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  1. I changed it to what I assume is your actual argument. That's not balance you're seeing, it's marketing.
  2. That's all I was saying. That tweet and its wording do nothing to make me think that cap logo isn't real. In all likelihood, it is real.
  3. Whaaaaa? Make up your minds, y'all!!! All of this could be more puppet master Demoff's doing... Yeah, it's a neon lights modificiation of a new logo. None of the neon lights logos from the draft caps are representative of the teams' actual logos. We just have the benefit of already having seen all of the other logos in their standard applications. All this says to me is that maybe we shouldn't judge the new logo until we see the actual new logo, instead of just a weird, outliney, not-colored-in version of it. But liiiike, I can't wait to judge at that point!
  4. The neon lights logos are just outlines. So if that is the logo, the horn parts are probably solid yellow and the LA parts white. Or something like that. There would definitely be some elements colored in.
  5. I have appreciated the intentionality of the chinstrap colors in the XFL.
  6. Yeah. Inter Miami's colors are white and off-white. And it's too bad.
  7. Columbus has their new jersey sponsor in Nationwide Insurance. They will use the Nationwide Children's Hospital logo for the 2020 season, but then it will be the Nationwide Insurance logo starting in 2021.
  8. All this DEFENSIVENESS isn't a good look. I don't see anyone challenging whether or not you're dissing the uniforms. They are simply disagreeing with the assertion, which you seem to be presenting as fact, that the uniforms are so similar. And I tend to agree. Yeah they share some colors and a pointy leg stripe, but I really don't look at the Dragons uniforms and think Broncos. But I do wish the Dragons would stick with green and orange, with blue to accent. It's weird to see all of their in stadium signage with zero blue, and then the team wearing all blue. I much prefer their away uniforms, and they seem more in line with the rest of the branding.
  9. https://www.instagram.com/p/B8Tt3s3nPjS/?igshid=1tkqkneykig6d Here's a better look at the Dragons' secondary logo from their instagram.
  10. Ugly tint or not, as a Crew fan this still feels like some very real encroachment. And from what I've seen, other Crew fans agree.
  11. Oh yeah, they playin'. I love it.
  12. Why's Jalen Ramsey the only ram with blue sleeve cuffs?
  13. Notre Dame has been wearing last year's white jerseys in exhibition games. Any chance the new ones, gold on white w/ no blue, are a no-go?
  14. Make it Squids and it's a deal.
  15. Ohhh I think it's kinda fun. And it's not like NHL Seattle organized this whole thing for their own gimmick. A bunch of local groups were asked to contribute to this Space Needle time capsule, and this was what NHL Seattle contributed. Even if it's not a huge revelation come 2062, it's still another little way to continue building awareness and momentum right now around the future team. Especially since the most prevalent buzz around town at this point is still, "What are they going to be called?!?"