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  1. here is my current Denver Broncos x-over to Hockey Denver Broncos Hockey Uniform or copy & paste
  2. You really should set it up so we can just upload logos, and files straight from our computers instead of having to put it up somewhere else online. Nick
  3. Now the only one missing is the NEW Phoenix Coyotes main logo. Here is a smaller version, the only one I could find. Also, nitrospeed- would you be able to render a .jpg file of the Helmet Logo from the Nike commercial w/ Vick. The "claw tear" logo. For anyone who cares I also have GOOD logos of the 1993 failed expansion teams; Memphis Houndogs and St Louis Stallions. Nick
  4. Does anyone happen to have any of the 3 following logos? Anaheim Mighty Ducks - Alternate (3rd Jersey) Minnesota Wild - Alternate (3rd Jersey) Phoenix Coyotes - New 2003 Logo
  5. Speaking of PlayMakers, I saw it once and truly hated it. And on another note, does anyone have football logos of ANY TV or Movie football teams; Sharks (Any Given Sunday), Breakers (Coach), Sentinals (The Replacements), also any other team from The Replacements, and Any other football team that was on a TV show or Movie that was unique.
  6. I am just looking for what i dont have. I will share anything I have with anyone who is interested as i have thousands of logos. And I was just wondering if anyone happened to have the "claw tear" logo. Thanks to the people who posted something helpful.
  7. My site would not be there to compete against yours. It's there to help anyone who wants logos as I will have Football and NCAA logos as well. And I will also have raster and vector versions of each and every logo. Most of my logos came from The SLE and ME. I do graphic design andI create my own logos. I have been to the logoserver and chriscreamers logo pages and got what i needed from there. With the logoserver I popped it into Photoshop and enlarged them, then fixed the fuzzieness manually. Nick
  8. I am going to put together something like The Sports Logo Encyclopedia. I need all your help to get every sports logo as possible, (Baseball, Basketball, Football, Hockey, NCAA, Slamball & Soccer). Especially looking for prototypes, failed expansion teams, new 2003-04 logos and historical logos. If you can help me post a reply or email me at I have many but not nearly as many as I need. Nick
  9. I was wondering if anyone happens to have the Helmet logos from that new Nike commercial w/ Michael Vick and Terrell Owens? I have logos and helmets of the Memphis Houndogs and St. Louis Stallions (but this one doesnt look quite right). And if you have any rare NFL prototype logos I would like those too. Thanks, Nick