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  1. Wow, I was wrong. Credit to the committee for not trying to send a message with the one ranking that matters. Time to make Urban's ass quit again.
  2. What if Kansas had not choked down the stretch against TCU? What if Texas Tech had converted their two-point conversion? What if an ACC team could finish a game? You can play that game with everyone this year... I haven't heard anyone give Alabama a free pass for Ole Miss. This thing is rigged for Alabama v. FSU in the Sugar and Oregon v. Whoever in the Rose. I don't like this committee business. It's all made for TV garbage - everything from the rankings to how they are going to schedule the games. I don't understand the need for weekly rankings for anything other than creating faux-debate since nothing matters until today's rankings. I don't like how they rank teams to send messages (like they seemed to do early on). Ranking the complete top-25 is a joke, as it doesn't really matter. Finally, the fact that you have to be in the room to vote is a joke -- that's why God invented conference calls. It makes sense to all be together, but to exclude a person because they can't get to Dallas is ridiculous. My ideal system would have some sort of computer ranking that's part of the formula and the committee would have to justify any movement from that. Rankings would come out every three weeks or so - just to have our TV interest. You'd only release the top four (/six in my system)+ the highest ranked non-major. No need to tell Georgia they are #20. Any interviews afterward can defend the committee's choices.
  3. App wore some yellow pants that look to go with the throwback uniforms they wore a few years ago. Wearing this combo means App didn't wear the Grey/Chrome jersey that was teased before the season.
  4. The only way that was an "obviously bad call" is if you were rooting for LSU. Granted I'm biased, but the refs had been letting the dbs play all night. You either get a consistently called game or one where the situation determines the call. The way the refs were calling PI in the first quarter was the same way they called it in OT.
  5. I like it, but it's going to be hard to see the yellow part of the SBC logo. Much better than the gaudy mess we had when I started in 2006.
  6. I love that you brought the white A back. Not crazy about the pants, but that's probably because I'm so used to seeing App with no stripes. It's not too different from what we wear now, so I'm a fan.
  7. The Southeast division just became WIIIIIIDE open with the Heat possibly falling down to third or fourth place (behind Washington, Atlanta, and maybe Charlotte).
  8. I've been looking for months. You can buy it for $150 usually on Ebay, but I wasn't willing to dish out that kind of cash for it. It's my white whale at this point. If you find an XL at a normal price, I'd love to know
  9. For the Braves it was definitely Melky Cabrera and B.J. "I don't want to play in Atlanta" Surhoff. I didn't cry the day that Joe Johnson was traded from the Hawks, but my distaste for him was more because he got such a big contract for being a volume shooter. There were a couple App State football players that got on my nerves through the years, Ed Gainey and Sean Price. They always acted like they were bigger than the team. I guess that's why both were dismissed from the program eventually. App basketball wise, I'd have to go with our former coach, Jason Capel. It just always came off as he was looking to blame someone for the basketball program's problems - even after he had been the coach for four years. Now we're in APR hell, only a handful of scholarship players on the roster, and arguably our best player was found in an intramural game in the student rec center. The good news is that Jim Fox seems to be working in overdrive to fix five years, when added to Buzz Peterson's one season in Boone. The man lied to my face when I met him about his long-term App plans, which puts him in a whole different category.
  10. The true story about how Mal Moore got Nick Saban to come to Alabama. I've heard it's a real doozy. Sadly, the story might be limited now that Mal Moore has died.
  11. Age: 26 Music Preferences: Modern Country, Classic Rock, Some "pop" songs but not many (follow me on Spotify, and you never know what you're going to see pop up) Music Dislikes: Most rap (but not all), Techno, Heavy Metal Clothing Preference: In the spring/summer, I'll be in a polo shirt (usually Nike or UA), soccer jersey, or t-shirt w/ jeans or khaki shorts, depending on the temps. In the fall/winter, it'll be long-sleeved tees and hoodies w/ jeans. Always lop-top Nikes or boat shoes. If I wear a hat, it's the '47 brand because their XXL is the only one that feels comfortable on my big melon. Sports Uniform Preferences: If I think a look will last, I usually like it. Example: The Panthers' don't have a "classic" looking uniform, but I like how it has lasted almost 20 years and still looks relevant. The Bucs and Jaguars will just look silly in a few years. Basketball is my exception to the rule, where I don't mind pushing the boundaries, unless it hurts my eyes (see Adidas zebra stripes last year)
  12. Even though I know they'll get killed around here:
  13. Sadly, I was just about to post that...straight from Nike's Facebook page.
  14. It's sad that the St. John's uniforms would even appear on the same page as those Oregon monstrosities. It ranks up there with my favorite college baseball uniform:
  15. I don't know how "new" these are, but they are definitely newer (and nicer) than what I wore playing up at App back in the day:
  16. I have to say I like those a lot. Chris, you've had this site up for over a decade and are just now joining the boards? Welcome! I'd like that pinwheel Oregon hat now please, size 8. After wearing those beautiful uniforms last night, Arkansas went back to the pit stained ones. Ugh.
