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  1. In my eyes these were some of the worst jerseys the Bruins ever had, and it doesn't help that the Winnie the Pooh jerseys coincided with them
  2. Here's a rendition of what the Full Wolves Kit would probably look like going off of previous seasons.
  3. https://www.footyheadlines.com/2019/06/wolves-19-20-home-away-kits.html leaked photos of the supposed Wolves kit for the 2019/20 season. I'm a bigger fan of their away kit this season.
  4. Does it bother anyone else that Portugal doesn’t wear white shorts with their primary kit anymore. They changed permanently to red shorts with the new kit design post-EURO 2016.
  5. In honour of my beloved Liverpool winning the Champions League
  6. Man City's supposed kit for next season. It's... something
  7. What about long-time Red Wing forward Kirk Maltby on the Oilers? https://www.tradingcarddb.com/Images/Cards/Hockey/4984/4984-299Fr.jpg
  8. I'm a big fan of both of the kits, namely the away kit that doesn't give you a migraine from looking at it. BUT, Adidas usually threw in more accent navy when they produced the home kits. Aside from that the concepts are amazing.
  9. I agree. The primarily yellow jerseys made them look like the Wolverines
  10. I hope you mean the full yellow and not the throwback.
  11. To be completely honest, some good designs have come from the color rush. I just hated how the entire uniform HAD to be the same color, i.e. Atlanta had a good red jersey, but the red pants RUINED the look.
  12. This is wrong This the Luongo I'm used to when it comes to the Panthers
  13. These uniforms forever have a soft spot for me, I just love the look of the powder blue. If the uniform was symmetrical and the ATLANTA text wasn't present I think we're talking some really good uniforms here The away set wasn't bad either Wish I could say the same for the Red Alt, Yikes.
  14. Hearing that Serbia is changing their badge and their kits from Umbro to Puma for the World Cup, really interested to see what Puma does with those kits.
  15. Looks like a bit of airbrushing/photoshopping went on in the card on the left. That's what I thought, but there are more pics of him in Sharks gear on Google Osgood on the Blues and Belfour on the Leafs
  16. Nah man, Fed as a Duck is way weirder (Same for Lupul and Kunitz LOL): Here's Lupul and Kunitz in Cincinnati Mighty Ducks unis I know Chris Kunitz is a decent player, but he's also been incredibly fortunate in his career. He's got a knack for being in the right place at the right time. Won a cup with the Ducks in 2007, got traded to the Penguins in 2009 and won a cup there. His chemistry with Crosby led to him being picked for Team Canada and he won a gold medal there. There's a lot of players as good as Kunitz who haven't fallen into the same kind of success. BTW, the Blue Jackets traded Francois Beauchemin to Anaheim for Federov. Beauchemin has been a solid presence for the Ducks (and Leafs and Ducks again) ever since. Federov scored 39 goals in 185 games as a Blue Jacket. Dougie Maclean had no patience in developing players and instead went after old names like Federov and Adam Foote. Guys he thought would sell tickets. Winning sells tickets, Doug. Have Steve Thomas on the mighty ducks. Also, having good players doesn't automatically make team your good.
  17. Sergei Fedorov as a blue jacket : I always forgot he played for them.
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