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  1. just once could the bills wear their white socks with the blue pants...pretty please.
  2. jesus christ this is the NFL...we are suppose to know who a team is, from their uniform and or colors...we don’t need the team name on the chest!
  3. throw some navy socks on the cowboys and this wouldn’t be a terrible look...liking these white pants compared to the normal silver/green
  4. perfect someone else went purple pants...now the vikes can go white on white this weekend. ps can cincy get rid of the white panel already?
  5. not a jags fan just a uniform fan like i suspect most of us on here...seen this mock on reddit...would it have killed them to just use these?
  6. any chance the lions will wear the silver pants on the road with the white jersey? anyone have a mockup of that? also looks like a lot of the players tonight aren't digging the leotard look...lots of white socks out there tonight.
  7. couldn't atlanta have at least worn these tonight...not technically a color either but at least its not white.
  8. Done. email sent to the vikings with this pic attached...not that it will get anywhere...but sent anyway so next year when they change make sure you all thank oldschoolvikings!
  9. what would look good for the vikings with the purple pants?...white socks with the white jersey sleeve stripe? someone mock that up for science, and lets pass it along to the vikings.
  10. Yah why not a navy/silver/navy stripe on sock to at least match the pants stripe? Looks kind of like long johns...otherwise the best of the worst. Edit: or is that a silver game sock? Did they dig those out of the lions trash from years past?
  11. Cowboys socks all white? No stripe or anything...talk about "color rush"!