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  1. I like the cut the new Nike jerseys have. It's leaps and bounds over the CCM's back like 10 years ago. I tried the numbers on the sleeves cut in half but I don't know if it was the font i used but it didn't look right to me for some reason

  2. Dunno if I am going to do a series on these or not just trying out my new Nike template I'm working on. It's based off the new U.S.A jerseys and Russian Jerseys (and I'm guessing the rest of the teams too). I'm calling it the Nike 60 template (due to all the pics having the number 60 printed in side them). Will this be the look the NHL goes when the RBK contract is over? with Printed Logos and numbers to lighten it up like San Jose is doing with it's new jersey? Here's my take on the Sens based on the new template.


  3. It is a club for a deck of cards..i liked it because it was a nice uniform shape and the logo is heavily modified clip art ( I cheated a bit lol) It actually the second one I used for the logo the first one was to Notre Damey