, added the SPARK workmark to the chest and added a smaller logo under it. C&C is always welcome and appreciated.
  20. Nothing on Boston. So onto some updates for the Toronto and Guangzhou here. Starting off with Toronto. No big changes here, took the feedback I got for them and made the changes. I did actually forget to give the white uniform a white helmet to go with it, so I fixed that here. The Guangzhou Charge are the second team getting updated. Again I took the feedback I was given and made the changes, biggest change is the pants. Changed the bolt design there. Nothing on the primary jersey, and a striping update on the white jersey. C&C is always welcome and appreciated. I did not want to put all the updates into one post, so I might start posting a team and a update starting with the next team.
  21. Nothing on Paris, so on to the next team. The Boston Uprising. The Uprising are owned by Robert Kraft, who owns the Patriots and Revolution. But this is the only team that he owns that does not use Red and Navy Blue as the teams colors. Instead the Uprising are Royal Blue, Yellow, and Black. Overall the Boston was one of, if not, the hardest teams to make a set for. I ended up with a shoulder stripe that extends to the mid-sleeve, and it is suppose to mimic the logo. I can see myself doing a big update or overhaul on Boston, but still I do like how these came out. As always C&C is welcome and appreciated. Boston marks the halfway point for OWL teams, the next post will be updates for the first batch of teams. Not counting Boston. I have finished all of the sets for the OWL teams and have started to begin on third jerseys. I will continue to post one set a day, which could become two depending on how the feedback is.
  22. Thanks for the feedback. I felt like it was time for a crossover between eSports teams and traditional sports, because I feel like every sports league has been crossed over with another one at some point on the boards. And one of my main goals was to make sure every team had a different type of stripes and so far I feel like I've done a good job of that. So we move on to the next team. The Paris Eternal. Hoops, hoops, and more hoops. Nothing really more to say about the design other than Hoops. I did have a hard time figuring out what to do with the Eternal, but after about three or four different designs I landed on this design and fell in love with it. With the hoop striping Paris has one of the more unique designs in the OWL. The Eternal are only one of two teams that will have a number on the front of the jersey. As always C&C is welcome and appreciated. The next team will be the halfway mark for teams in the OWL.
  23. Nothing on the LA teams. So on to the next team. The Dallas Fuel. The Fuel have some of the best fans in the OWL, even when you consider they have never really had a good season. They share the colors of the Mavs and while they do use Navy as their primary color. I made their primary jersey the brighter blue because it just pops. And I didn't want to have over half the OWL having a dark color for the primary jersey. Overall though, this is a simple design, I did add the flame to the top stripe on the sleeve. The only thing I am so sure on is the FUEL name on the shoulder, while I like it. I will admit it does kind of seem out of place for a shoulder logo. As alsways C&C is welcome and appreciated.
  24. Thanks for the feedback on series so far. On to the next team teams. Lets double dip to start the week off. Here are the LA Gladiators and LA Valiant LA being the only city to have two teams in the OWL, the Gladiators and Valiant. With the Gladiators I did not want to go to crazy with, mostly because they use two dark colors that could blend together if you look at it for a split second. The stripe on the sleeve is suppose to mimic the inner stripe on the logo. The black on both jerseys is still something I am not fully sold on but I still like how these came out. The LA Valiant. One of only a few teams in the OWL to have more than one logo. And one of two teams that have changed their colors from what they originally started with. The Valiant started out as a Green and Yellow team, but only after one season did they switch to the better Light Blue and Yellow look. I just do not think you can go wrong with these colors, they look beautiful together. But overall this is one of my top 5 sets that I have done at the moment. As alsways C&C is welcome and appreciated.
  25. Thanks for the feedback, the Spark were a fun team to make, but like I said they aren't the only team to use Pink, so be on the lookout for the other pink team in the OWL. On to the next team. The London Spitfire. The Spitfire were the champions of the OWL in its first year, and that is reflected by the gold tab on the back of the collar. Overall this is a simple design, but now that I am posting it I am realizing that this is very close to a Flyers jersey, so when I get to updating some of the sets the Spitfire will be one of them. But at the when I made these no team had a fully contrasting sleeve color to the rest of the jersey, and I thought the look worked good with the Spitfire. As alsways C&C is welcome and appreciated.
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