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  1. Overall, I think this is a great update. I thought I would hate the blue helmet, but it works ok. The swords on the shoulders are surprisingly effective. It's kind of genius. The three stars are cool, but why hide them on the inside of the collar? Why not put them above the nameplate? I don't mind the font.
  2. I agree, but let's wait until we see them in game action. My reaction might change completely.
  3. I would riot if they tried it for MLB however.
  4. I don't mind the jersey ads on NBA jerseys. I really don't.
  5. I don't mind the New Era logo on the on field MLB hats. It's a maker's mark.
  6. The joke is that Carmello is so old and busted that he should be playing in the Big 3 league.
  7. Is this a team in Ice Cube's new league?
  8. The Canucks have never had a good logo.
  9. Johnny Canuck is a terrible logo. Just a guy dressed in plaid. And the V logo with Johnny's head makes me think of John the Baptist.
  10. Only in my dreams. It's the best Senators logo by a long shot.
  11. "One of" Try, the best football helmet and the best uniform ever.