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  1. RT @trevin_flick: nice time to buy apples https://t.co/eCXdoLDEvd

  2. RT @mmfa: Experts: Trump's economic plan uses "magical thinking," would shrink the economy, and start a trade war https://t.co/NpsI6FCIeh

  3. RT @KyleKulinski: REVEALED: Hillary Camp Called Bernie 'Extremist' For Military Cuts: https://t.co/zalBNJZtAc via @YouTube

  4. RT @TStacks_: Promise that you will sing about me

  5. RT @MattFranchise: I wrote about L.McCoy's potential Week 6 eruption & other great QB and RB matchups in FedEx #AirAndGround preview! https…

  6. Probable source: Ward NoWorries Glenn https://t.co/1kLP0chcug

  7. RT @YayImOnline: "Yes...that's right, ma'am. The :censored:, yes. You just grab 'em by the :censored:. It's a metaphor. For Freedom. I am going to ki…

  8. The old man that was just beside me in traffic was absolutely terrified of 138 lmao the BPM prob threw off his pacemaker

  9. #AHSRoanoke is going to ruin me tonight lol

  10. RT @bustedcoverage: Of course I didn’t forget Trent…it’s a BC Monday night tradition that’ll never die https://t.co/XA4s2w67dY

  11. RT @barstoolsports: Barstool and Gucci together at last https://t.co/e3iMh6FOGi

  12. FSOE is an instant mood booster #138

  13. RT @bustedcoverage: Craziest :censored: you’ll see all week…Saints grandma grinding a street pole https://t.co/7zIoWxAIHH https://t.co/KVGrvGDhtQ

  14. RT @matthewdelly: Go Pack Go!?? https://t.co/MzAKdvCFcv

  15. RT @neiltyson: A word of our times: DELUSION -- Being sure something is true in the face of all evidence that says it is not.

  16. RT @DabSquad_Slank: @KyleKulinski the windows of his car were rolled up so he couldn't of been reaching into his car, the cops are lyring,…

  17. @Logibera24 @iAmJayHolmes @KHerrera23 "DONT CAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARE" https://t.co/aNcVF2LsGc

  18. What @spitz32 don't know don't hurt him

  19. @spitz32 https://t.co/8l2jCXvfD8

  20. RT @barstoolsports: The World Air Sex Championships this year will be moving to Philadelphia https://t.co/NTWlin6v5K https://t.co/Ny45S9lcsE

  21. Saban is a :censored:ing madman https://t.co/bg1EzEig5I

  22. @maxwell_p ? https://t.co/b007oDZMqM

  23. NFL week 1 picks Broncos Falcons Titans Browns Jets Raiders Chiefs Bills Texans Packers Seahawks Giants Lions Cardinals Steelers Rams

  24. RT @KyleKulinski: Even after Trump imploded last month he's beating Hillary in a new poll. This is how weak of a candidate she is. https://…

  25. iPhone 7 Wednesday! #fanboy

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