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  1. MLB Shop has 20 of the 28 team caps up for sale. I don't see: Japan Mexico Korea Venezuela Great Britain France Brazil Thailand Another site is showing slightly different versions of Australia (white logo), Italy (white button), and Panama (blue visor) Thank you
  2. Any word on products such as caps and jersey for this new WBC?
  3. Larry walker for the rockies. #33 on the outfield wall
  4. With the Olympics not including the sport of baseball and with the 2013 WBC approaching I thought it would be cool to see if there is any news out there about WBC news. Also if anyone knows anything about WBC hats having a release date.
  5. So it is interesting to think that three of the four newest expansion teams in the MLB have had logo or identity changes and the Rockies have barely done anything to anything in their identity... If this is another post about this somewhere let me know.
  6. I think the Colorado Cuthroats sounds cool. Denver Cutthoats not as much ring but still works. A wild west fish logo would be sweet.
  7. The Carolina Panthers came after the Denver MLB expansion. Yeah not sure what that means?
  8. It would be cool, but it seems like the Rox don't really like to expand thier uniform choses.
  9. Does anyone know or think when the Rockies will honor the Denver Bears? They were a minor league team for so long in the Mile High city it seems like its about time to show them respect Rockies.
  10. There are two by Mike Lessiter,The Names of the Games (pro teams) and The College Names of the Games (for naturally, college). The books also included info such as team colors, mailing addresses, year founded, arena/stadium info, etc. Published in 1988 and 1989 respectively, both are rather dated; the pro version moreso than the College version Great. This is it. Thanks it was bugging me that I could not remember the title. That does work too. But my main thing was those books. And he hit the nail on the head with those ones.
  11. Does anyone know of a book about the history of Sports Nicknames. I remember a book like 10 years ago in my high school library that carried a book with something like the history of sports teams names. Thanks
  12. Found this this morning... Warner Bros. Logo History