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  1. Brandiose would come up with a poochie-looking logo and call them the Cleveland Barkie Boyzz.
  2. What is wrong with Honey Badgers? I couldn't tell what the logo was at first. I thought, "Why do skunks like honey?"
  3. Many people have a strong aversion to spiders. I doubt they will choose it. Not warm and fuzzy.
  4. It bothers me that they changed their font to look exactly like Virginia Tech.
  5. This is one of the worst uniforms I have ever seen. It breaks all of the 3 Cs for good design. CONTRAST. COLOR and CONSISTENCY. It is wretched when Pitt has a beautiful, bright colored jersey and helmet combo. The panther logo would work if it were blue on the yellow helmet.
  6. Old gold is so much better than Vegas gold. I don't know why football teams don't use it more often.
  7. Where is the military camo jersey? Where is the food item jersey? Worcester Clam Chowder. C'mon WooSox. You can do better.
  8. You can take away my post, but you can never take away my FREEDOM!
  9. (Washington Football Team) is available. They could even steal the logo.
  10. The name Redskins is racist. The logo is not. Just call them the Americans and be done.
  11. Love it. They went from terrible to great. Very clean. This should last a long time and not be dated.
  12. The Chargers now have a top 5 set of uniforms in the NFL. You can't say that about any of the other offseason team changes. The royal blue alt is pointless and infringes on Rams territory. I hope they rarely wear them.
  13. This is a big upgrade. Very clean. 9/10
  14. I will miss this current set. The only things I would change are the numbers font and the size of the logo on the helmet.
  15. I can't wait to get the actual name, logos and uniforms. If I see one more post about how Kraken doesn't represent Seattle or Sockeyes is a weak fish, I will tear the rest of my hair out. Whichever name they reveal, you will love it. Seattle will buys tons of merch. Because it's NHL hockey, In Seattle.
  16. I think I wrote this earlier in the thread. The Kraken is a great name. The Detroit Red Wings are playing the Seattle Kraken this Saturday. The Kraken beat the Wings 4 - 3. Some minor league baseball team names are bad. Such as the Toledo Mud Hens beat the Binghamton Rumble Ponies. That is a mouthful. Or the now defunct New Orleans Baby Cakes. Do you want to go watch the Baby Cakes after work on Friday. Let's take the kids to a Baby Cakes game. Brutal. The new Wichita Wing Surge may have that problem. In short, the KRAKEN is a great name that has tons of possibilities to build a great identity.
  17. It seems like people are ready to hate any name choice. Just wait for the full package including logos and uniforms.
  18. I don't think it will be Kraken.
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