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  1. Thanks I modernised the the logo on the home and away but used the original logo on the 3rd with the original striping. I dunno If i'm adding the Jets and the oilers due to them being active NHL franchises ujju2. I did do a Quebec and a Whaler jersey for the New WHA. What I might do is move other WHA teams in to those cities.

  2. West Division


    -Denver Spurs

    -Vancouver Blazers

    -Calgary Cowboys

    -Arizona Roadrunners

    -San Diego Mariners


    -Birmingham Bulls

    -Chicago Cougars

    -Minnesota Fighting Saints

    -Houston Aeros

    -Indianapolis Racers

    East Division


    -Quebec Nordkic

    -Halifax Ice Breakers

    -Baltimore Blades

    -Jersey Knights

    -Hartford Whalers


    -Ottawa Nationals

    -Cincinnati Stingers

    -Cleveland Crusaders

    -Detroit Gladiators

    -Michigan Stags

  3. I'm taking a break from the 90's remix and I've been working on a new project the last month. Browsing threw hockey logos on this site, I thought I recreate a bit of history and rehash the only second pro league in hockey in North America... The good old WHA. I've worked on 12 teams so far my goal is a even 20 made up of original era teams and a couple from the failed 2005 WHA that never got off the ground. Seeing as Reebok is a NHL staple right now I used the new Nike jersey that's being used for the Olympics as my base

    But now here's the first team to be announced for my new WHA...

    The Houston Aeros..