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  1. I didn't think you would be so insecure that you would take personal offense to something. Give it a rest dude. Go be miserable in peace. As you said, this is a web forum. If you can't read something that you disagree with without throwing a tantrum and taking personal shots at people then you don't belong on a web forum. People don't deserve to be harassed just because you're miserable about something else. Like I said, I don't even interact with you on here. If you don't like what I say then you can dispute it without trying to personally attack someone. But I guess you're too insecure to do so. So carry on I guess. I'm just ignoring you. You're clearly are just looking for reasons to lash out at people. It's sad really.
  2. Keep crying man. You obviously didn't read my post. I didn't feed into the system nor do I think the city jerseys are necessary. I'm just not dumb enough to argue against all 30 jerseys just because I don't like the idea. "That's why I took that shot" That fact you felt the need to take a shot at me for no reason is pathetic. I've never interacted with you before. You took a personal shot at me for what? Because I argued in favor of something you don't like? Are you that insecure? You can't even hear something that you don't agree with without immediately trying to attack people? Lmao where's the mute button on this board. You're obviously an insecure man child. Pathetic.
  3. You know, I used to think the same about Net and Knick games. Then my friend took me to a Knicks/Hornets game and we bought the cheapest tickets we could find, nosebleeds for 80. Then I felt like half the people there were there for more of a "When in Rome" type thing. Like it was a Friday night event instead of an actual basketball game. And I bet it's the same in LA. "Gotta go catch a Laker game while you're here". I think there's just a demand for tickets in big markets. The Clippers are still a top 5 most valuable franchise right now, and for a team with no titles, and no success besides recent years, that's pretty amazing. Just goes to show you how much money those big market teams are making. But I do think that Seattle should get a team back. You guys should've gotten the Kings a few years ago.
  4. That's pretty pathetic that you tried to take a personal shot at me all because I pointed out that these jerseys are following the idea behind the city jersey concept. I think the city and statement jerseys are dumb too. But unlike you, I'm not sitting here like a moron wondering why the city jerseys are representing something in the city the team plays for. If your argument is that every city edition jersey is dumb because the concept of the city jersey is dumb then why do you even waste your time commenting or even looking at the jerseys? You already know you're not going to like what you see. You already know you're just actively looking for things to criticize. Why even bother? I think it's funny you call me a Stan. Seems like you're more obsessed with this stuff then I am.
  5. Yeah, I would've much preferred the regular wordmark. Or even the old BKLYN logo. Also, the graffiti wordmark works to a point on the gray, but looks completely out of place on this one. I think the bigger focus on Biggie this year has to do with the new court, and also the fact they're putting a giant coogi crown on top of their logo on games they wear the city jersey at home. I'm disappointed in the wordmark and hope next year's city jersey goes back to normal. I love the coogi trim.
  6. Next time I'm sure the nets city edition jerseys will honor something from PA that way you get to be in the loop buddy.
  7. Why does it matter if people never heard of bed-stuy? Isn't that the entire point of city jerseys? To draw attention to, and honor your city? I never knew Milwaukee was called Cream City. I still have no clue what peach has to do with Atlanta. There was just a bunch of posts on here from people asking if people really say "H-Town" in Houston because they've never heard it before. And then people confirmed they do infact call Houston H-Town. The whole point of City jerseys is to honor your city. You're SUPPOSED to learn something new.
  8. The grizzlies own the rights to Navy uniforms? Lmao what the hell
  9. Well I mean, this is the Bulls jersey design, not a one-off generic jersey the league designed for them to wear on Christmas.
  10. The nets actually started promoting their city jersey yesterday by dropping a short video about Biggie and how Biggie is Brooklyn. Zach Lowe said the nets want to put a biggie inspired crown on their logo on nights they wear the city jerseys at home.
  11. I know the Nets are announcing theirs soon, since they're scheduled to wear them next week vs Boston. We all know what it'll look like but I'm still excited to see how the coogi pops on the white. Conrad, you said teams have already submitted next year's city uniforms. Can you confirm the Nets are wearing a full coogi pattern jersey with no wordmarks or numbers or logos or anything, just pure coogi? I feel like the NBA would bend some rules to let this happen.
  12. Cream City? Sounds like that's where they shoot porn
  13. All they did was flip the A upside down and use it for the W. It's funny as hell that they're just like "oooo look, NASA font!" And it's clearly not NASA font.
  14. Yeah, the gray was darker than i had thought it would be, so it was obvious as to who was who. would have rather seen the rockets wear red, since the color pops off the gray court.
  15. Nets debuting their gray graffiti jersey tonight against the Rockets. Rockets are wearing White. This will go over well on here.
  16. The font on the bottom replaced the font on top immediately after they stopped using it. They created it to replace the previous. but i did remember reading something similar about teams not being able to go back to old uniforms.
  17. all it needs is a Black outline around the White “ROCKETS” wordmark and it would be fine.
  18. its sad that this is that important to you that you decide to bring up a week old topic to shamelessly beat a dead horse. like legit sad.
  19. wow that’s pretty drastic. i still like the green, but that definitely makes it feel less special. that’s also pretty dumb
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