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  1. Check out our website for the contest rules and information!
  2. Friends! This is a project, long in the making. Today we are launching The Farm League Project. The Farm League Project's mission is to recreate the minor league's of professional sports. With parent clubs in the NHL, NBA, MLB and NFL, the FLP will create brand new farm teams. The mission from our website, "The year is 2016, an unexpected thing has happen. Each minor league system for the major four American sports has disappeared! It is our job to rebuild them. Every three weeks the Farm League community will submit designs for brand new minor league franchises for real life major league clubs". So reimagine your favorite team's minor league squad. Tune in on MLK Day for the first team. We will be posting the winners work here on the boards, but did not want to clog things up with all of the submissions! We love the sports logos community and are exciting going forward to see what everyone can do! Also follow us @Farm_League on Twitter. Any questions please leave them here, or email us at!
  3. Hey all! The AHL approved the formation of a new Pacific Division. In case you haven't seen the press release... The highlights are: Anaheim is moving the Norfolk Admirals to San Diego Calgary is moving the team the Adirondack Flames (a team 4 months old) to Stockton, CA Edmonton is moving the OKC Barons to Bakersfield LA is moving the much-popular Manchester Monarchs to Ontario, CA Sharks are moving the Worcester to San Jose (for at least another year) What would be good names for this new pod of teams? I figure the ONTARIO REIGN and BAKERSFIELD CONDORS might just move up and Stockton already has the THUNDER from the ECHL. But for fun what would be good names for the new clubs.
  4. No one would be interested in helping start a similar league for basketball right?
  5. I have used it for a few different concepts here. I workshopped that one earlier this year. That might have been it
  6. Hey everyone! I notice that so many of the concept leagues that people put together on these boards go up without them being completed. Then they run out of steam and don't finish. I wanted to make sure that mine was finished before I posted it again. The North American Hockey League is a league that a friend and I put together 5 years ago. The histories of these teams and league are real in a fictional sense. We did not make up their histories, rather their fantasy histories have really played out over the life of the league. WE both made half of the teams. In this website you will find the following (all of which I would like C&C on please): Individual team pages, logos, history pages, the current playoff series, league rules or how it works. We also have the names of teams from both a COLLEGE HOCKEY and MINOR LEAGUES in this universe. The only things that are not finished are the jerseys for ALL of the teams. But check it out, I think it's pretty cool. Obviously for fun we based some logos off of real logos. It is not copying but rather inspiration for fun. Any logos that we used for influence have been given credit on the site.
  7. CLAW

    NHL Super League

    I love the flames and stars the best. I feel like they would both be solid sets for real-life AHL-affiliates of Calgary and Dallas
  8. Patriotic Pride here but one from real life and one from make believe
  9. Love the Marshall Faulk jerseys. Oh and when is this new whacky jersey fad going to turn into throw back to all of these jerseys?
  10. it took me a while to get the hang of it. i started by trying to recreate real logos and then started with my own designs. The next one is a real team that I made when I was very young, but the logo is mostly messing around. #14 Washington Pigskins The anemic Washington Pigskins have been a staple in the GAFL since its inception. The Skins have been a notoriously bad team (think Detroit Lions bad). SOUTHERN FOOTBALL CONFERENCE Name Explanation: When I was a kid I thought it was funny, but now that I am older I know that this is not a realistic choice for a team name. But like the redskins in real life I refuse to change it. The name works on a few levels here if Dan Snyder ever needed to change. You enable the fans to continue to call the team THE SKINS. You have PIGSKINS which means A FOOTBALL. And the Redskins fans literally dress up like Pigs on Sunday. I think it is time to make the move. "I do not apologize to animal animal groups because the name the Pigskins is a source of pride for pigs everywhere". Owner Dan Snyder writes to ticket holders after the President came out against the name. Logo Explanation: I tried to make it look as much like the Redskins logo as possible. If anyone has any ideas to make it more like it without copying I would love to hear it. I didn't think I should use feathers, seeing how it's a pig and not a bird. Check it out and enjoy.
  11. Just a heads up, the next two teams are mostly for fun and not necessarily as "serious" of concepts. #13 Saint Louis Stouts The St. Louis Stouts have boasted one of the more elite defensive units in league history. Similar to the Baltimore Ravens or Chicago Bears the Stouts have always had limited offenses and strong defenses. CENTRAL FOOTBALL CONFERENCE Name Explanation: Once I was old enough to know about different types of beers, and understood where the name the "Brewers" came from I looked up different types of beers with the intention of picking one for St. Louis. Stouts just sounded the strongest. Alliteration helps. Logo Explanation: This is where it gets fun. In order to not copy off of the IceHL's Milwaukee Lagers logos I went the mug route.
  12. #12 Houston Elevens The Houston Elevens came into the Great American Football League in 2004 and have won only one conference title. Houston and San Antonio are bitter rivals and the Defenders were not happy when they became the 1 of 2 instead of being the only team in texas. CENTRAL FOOTBALL CONFERENCE (CFC) Marathon Oil Stadium Name Explanation: I know there are the Houston Rockets but this is a specific ode to the Apollo Eleven team that landed on the moon in 1969. Logo Explanation: The silhouette of the lunar module in an attempted Houston Texans-style with the state of texas and an "H" which is made up of two ones.
  13. I hear what you are saying about Seattle. I did that with a couple other teams too, mostly just messing around with concepts. The next couple follow a similar pattern actually, those will be the only ones that are like that though.
  14. Hey All! Sorry I have been absent the last three days, I was away without a computer. To make up for it I will give you THREE teams today. I hear what everyone is saying with wordmarks. Those are coming, but currently I am just giving their primary logo. Similar to the way the logos are presented on Chris Creamer. I will add to each team as we go, so I do hear what you all are saying. Enjoy! #9 Indianapolis Cheetahs The Cheetahs are like the Atlanta Braves of the GAFL. The Cheetahs have won the CFC (Central Football Conference) a league record 6 times. They have played in three Pantheon Cups (all consecutive) from 2005 to 2007. They walked away with only one championship however leaving Cheetah fans filled with the feeling that their team who dominated the 2000s should have won more. CENTRAL FOOTBALL CONFERENCE Stadium: Indianapolis Football Speedway (Dome) Name Explanation: Speed, quickness and ferocity are all characteristics that Indianapolis football tries to emulate. The Cheetah is a relatively unused moniker and exemplifies those qualities. Logo Explanation: The Cheetah has to be running. I tried to make the spots more look like NASCAR blocks. I am working on it. Tried to make the cat look fast. #10 New Jersey Hitmen The Hitmen are the arch rivals of the New York Emperors who play across way in New York. The Black and White (how racially harmonious) have not made it to a Pantheon Cup yet. EASTERN FOOTBALL CONFERENCE (EFC) Name Explanation: It was an old XFL team. As a sopranos fan i find it to be a good team name and wanted to try it. Logo Explanation: This one is different. I do not think that this will be their helmet logo but it is a start. C&C will be helpful. #11 Virginia Vanguard Virginia is a contender almost every single season. They have won one Pantheon Cup and are the hated rivals of Washington (tune in tomorrow!). SOUTHERN FOOTBALL CONFERENCE (SFC) Dreadnaught Stadium Name Explanation: One of the most important states of the revolutionary war the city of Norfolk, VA adopted the name Vanguard to pay homage to the fact that their great state played the role of Vanguard in the war against the British. Logo Explanation: It is a combination of three faces (one red, one white, one blue). The three heads show the teamwork of the colonials and the teamwork needed on the field.