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  1. This thread is pretty much dead by now but hopefully the new coach Zimmer like the purple pants. I would hate to go back to being a boring white on white every week team.
  2. I don't hate the monochrome as much as I probably should. Dare I say it looks good on certain guys like Patterson. A million times better than the shiny reebok garbage with the last set at least.
  3. I never claimed that though, it would be along with the facemask. Looks good on the Giants imo. Gray's pretty neutral anyways. I dunno I guess it's pretty pointless to talk about as it most likely won't happen, I've been on a gray pants kick lately though. I love the Giants and Seahawks gray pants with their blue jerseys.
  4. just because the dolphins have orange nike logos does not mean they are going to be getting orange pants any time soon Not sure the point you're trying to make at all. I was just suggesting if they added gray pants it would be a nice touch to have the logos gray as well.
  5. Yeah I had that in mind, maybe make the Vikings wordmark and nike logos on the jerseys gray too for good measure. I wouldn't be apposed to purple on gray and white on purple (with proper white socks) being the defaults.
  6. I really hope they never use a yellow or black jersey. (or any non-throwback alt for that matter) What I would like to see is a gray pants option, like Giants gray. I think that would look great with purple jerseys. I'm probably alone here.
  7. Helmets/jerseys look pretty matched today. At least as matched as last years were anyways. edit: actually on second look they're pretty much dead on, as close as you're gonna get with purples could just be my TV though..
  8. Well, at least the purple pants look good from the knees up.
  9. Can someone do a quick mockup of purple pants with white socks on an actual in game photo? Thanks in advance
  10. Just came to post that AD pic.. HNNNNGH My god, these are gorgeous. Has seeing these photos converted any of the last non-matte helmet people yet?
  11. I didn't really like the white on white from the unveiling/players modeling them... But these look great, clean look. Ideally they would split the white and purple pants four games each on the road. They probably won't though. I wonder whose decision it is to never wear the purple pants.. Wilf?
  12. The purple on purple isn't too bad. I actually wouldn't mind it as a once a year, primetime game type of thing. Nothing more than that though.
  13. the new helmets get better every new photo I see (and I loved them from the get-go)
  14. Glad I'm not alone in disliking the late 90's ones. They have a lot of uniforms elements I strongly dislike; thin stripes at the bottom of sleeves, primary logo anywhere on the uni, yellow outline on white numbers, over the shoulder (away) stripes. They're just so bland and boring, all while not having a "classic" look.
  15. When do we start finding out if a team is using throwbacks or not? Because I saw a comment on youtube saying they heard from someone within the Vikings that nike will be using a 70's throwback this year... Not that I'm taking a youtube comment for fact but it got me thinking.
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