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  1. Patrick Surtain the 11th
  2. Yeah, 11 might be my last favorite number for the Vikings jerseys. I actually think the sail serifs look alright on a lot of numbers, when they flow into each other. But 11 is not one of those.
  3. More like Justlingeringforlongerthananyoneasked, am I right?
  4. Yes, I got that. I wasn't referring to your thoughts on the C, that's why I didn't quote that. I was just referring to the logos in that tweet. I agree with you that the C is a mess. The pinched opening stinks, for sure. Even further, the negative space in the center of the C has started to look to me like a poor attempt at an Indiana state outline. Almost like if the Colts took that new C logo from the inside of their collars and spent a couple decades following trends to over-minimalize and angularize it, they might end up with a similar looking C to this one.
  5. The triangle in the bottom right of the main crest is there only to try and fill out the Ohio flag shape, but the angles at top of the C leave empty space in both the top corners anyway. Then they want to present us with a version free of the outline? I mean, look at that logo to the right of the main crest above. It's nothing. Only sort of a C, and definitely no longer flag shaped.
  6. It's so bad. So many things to pick apart. As a fan of The Crew, I thought it slightly insulting when they tried to tell us that we were supposed to call them "Crew SC" instead of "The Crew." But it's okay for me to call them The Crew again, now that they've changed the name to just Columbus SC? Huh?? It seems like they forced a new look for the club based around the new stadium, when it really should've been the other way around. And the kicker is that they didn't even do that well. I have really enjoyed the new angular checkered sorta print they've been using everywhere, but I think it looked better with the previous look. I saw it as a mashup of the checkerboard and diagonal stripes from the roundel logo.
  7. Unless you're wearing suspenders on your compression shorts then it's a pretty clear difference.
  8. All the ABL teams wore that reebok font in year 2, as well. Paying homage to both Stranger Things and women's basketball pioneers, how thoughtful.
  9. I like the new Storm logos, but I was also thinking about their change in light of the apparent new jersey direction. The wordmark is maybe the least inspired part of the package, but I figured it'd rarely be used like that so whatever. Now I'm trying to envision it carrying a jersey. The rollout has been classy so far, so I'm hopeful the uniform as a whole will be nice enough to make the wordmark look clean and strong rather than sterile or generic.
  10. There haven't been white jerseys in the WNBA for a little while now, so my guess would be two different team colored jerseys (Explorer and I dunno, Guardian or Protector or something) plus another to do with whatever they want (Rebel). But then again, there haven't been wordmarks or front numbers or team specific designs in the WNBA for a little while now either. So they could totally bring white jerseys back, too.
  11. These Mystics jerseys were found at a sporting goods store and posted to Twitter. And look! They appear to be more basketball jersey, less billboard! They just have an AT&T logo on the back under the name and number. This is the "Nike Explorer Edition" jersey. I guess that is their WNBA version of the Association or Icon or whatever. There was also a "Nike Rebel Edition" found, which is apparently like the NBA's City uniform program. It's, um, not as promising. And someone else found this Dallas Wings Nike Rebel Edition jersey... The Rebel Editions might turn out to be pretty silly, but I'm choosing to look at the potential bright spots here: fewer ads, less template, and different number fonts.
  12. Brian Agler has been a staple in the WNBA ever since the ABL went away. He won championships coaching both the Storm and Sparks. He's back in the Columbus Area now, at Wittenberg University. The ABL was stacked. They had the talent advantage over the WNBA initially, but not the financial backing. It led to ABL players like Dawn Staley, Nikki McCray, Katie Smith, Yolanda Griffith, etc. having to choose whether or not to jump ship.
  13. Those have been the jerseys for the past few seasons. All the teams will be getting new uniforms this offseason, but I don't imagine they'll have any fewer ads on them.
  14. I always wished that the palm tree in their secondary logo (the basis for the new primary) used the spark burst at its center, like in the old primary. That was an elegant way to tie together the nickname and location. The sans-spark palm tree conveys LA Basketball Team, but has no connection to the Sparks name. I know that an effective sports logo doesn't always have to be a literal representation of the nickname, it just seems in this case like they could include that spark so easily. We already know it would work, because they themselves have shown us.
  15. Because Whistlepig is a fantastic and underused name for groundhogs/woodchucks/land beavers. February 2nd, Whistlepig Day. Let's do it.
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