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  1. I really like those. Modern, but somewhat classy looking. Is there a number on the announced number of blackouts yet? It seemed like there were at least 15 or 20 last year.
  2. If I could get an Appalachian State one that would be fantastic! I don't even know if its even possible, but if you could make this helmet, that would be fantastic. If it's a lot of trouble, their current helmet would be more than enough. Thanks!
  3. So I heard on talk radio Butch Davis may be kicked off the Hill - anyone else hearing/reading this?
  4. Maybe I'm burying my head in the sand, but: is what broke the story to my knowledge, a blog that has 31 articles in which over half are bashing Alabama. Sounds like someone trying to dig up dirt on the school or has an axe to grind. This is also the credible journalist who felt the need to ask Tim Tebow if he was a virgin at the 2009 SEC Media Day...what makes him such a force to listen to now?
  5. I was looking up pictures and found this video...I don't know what to say about it other than it does show the school's new Portland State recolor and plain uniforms.
  6. Here you go. Expect similar results for basketball. So plaiiiiiin.
  7. 100% agree. I think the success spoiled Atlanta fans which would knock it down in the MLB category of your "best baseball town", but if you look at the hometowns of many MLB players you'd be shocked to see how many come from the Atlanta metro. Youth baseball is strong down there. I grew up in Marietta (about 3 blocks from Mabry Middle for those from there) and I think I was playing tee ball before I hit elementary school.
  8. Those are pretty neat actually. It's not an official mark I'd want to see but it looks good on the hat and probably on a t-shirt too. I bet you sell a good bit of merchandise with that logo on it.
  9. You have Tractor Taylor dying in 2001 instead of 2011. Not bad otherwise.
  10. A Chipper Jones BP jersey in 1996.
  11. Please look in the NCFA thread to cut your rosters.

  12. 2005 Alabama Crimson Tide Football: Brodie Croyle was the football player I always aspired to be. (for those who just know him from his mediocre days in KC - blame the OL at Alabama during his time there from 2000-2005, they weren't stellar at all) Tyrone Prothro was an absolute stud before he broke his leg against Florida. The catch against Southern Miss is what turned that season around. Le'Ron McClain and Ken Darby were workhorses. The defense was the best one I've ever seen in college football with DeMeco Ryans, Roman Harper, Freddie Roach, and Charlie Peprah laying the lumber. I'm pretty sure 9 of the starters on D played in the NFL. I'm convinced if Pro hadn't gotten hurt that team would have won the national championship. 2007 Appalachian State Mountaineers: 34-32 in Ann Arbor. Winning the national championship w/ such a banged up team. Trey Elder's TD in the closing minutes of his college career in Chattanooga. 1992 Atlanta Braves: This is when I fell in love with baseball. I was four years old and thought that their run was the best thing ever.
  13. A couple different variations of mine - I've seen the boar (needed to verify what it was) with and without a bone in his mouth and the shape of the shield varies.
  14. Dang if those numbers hadn't had the gradient they would look really good. Randy Edsall looks different.
  15. I stopped reading after the bold. You're really a jerk. How would you like if someone was able to knock off your job and run you out of a job and you couldn't feed your family. If you can't afford a real one - save for one. There are plenty of sales/real ones on eBay to where someone with a limited budget can get a real jersey. I haven't paid full retail on a jersey EVER (my parents did when they bought ones for me I'm sure), but I don't own one fake jersey.
  16. "Yeah, that whole playing football instead of basketball? Can I get a redo?"
  17. Not really realignment, but sort of is along the same string. A lot of smaller schools around NC complain that the "Big 4" don't play them often enough, so I've come up with the "North Carolina Basketball Championship". Conference opponents would treat these games like baseball teams do - they don't count in the conference standings. I think this would be a boon for the NC economy and would give more meaning to an in-season tournament. I ranked teams using their RPI ranking at the end of last season: The tournament tree would look something like this: What does everyone think of this idea?
  18. I hear this so much and I hate being "that guy" but if it's so easy why don't you walk down to a local high school that plays it and take your stick and try it out for size. It's not so easy. I thought it would be easy and was proven way wrong when I started in high school because of the speed and the fine motor skills required to play at a high level. Throw in the plays and it's basically a cluster:censored: with sticks and a pretty hard ball.
  19. Since they are dead-set in keeping the "amateur" aspect alive in college athletics, I can see why the NCAA did this. If they allow Ohio State players to get tattoos for autographs, what's stopping a Michigan player giving autographs to his landlord for free rent or a Penn State player giving some autographs for a car? Sure, a tattoo is nothing, but some boosters will use any precedent to try to gain a competitive edge. Also, while we think these things may be common in the $$$ sports, the NCAA wants to keep the non-money sports clean too. If you let football players sell stuff what's to stop a prominent lacrosse alum of North Carolina who owns a car dealership from taking autographs and giving them cars. In big-time football there is a big gap between the haves and the have-nots, but in the smaller sports where only a few teams are consistently good, there's an even bigger % difference in the money that is at a program's disposal. Any advantage the big schools would get by having these shady dealings would be multiplied 10 fold. ...and yes I know the whole idea is a joke as there's nothing that can stop $100 handshakes, but these crazy rules are for PR purposes to appeal to the "casual" college sports fan who is turned off by the $$$ aspect of the pros. The NCAA is more of a PR machine than a "regulating body".
  20. Greensboro/Triad, North Carolina 1a. UNC basketball 1b. Duke basketball 2. UNC football 3. NCSU athletics 4. Carolina Panthers 5. NASCAR 6. Wake/ECU football 7. App football 8. Bobcats 9. High School Basketball 10. Carolina Hurricanes
  21. Maybe this belongs in the "guilty pleasure" thread, but I really like these. Normally I'm against using black unless it's a main color, but it seems to work here. One way to make them look less like USC would be to make the full trident on each shoulder, but that might be a bit busy.
  22. Thad


    I have no idea if it's real - but I sure as heck want to give this a try. If it's fake, I'm going to make it real.
  23. It's an Enhancement. IDK if it's tradition down there, but it'd be more of an enhancement if they took Cowboys off the name plate of their jersey and just kept it blank.