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  1. RT @kenklippenstein: https://t.co/GeCt3yHL5I

  2. RT @PFTCommenter: Cole beasley remind's me of if the Keebler Elfs made meth

  3. RT @mineifiwildout: how the :censored: u carry a child for 9 months n name it papa john

  4. RT @ByRyanWood: McCarthy "hopeful" #Packers will have all 5 OL starters, but won't know until going through practice. "It'll be great to ha…

  5. RT @bubbaprog: What was on the cable nets at exactly 9:04:35 pm Eastern https://t.co/r1ByHTMQpt

  6. RT @BleacherReport: David Stern thinks the NBA should tweak their policies. https://t.co/cF8fAXfakx

  7. RT @RobDemovsky: Randall Cobb on taking time to build chemistry with Brett Hundley: "We don't have time. We've got to win games." https://t…

  8. RT @cappucino: @edsbs @JasonKirkSBN @celebrityhottub Water bottle guy is my new role model for LIFE. https://t.co/tdLU68E7qX

  9. RT @wBlinty: @UniWatch #MNF equipment failure for @TaylorLewan77. Teammate @BrianSchwenke to the rescue with his left spike. @nikefootball…

  10. RT @KyleKulinski: People have been begging for more censorship on Twitter & now they’re giving it to you. Be careful what you wish for. htt…

  11. RT @thatAZguy: Is Melrose wearing JNCO suit pants @PFTCommenter? https://t.co/RK8izJ6uit

  12. Let’s file this in the No :censored: compartment https://t.co/co2htAioDb

  13. RT @realDonaldTrump: President Obama spoke for me and every American in his remarks in #Newtown Connecticut.

  14. RT @EMlNEMOBAMA: https://t.co/M2irAFb2Dn

  15. RT @ThePME: PHIL!!!!!! https://t.co/bb6aAtA18k

  16. RT @JuMosq: Wow this is incredible (1/87) https://t.co/V7zBRcSptZ

  17. @BarstoolBigCat @PFTCommenter @barstoolsports Jimbo (Wy) a la Northwest Ohio https://t.co/hsoamMVB7g

  18. RT @BFriedmanDC: Good god. Undisciplined cops in Oklahoma just shot and killed a deaf guy who couldn't hear their commands. https://t.co/Ea…

  19. RT @JuMosq: Has anyone ever started a holdout during the season? Rodgers should.

  20. RT @Ilcapitano94: She tried Howard. but Howard had time. https://t.co/ZEWEeCKYjS

  21. Ted Cruz liking porn videos on twitter on 9/11 ???

  22. As a lifelong Packer fan, I cannot stand the inconsistencies with the old Ripon jerseys and would love to see them upgrade to the Vapor template. Lineman often wear a completely different cut than the skill players (cut worn by Matthews vs cut worn by Rodgers), some still modify to the Donald Driver-esque jersey collar, front/back numbers are stretched horizontally on lineman, and the top sleeve stripe has slowly disappeared due to *some* modifications. The modifications themselves are even inconsistent in that on some jerseys, like Nelsons last year, the top stripe has a rounded edge whereas as on other jerseys, like that of Matthews, the tops does not have the rounded edge. To me this is as sloppy as sloppy gets and makes the Packers, one of the premier NFL franchises of the last 25 years, look semi-pro.
  23. THIS. It pains me to even watch a Steelers game because most of the players play with less than half of the original striping on their jerseys because of all the modification.
  24. certain Green Bay jerseys of all levels (game, limited, elite) and styles (green, white, throwback) are 25% off on NFL shop right now ??? Is this kind of sale normal? I can't think of any reason for it other than updating the template and trying to clear out the old templates.
  25. RT @barstoolsports: Jamal Anderson allegedly broke his dick out and masturbated all over a gas station https://t.co/XENf4QzPCX https://t.co…

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