  17. The problem is that neo-Christian radical leaders (Westboro Baptist, Hispanics, Bible Belt Southeast U.S., etc) tend to believe that God went all Joan-of-Arc on them, and told those leaders to harass, torture, humiliate and make it as painful as possible for homosexual people to live freely in this world, and to pass these insights of hate to their parishioners.Yup, that's exactly right. I know I'm taking this way too personal, but as a Southern Baptist living in the South it's really frustrating to have my views lumped in with Westboro all the time. They are lunatics in every sense of the word.It seems as if many of you are unaware of why some Christians are anti-gay. It comes from Genesis 19, when Sodom and Gomorrah were destroyed after men demanded to have sex with two of Lot's guests - so basically a gang rape. Long story short, Lot says no, they rape the guests anyways. An angel comes to Lot and says to get out of there because the city was going to be destroyed for their many sins. The city gets burned to a crisp. Many interpret the sin as the gay sex. I think it means the gang rape and the "other sins", which if you read other historical texts you can learn Sodom (I think it's where we got the word sodomy from...don't hold me to that though) made Vegas look tame. But go ahead and say you're so enlightened while marginalizing my point of view and lifestyle, which is no different than people marginalizing people who just happen to love someone who has the same chromosome structure. Obviously I'm just a robot who believes the exact same things some people in Kansas whom I've never met believe or exactly what my parents believe. Actually, there are many Southern Baptists who aren't homophobes and don't think "the gays" will burn in Hell - including myself. (Edited for clarity) **************** Back on topic, good for Michael Sam. I can't imagine feeling like I couldn't tell my family something that was such a major part of my life. I hope he gets a fair shot at an NFL roster and performs to the best of his ability. If him being gay is such a distraction, then so are felons and guys with baby momma drama, and we know there are plenty of those in the NFL to go around.
  18. App State has a new yellow hat. I went to a few of their games last year and don't remember any yellow in their uniforms (outside of the App State & number) last year.
  19. International teams. That's the final straw for me. I just think Goddell is pushing it and foreign markets won't support a team on a regular basis. It's easy to show up twice a year, but eight?
  20. Bobby Cox, Greg Maddux, and Tom Glavine all getting in the HOF in the same year? See y'all in Cooperstown.
  21. Oh thank God Auburn didn't win. I guess Gus ran out of his miracle juice. I was convinced they'd win on some BS hook and lateral through the legs and #11 would float on a cloud that would drop him in the end zone. I hate Auburn and dislike Florida State. The lesser of two evils won this game. (At least in my eyes...) And at the risk of sounding totally immature and irrational, for one last time this season - E.S.A. If anyone was to break the streak I am SO glad it was you, Barn.
  22. That's my first memory, but reverse. I don't really remember the games, but I do remember the last play. Otis Nixon grounded out and my four-year old self asked my dad when Alabama played next so I could "like sports again"
  23. Maybe this will cool off the "fans" who have only been around as Alabama fans since JPW's last season. It's like I tell everyone who asks how long I've been an Alabama fan when they see me wearing my gear in the middle of Tar Heel country - if you can't remember Freddie Kitchens, Zow v. Watts, or your heart breaking for Tyrone Prothro when his leg broke, chances are you're just a bandwagoner. Even though the way the season ended was somewhat disappointing, going 11-2 with the poor CB play we had all season isn't anything to be devastated over. UoA will have some interesting story lines next year : Has Derrick Henry (finally) passed Drake on the 2-deep at RB, and will he pass the TJ the fumbler Yeldon? (My prediction is yes and maybe.)Who will win the Alec Morris (So.) v. Cooper Bateman (R-Fr.) v. Jake Del Rio (R-Fr.) v. David Cornwell (True Fr.) v. Blake Sims (Sr.) v. Parker McLeod (R-So.) QB battle? (My money would be on Bateman.)Which true freshman might be starting at corner? (This was Alabama's greatest weakness this year IMO, Delon Belue just wasn't able to do the things Dre Kirkpatrick and Dee Milliner did. Cyrus Jones was lost at times. Eddie Jackson played like a true freshman who was in Saban's doghouse most of the season. Landon Collins and Ha-Ha had to make too many tackles for my liking all season.)Finally, and being an Xs & Os type of viewer and kind of playing off the last question, the most interesting to me will be how Alabama adjusts to the HUNH offenses. This year Saban and Smart tried to play more soft zones with CJ Mosley or Adrian Hubbard acting as a spy. It obviously never really caught on with this group - partially because of the poor corner play since Belue and Jones bit on play fakes and were caught flat footed quite a few times, even last night. My guess that something might change, maybe more zone looks from the linebackers, man for the young corners, and the safeties playing closer to the line. I'm really not sure. Alabama might be getting help in this department since the "quick twitch" guys like Tomlinson and Da'Shawn Hand (Rivals #1 recruit) might get some playing time on the line and more space eaters will be able to rotate A'Shawn Robinson and Brandon Ivory out since there are 3 DTs coming in that are 300 lbs +. Another thing I thought of last night was that maybe Saban and Smart should look to teams who play triple option teams and see what they do. Auburn basically runs the 2014 version of what teams like Georgia Southern, Army, Navy, and Georgia Tech run out there. If you can tweak what they do, maybe that can give some answers. However, from watching four triple option teams play App this season (Georgia Southern, Wofford, Citadel, and Charleston Southern), it basically comes down to players playing assignment football, not trying to do too much, and trusting your teammates to do their jobs.
  24. I have a hat, polo, t-shirt, and 1/4-zip pull over of this old logo. It looks much better than Gordon's Fisherman on clothes. However, I prefer to wear the Block-A, and wished they would clean Vintage Yosef up and maybe a slight cleanup of the Block-A.
  25. You're forgetting the game on December 28th and that game will deflate all hopes of UK's perfect season and elevate Louisville's title hopes. Don't ever forget about the defending National Champs and that tournament experience will be the x-factor against UK. UK is talented but Louisville will edge them by 2 or 3 points at Rupp. I'm more curious to see who's going to win this battle of obnoxious fandom between the two of you than any Louisville/Kentucky game. Kentuckyville-jacked? Ok, Ok, I'll go back to my corner. On topic: I think App might only beat the 4 DII teams on our schedule. We're (and our schedule is) that bad. Ugh. This program is exactly what happens when you let one booster run men's basketball.