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  1. It was my least favorite of the new XFL logos anyway. Its appeal is too dependent on Oilers nostalgia, yes, but it loses all the elegance of the original. The Roughnecks logo hardly even reads oil derrick to me. Between the oddly perspectived H that looks more like an A with a white top, the blocked navy background, and the different line widths, it just gets a little messy for me.
  2. That was a different color rush uniform, one that was downright flashy by comparison. Most people seem to agree that the Browns' new color rush set is just bleh. I was at that game when Baker stepped in to save the day/franchise and open up the beer coolers, and yes, those color rush uniforms hold a special place for me. But the current ones? Ehh, I'd always rather have the regular brown jerseys.
  3. Maybe someone finds it uncomfortable the way the material bunches up under their pants when they tuck it in. Maybe someone else likes to use the bottom of their undershirt to wipe their hands when their skin tight jersey soaks through with sweat. Maybe myriad other reasons. I'm not suggesting these are the most likely or most common explanations as to why some players leave their undershirts untucked. I am suggesting that probably very few players with untucked undershirts are making a strictly binary declaration between either fashion or function.
  4. So is it the big Adidas shoulder stripes that are being prioritized? Allegedly that league wide element was a nod to this MLS25 season, so maybe they wanted both teams showing off that look for the season finale? Whatever the reason, I'd much prefer the Crew in yellow. I was at the sounders-crew game earlier this year (last game before everything got really covidy) and I remember commenting that I didn't expect yellow v. rave green to work, but it did. There was plenty of contrast. And it wasn't the first time the two clubs had gone with that uniform matchup, so the black kit isn't necessarily clash related (although, yes, it does provide additional contrast).
  5. Regardless what the rest of the Blue Jackets' uniform looks like, I'm pretty disappointed that they used the anachronous cannon logo on the shoulder. The neon green stick on the crest even makes more sense with a neon green Stinger patch, like was on the originals. The sweater got more boring when they switched to the kepi logo in '03, and it gets more boring again with the cannon roundel. Free Stinger!!
  6. https://www.instagram.com/p/CHvvn-tpHNo/?igshid=1ewm7t2dis5zu This isn't really what they're doing, right?
  7. How is the current ND helmet not true gold? From where I'm sitting, it's the truest gold in sports. And it's now much more representative of the Golden Dome from which it draws inspiration. Are you referring to the actual gold flecked paint from their previous helmets? Because these still have gold in the paint, but this application doesn't have to be re-painted every week (which is enough to make me love this current helmet, as someone who used to be a part of that weekly re-painting. It always made for a fun fact, but a decidedly unfun process.)
  8. It also seemed like maybe the lighter orange I was seeing on some players' pants stripes was due to the stretching of the pants. The material Nike uses for those stripes can start to look a little lighter the more they are stretched. It's not like the thicker knit stripes of yesteryear.
  9. Yup, either they unveil an actual blue, woolen jacket in place of a sweater or else nothing makes sense. Is this like the argument that some have made against the Patriots ever wearing red? Though, in this case Blue Jackets aren't even in opposition to the Red Coats. Their enemy wore gray. Even so, it's an alternate jersey so I won't necessarily be bothered by anything that draws from the team's colors.
  10. I was trying to figure this out as well. I told myself it was just because it didn't have any purple to separate it from the white, but the more I looked at the pants stripes they really seemed more like a Tennessee Volunteer shade of orange.
  11. Geographic speciation. Florida Panthers are pretty much just cougars (or pumas or mountain lions or puma concolor or whatever) that are endangered 'cause they're stuck in Florida, too far away from all those other populations.
  12. And check out those fans, standing together arm in arm. Literally.
  13. They've only painted in the MO as a tribute: https://www.cnn.com/2020/09/11/us/baltimore-ravens-mo-gaba-section-trnd/index.html
  14. Y'know, it is pretty disappointing. But not as disappointing as all those Sheeple Who've Been Wearing This Hat Around For A Week Without Ever Giving That Detail A Second Look Or A Single Tear Or A Lost Night Of Sleep are to their parents. AM I RIGHT?!