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  1. It doesn't work as well for me. Not only does it lose some of its nauticality, but in the actual logo I kinda read the adjacent bevel (under) as part of the tentacle. I don't know if that's the intention, but the tentacle just seems a little spindly when you lose that, no?
  2. It's wild regardless, but should at least be more symmetrical once it isn't just a photoshop and the logos are placed correctly and such.
  3. When you say "especially the sleeves", do you mean to say "only kinda sorta the sleeves and absolutely nothing else" ?
  4. They did a poll a while back about in-stadium goal sounds, with ferry horn being the favorite. It looks like they're listening! Also, I've got it on good authority that the Seattle Aquarium has been prepped for ample co-branding opportunities.
  5. Each player has a white box on the back of their shirt, under the number, with a hand written personal message. Did we know about that?
  6. I don't think it'd play well here in Seattle to put Amazon's name on the arena. Upon seeing an initial headline saying that Amazon had bought the naming rights, my knee jerk reaction was basically, "Ughh, eff Bezos and eff Amazon." Upon seeing that it will be called Climate Pledge Arena, my main reaction is, "Okay, at least it's not Amazon Arena."
  7. But liiiike, they provided the elements, right? Plus, the elements aren't that far off from those that have been utilized in far more elegant ways in the past.
  8. I'd like this logo more if it didn't say Las Vegas Raiders Raiders.
  9. As has been pointed out numerous times, these uniforms have TV numbers. They are on the helmets. Questions regarding no TV numbers on the Patriots unis are justified, but these Chargers unis don't make it a trend.
  10. Any new jerseys introduced are required to have TV numbers. The exception comes if it is a throwback, and the jersey being thrown back to did not have TV numbers. In the recent Browns radio show where they talked to JW Johnson, they mentioned that the Browns actually wanted their new brown alts to be sans-tv number, but they weren't allowed. It is odd that the Patriots' color rush jerseys didn't have them. Were those somehow classified as a throwback? They weren't. But it'd be a major exception were their new primary uni set to be without TV numbers.
  11. I agree that it's probably just parallel thinking. It's a simple enough concept. But it's not exactly just a random high school. Cathedral is a football powerhouse in Indy. If nobody associated with the Colts had seen it, maybe they should have.
  12. These are going to have Carolina-level tiny shoulder numbers, aren't they?