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  1. *whistling* nothing to see here
  2. That's what the crawler has looked like this whole time. It definitely has aged about as well as, well, its head. Id love to see a fresh crawler on the sleeves.
  3. That jawline looks so broken. Extend the back part of the jaw so it matches and lines up with the whiskers, then we'd be having a conversation.
  4. No one is saying it was the problem, but it didnt look good either. I watched every Jaguars game from 2009-2012. I read the press releases when those uniforms dropped when I was in 7th grade and got so excited for those lids, because they did The Thing. But they were just terrible on tv. I could probably count on one hand the number of times I really perceived it in game action over the ensuing years. And when you did notice it? It just looked like a burnt Eagles helmet, if not just kinda grey and muddled. The gold logo pops so much more off of a stark black surface anyways.
  5. Any support for this set is just reminds me how little people really watch the Jaguars. They were not only plain in concept, but were also just garbage on the field. The only features on the entire uniform were the toothpaste piping and single number outlines (the sleeves COMPLETELY blank??), both of which ended up serving no visual purpose other than looking fuzzy and non-distinguishable from more than ten feet away. Watch any clip from the period (especially the white and black jerseys) and just watch in horror as the teal accents get just suffocated by by the black and white. I truly think this was a trial for single number outlines being not a great idea for the Jags. Double or nothing, and currently? Nothing works fine. And, of course, there was Reebok deciding to use the Jags to demo their hideous experimental template that ended up being a precursor for Adidas's infamous techfit, leaving skill players like MJD and David Garrard looking like absolute clowns until Nike cleaned up the template before moving on a year later. And, honestly, I don't even want to hear about the teal flake helmets. That's how I know you REALLY didn't watch any Jaguars football. Even with our brand new hd TV, my dad and I tried and struggled so hard to see if we could make out a crumb of teal in that paint. You just weren't passively noticing it. Every couple of weeks you would see a little glint during a super closeup, and we would joke "omg! its The Thing! look! The Thing!!" and no more frequently than that. That picture with Tyson Alualu in it is the only one out of the several in this thread where it actually makes out. Great idea with lame execution, tbh. I remember being a kid in middle and high school watching this team week in and week out (except 2009, we don't talk about 2009) and thinking "Man, they did my boys dirty." It had few features, and the ones that it had were non-descript at best and completely stunk at worst. The only things it had in its favor is that it was the last time they wore teal and was replaced by, head-to-toe, some of the worst superhero costumes this league has put up with. What a marred uniform, given the only events of significance during its reign were a hail mary, MJD's rushing title, and the team getting sold.
  6. Has anyone ever addressed how the Jags quietly updated their current sleeve template one year after the debut so the cuff detail wouldn’t get so devoured by the shoulder pads? Compare pics of any player in 2018 with the years following and it’s obvious. I appreciated that little reactive touch. Add that they’ve finally decided to look like the Jaguars again and I cant say I’ll be waiting *that* anxiously for when they inevitably wear something different in 2023. By far my favorite of the post-classic era madness that they’ve made us put up with. I like how it plays off the simplicity of their classic helmet. (and DO NOT touch those crispy solid colored numbers) This is the sixth worst uniform in NFL history.
  7. You're not wrong, though I do kinda like little details like this that tell you exactly which season a photo is from when you look at them in retrospect.
  8. Then the Bears are already well on their way to making this a reality.
  9. This very image is burned into the surface of my brain all thanks to Goth.
  10. I didn’t stop caring. I still despise those numbers and the implications they have on future design, even if I haven’t been continually posting about them.
  11. Dammit, are the navy pants reallly still in the rotation? I was almost more excited about those potentially being gone than anything. They’ve got a good argument for my least favorite pair of pants in the league, honestly. Who cares?
  12. The only way that they’d be having the same problems that the Rams has is if they planned on unveiling brand new uniforms within the next couple of years (thus not wanting to trigger the five year rule too soon). Which is an exciting thought, frankly.
  13. Ball is in your court now, Jacksonville!
  14. Agreed, I’m forced to watch the Texans play at least twice a season and not once have I looked at their helmet and thought “Damn, sucks that all that I can see on the helmet is a pointy red blob with a Star next to it.” The key line does its job and the helmet as a whole triumphs in its simplicity. Not to mention I personally just think this sucks.