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  1. I don't hate the way Marshall pulls off the monochrome bright green with white hats. I'm curious to see the Dolphins aqua jersey in the sun against real grass.
  2. I seem to recall a big sticker album craze in the early 80s. The NFL put out these tin sticker disc things. Haven't seen any online. Who wants to find them for me?
  3. That Georgia collar was really irritating me. The I saw Cal. :|
  4. I believe the Seahawks requested to use both initially before the NFL closed that door on them. Then came the fan vote.
  5. Most college teams do these goofy uniforms as one offs. This is it for the jags. All day, everyday.
  6. Not really a fan of lists. It's mostly biased and just one person's opinion. But I'll play along. My top 5 Yankees Cardinals Braves Dodgers Tigers My bottom 5 Padres Rays Marlins Angels Nationals
  7. It looks awkward. And the double bar at top seems pointless if neither dip down I to open space.
  8. That facemask clearly belongs on a different brand or model of helmet. It's rubbing me the wrong way.
  9. Those orange shirtsleeve jerseys. :|
  10. Actually, this is a fine example where it looks appealing. I'm speaking only in fabric colors. The Frankfurt Galaxy also made me feel uneasy.
  11. The purple and orange combination makes me feel queasy. Something about those two colors together.
  12. Thanks. Wasn't sure if the logo was wiped out across the board or just for game worn varieties.
  13. Maybe I'm out of the loop, but didn't the Atlanta Braves say they weren't selling these?
  14. I like the chargers new sock too. Just on the home uniform.
  15. Your double posting is a travesty. I don't mind that colored strip. It adds a little life to a plain sock. I'm not some sock stripe nazi. I don't mind solid colored socks that contrast against the pants color. I just don't consider it a stripe. Similarly, on the Bucs jersey, I don't consider that black faux cuff a stripe. Of course these are just my opinions.
  16. Seems more like trim than a stripe to me.
  17. People pick colleges based on team uniforms. Them picking assanine sock colors is just another sign of their bad choices.
  18. The Falcons wearing red socks with their red jersey always seems off balance to me. I think the black socks would look better. Random thought of the day.
  19. My God...Those helmets are even more hilarious than I even imagined them. Isn't a tiger supposed to be jumping out of the bushes or something??? If they had gone with a solid gold dome they would be unique as the only gold helmet without a middle stripe in the league....unique in a good way. I think one of the most frustrating things about them is the fact that have always had the potential to be very good (the old helmet was always one of my favorites in the league) and yet they have always managed to cheapen it up with gimmick even before the current set. I liked the teal flake they added to the helmets a few seasons ago. Had they kept that lid, gone with the new teal and gold colors, and revised their first uni set a touch, they would've had a beautiful identity IMO. The Jaguars 2009-12 helmet was hands down the best in the league, color-wise. Impossible to replicate in a gumball helmet (my only complaint), but the single coolest paint design for a helmet I've seen. I have to disagree. I hated the way the helmet's teal flake made the blacks look mismatched.
  20. And now he took a shot at the vikes asking why the helmet and jersey colors don't match. Rich Eisen told him he believed it was a matte color. Ninja'd again.
  21. Warren Sapp just referred to the Dolphins logo as Aquafresh on the NFL network hahahahahahahha!