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  1. You are by far the most ignorant person I've ever seen. 1. You have no proof that all the tapes are gone, could have been easily copied and stored where no one can 'find' them. 2. Watching their signals and taking notes is within the rules, videotaping them is AGAINST THE RULES! 3. He already said there's a pattern and a general form that each team uses, and changing said signals doesn't change the basic style of the way they're done. 4. The Patriots running up the score proves that they have NO RESPECT for the teams they play. 5. If someone is doing something illegal, AGAINST YOU no less, you tell on them, end of story. 6. Also, ESPN is essentially Boston media. They may not claim to be, but it's obvious to anyone who isn't a Boston fan.
  2. I have the updated template, which I've refined. I intend on doing a template for every 'era' of uniforms going back to the beginning of the NFL. I remember I was ready to help start this, but had a hard drive crash and have been busy with other things. So hopefully I'll have the time to help this time. Here's the updated template:
  3. You do recognize that you're part of that five percent, don't you? And if you don't think you are, perhaps it's a bit more than five percent of Patriots fans that are irrational douchebags. No, I'm not. You just place me there so I'll get angry and make another "Stupid Post of the Day," just so you'll all make fun of me even though my post was totally rational. I don't know what your reasoning is for putting me in there, you certainly haven't explained yourself. Please do. And do you guys think that holding was correct? It looked like the Colts guy dragged him down. Here's a perfect example of why he put you in that category.
  4. If the board had a contributor points system, I sir, would give you all of mine.
  5. I saw Romanowski play plenty along with Harrison (Chargers) and Harrison is STILL a dirtier player than Bill was. Granted Romo is also a horrible person in general (unfortunately his name will always be connected with the Broncos Championship teams). Especially watching the Pats games lately, he's constantly trying to deliver a late hit, or an unnecessary hit. He's going for guy's heads when they're being tackled and trying to whip the QB back on his head when he's already got him stopped.
  6. I will openly admit that I hate the Patriots, and have for years. I hate the Red Sox, I hate the Celtics, it has nothing to do with sour grapes. How could it be when the Broncos OWN the Patriots? Also, I find Roy Williams to be a dirty player too, but only because he continues to use his horse collar tackle regardless of the rules. I have never in all my years of watching football seen a dirtier player than Rodney Harrison, and this goes back to his days with San Diego.
  7. He's the dirtiest player I've ever seen play the game, hell, he'd probably be considered dirty if he played back in the 50's when guys were allowed to clothesline. I'll see your Rodney Harrison and raise you the following... Bill Romanowski (conveniently forgetting he's a former Bronco too) Kevin Mawae Conrad Dobler Jack Tatum Warren Sapp need I go on, haters? I don't know about Mawae, but I know the rest are/were very dirty players. I do not like Romanowski one bit, regardless of the fact he played for the Broncos. The difference is Harrison goes out of his way to try and injure players and end careers.
  8. He's the dirtiest player I've ever seen play the game, hell, he'd probably be considered dirty if he played back in the 50's when guys were allowed to clothesline.
  9. That is outstanding work.
  10. Jacksonville (and possibly the Colts) are the only two teams that could beat New England, and I believe that the Jags will do so next weekend.
  11. Haha, yes, I know... I'm used to alphabetizing them entirely, not just per conference.
  12. Ummm, I hate to break it to you, but if San Diego wins, they play Indianapolis, no matter what. So you'll have to fix your AFC bracket.
