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  1. Hey guys ive been trying this colour change method and instead of coming out white it comes out a greay colour, do any of you know why that would be?
  2. Just out of curiosity, how often do you guys go thrifting?
  3. I was actually thinking of an Eskimos team for Alaska but maybe in a different city
  4. Those are some great ideas, I really like the idea of the shadow tails and the tritons
  5. Bumping in hope for more c and c before anymore teams are introduced
  6. The 5th team to be introduced hails from Nevada, THE RENO RENEGADES Looking for more C and C, more suggestions that could make this league better
  7. I have decided on the Reno Renegades, the team will probably be up sometime today
  8. Ill probably expand internationally after I finish the initial 50 so I will keep them in mind
  9. Hey guys im struggling a bit for inspiration for team names so I was wondering if you guys could help, I was thinking about a team in Reno NV, what are your thoughts on the Golden Eagles or The Renogades
  10. Thanks, I actually thought the logo was a gamble and that not many people would like it, but its good to know I was wrong Oh come on! The one one saying that 'my only gripe is the ae's handle' was better! I didn't realise what I had said with the gamble joke, haha, happy accident
  11. I like this idea, should I use the secondary logo on the side or design a new bee logo