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  1. Yes, reverse it. Would be sweet if you could. As far as the stripes, I know, I suck at those. Not sure how to make that work with Photoshop Elements. I'll play around with it to see if I can get mine to come out the same way you do. The way I so my stripes is not the proper way I'm sure but I'm just not sure of another way to do them.
  2. Darth, do you think you can do the same thing with the side view? The right side view?
  3. You're right, I'm actually going to do that. I really didn't plan on doing any of these helmets, minus the dolphins one, but I got a request for one and just added that. Then one request became two, then three and so on. After the last one that's what I'm going to do. Absolutely did not mean to hi-jack the thread but I guess that's what I've done. My apologies to Darth. I just really love these templates. They're probably the easiest and best looking ones I worked with so far.
  4. I've simply clicked warp or done puppet wrap for the bigger full helmet logos. I'll try this though. It might make them look a little better.I'll give those a try and do a comparison to see which one is better.
  5. For me, using Photoshop Elements.... Click VIEW - DISTORT - PINCH - set to -30% It's not perfect but does the job for me
  6. Agreed. Thanks to The Nati MacDaddy for that idea. He has a concept thread going using these templates with the three helmet layout
  7. Here's my Dolphins front-view and a smaller collage of all three.
  8. Here is the Dolphins with the front-view template and I revised the angle-view by adding some noise to the background to give it some texture.
  9. I'll give that a try. I'm thinking of doing the direct side as well. Thanks, I'm just just putting your masterpiece to good use....or trying to. Yeah, the striping is always tricky because most of the times you are winging it from scratch. Hard to get it just right... at least for me anyway. If you were to incorporate striping into the set that would be awesome. Multiple choices like single stripe, double, triple (like the old dolphins and skins), and maybe even the broncos or panthers striping. Thanks again for sharing your amazing work and I look forward to any updates you add.
  10. Here's my first attempt with this awesome template. I created this one in how I'd prefer the helmet to look. - I changed the navy to a deeper color of aqua. - Changed the facemask from white to aqua - Changed the navy stripe to orange to make it stand out more.
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