  13. Baltimore: Like the striping, black works good, but the logo is too cheesy, especially with the B right in the middle. Using their old unused Raven Head Profile would be better. 7/10 Buffalo: I like the current logo over the old standing Buffalo. Switch back from red to white and simplify the striping. 8/10 Cincinnati: Perfect, unique and very cool. 10/10 Cleveland: I don't care, there should be a logo on the helmet. Put the "B football" logo on there and it's good. 6/10 Denver: Change the navy to royal blue, put the old stripe in place of the current and it's great. 8/10 Houston: Nothing wrong with it, it's great as is. 10/10 Indianapolis: Make the horseshoe a little more modern/detailed and it's good. 9/10 Jacksonville: Just fine as is, maybe a stripe w/ teal would look good, but it's fine as is. 9/10 Kansas City: Everything is good, the arrowhead shape should be modernized a little. 9/10 Miami: Love the design, logo, however, the stripe is too complicated and the helmet on the Dolphin is lame. 7/10 New England: Not good at all, the logo is lame, silver doesn't fit and navy shouldn't be there. Almost a complete overhaul is needed. 3/10 N.Y. Jets: In need of a better logo and preferably a kelly green helmet. 5/10 Oakland: Good, nothing needs to be changed. 10/10 Pittsburgh: I like the logo on one side, logo needs to be modernized, change the gray to a steel gray color. 8/10 San Diego: Current white helmet doesn't work, just, no. The previous navy one was PERFECT! 5/10 Tennessee: Another perfect design, great. 10/10
  14. BCSNC: Ohio State over LSU SB XLII: Colts repeat, defeating the Packers, 34-27 Daytona 500: Jeff Gordon NCAA Final Four: Wisconsin, Arizona, Memphis, Kansas (Winner: Wisconsin) Masters: Tiger Woods Stanley Cup: Avalanche over Devils in 7 NBA Finals: Nuggets over Pistons in 6 World Series: Mariners over Rockies in 7 Sprint Cup: Jeff Gordon Tennis: Andy Roddick wins at least one grand slam (probably the US Open)
  15. Just announced on ESPN... Thoughts?
  16. I basically wear team gear to the game, jersey, hat, ect. I get really loud and excited when my team is doing well, I get involved in what's going on (the wave, stomping feet, IN-COM-PLETE, ect). I don't boo when my team isn't doing well, no matter how bad they're playing, I cheer for them and support them. (41-3 and I stayed the entire game, didn't boo once, and cheered when they did something good, which was rare). To answer discrim's question... I'm definitely a fan of football, and even more so a fan of the Broncos organization in general. I always watch football games when they're on, even local high school games. I never miss a Broncos game though. I'm kind of a casual basketball fan, I'll watch when one of my teams are playing (Nuggets, Pistons, Mavericks) or when a team I hate is playing and I want them to lose. Strictly a team fan of hockey and baseball. However, during the MLB playoffs this year, I watched every game, just cuz the Rox were in it and I had a team I was rooting for each series.
  17. Spoken like a true fan of the team that got absolutely hammered I really didn't think the Broncos had a chance in this game, and they didn't, the loss isn't what upsets me. The fact that the Chargers defensive players were continually trying to hurt Cutler and Rivers acting like a child.
  18. Anyone else see Rivers talking crap from the sideline? What a classless jerk, he's not a good quarterback and he doesn't have the right to talk trash while playing, let alone while standing on the sidelines.
  19. I just want to chime in with: I want the old Avs jerseys back, sans the alternate.
  20. I only have one team, and that's in the WAFL on here... My roster at the start of the season: Indicates a keeper QB: Jay Cutler, Matt Hasselbeck RB: Joseph Addai Ronnie Brown, DeAngelo Williams, WR: Anquan Boldin, Marvin Harrison, Devery Henderson, Joe Horn, Brandon Marshall, Javon Walker TE: Todd Heap, Tony Scheffler K: Jason Elam DEF: Miami Dolphins And after a few trades, free agent pick-ups and injuries, my current roster: QB: Jay Cutler, Matt Hasselbeck RB: Joseph Addai, Travis Henry, Selvin Young WR: Anquan Boldin, Larry Fitzgerald, Brandon Marshall, Roddy White TE: Todd Heap, Tony Scheffler K: Rob Bironas, Jason Elam DEF: New York Giants, Tampa Bay Buccaneers IR: Ronnie Brown, Marvin Harrison, Javon Walker And with all that, I'm playing for the championship this week, as a Wild Card no less.
  21. My suggestion would be go with the Sakic Nords jersey. Get the blue one, cuz it's beautiful and it's from the early years of a guaranteed future hall of famer.
  22. Take a look at the link in my signature.
  23. I've looked into creating a mold to make the helmet shells myself, but never got very far due to being busy with other things. The one thing I had a hard time even coming close to figuring out how to make was a small custom die-cutter for the decals.