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  1. You're not wrong, though I do kinda like little details like this that tell you exactly which season a photo is from when you look at them in retrospect.
  2. Then the Bears are already well on their way to making this a reality.
  3. This very image is burned into the surface of my brain all thanks to Goth.
  4. I didn’t stop caring. I still despise those numbers and the implications they have on future design, even if I haven’t been continually posting about them.
  5. Dammit, are the navy pants reallly still in the rotation? I was almost more excited about those potentially being gone than anything. They’ve got a good argument for my least favorite pair of pants in the league, honestly. Who cares?
  6. The only way that they’d be having the same problems that the Rams has is if they planned on unveiling brand new uniforms within the next couple of years (thus not wanting to trigger the five year rule too soon). Which is an exciting thought, frankly.
  7. Ball is in your court now, Jacksonville!
  8. Agreed, I’m forced to watch the Texans play at least twice a season and not once have I looked at their helmet and thought “Damn, sucks that all that I can see on the helmet is a pointy red blob with a Star next to it.” The key line does its job and the helmet as a whole triumphs in its simplicity. Not to mention I personally just think this sucks.
  9. Then its a good thing that they're not doing that. For real, I think that what we're looking forward to here (if anything, since we don't even have a proper confirmation) is something like the Chargers did a few years back that most fans wouldn't really notice.
  10. That’s what makes this frustrating as heck: his info is *practically correct* in the sense that you could have “leaked” that the Jags were going back to an all black helmet a year ago and end up being proven “correct.” It isn’t substantial enough to pin him as some kind of NFL insider leak god or even to demonstrate that the information was actually worth knowing at the time, though it’s just enough for him to be able to run the damn bases when he gets back. *sigh* It’s just a much safer iteration of Dan Parker’s JUST LIKE OREGON!! tactics. I suppose I’m just in denial that someone with such sophomoric posting habits as his could be anywhere near the position to be able to know and leak precious, top secret information about NFL uniforms. I’d sooner expect him to be in the position to leak such info like that Tommy and Susie got to second base in an empty classroom while everyone else was at lunch. I can’t be alone here.
  11. Big unveilings bring out the strangest folks to this weird niche forum.
  12. The guy modeling it is Kent Fuchs, the president of UF, and the Jersey is made to resemble the regalia that he wears to give commencement speeches. It’s well damn done, IMO, even if it’s something that only students will get.
  13. Huh, I’m skeptical but this is pretty similar to to how the Dolphins rumors started that turned out to be true, so this is pretty big if true. The only change I’d make, of course, is for them to wear red socks on the road, though I could foresee them doing something to make it more like the color rush by making the pants stripe red (but hopefully not making the numbers red, though). Heck, they could even make battle red the primary to be slightly more unique while owning their current identity. This’ll be an interesting few weeks until the draft.
  14. You forgot “half-baked comparisons substituting criticism.”