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  1. The Orlando set is great! Love the statement uniforms!
  2. Ok. Looking forward for what's coming next
  3. CMD

    Templates Requests

    Perfect. Thank you!
  4. This idea is brilliant. Do you mind if I do the uniforms or are you planning on doing them?
  5. CMD

    Templates Requests

    Hi, I'm using photoshop so I'm looking for a AI or PSD preferably
  6. From what I've heard, word is that Drake is no longer Raptors ambassador, which means that that ugly Nets-esque logo could change and the black and gold combo could be out too
  7. CMD

    Name That Font!

    here's another pic, better quality
  8. CMD

    Name That Font!

    anyone knows the name of the font that says Tracer, or something similar?
  9. A few days ago I've seen the Raptors ABA fauxback concept by Simon Chen and I was wondering how cool would it be if that was real, I've also noticed that custom NBA jerseys are very popular these days and I got this idea: what do y'all think? not sure if this is actually a concept that's why I've posted it in this section
  10. Can you do Olympique Marseille please?
  11. This are great! Can you do a Golden State Warriors, Toronto Raptors and Panathinaikos BC on the wooden background for iPhone 5? Thanks !!