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  1. With the end of the Four Four getting closer, I wanted to throw my idea out there of what the NCAA could use in the Minneapolis Final Four in 2019. final four.psd
  2. Try wrapping Montreals stripe around the helmet like Navy did kinda like their home jerseys. Just an idea
  3. Hey, guys! This will be my first post on here because I never had the tools to properly make a concept for anything. And now that I do, I'll be posting occasionally. My first concept will be an alternate logo for the Colorado Avalanche. The inspiration comes from the current alternate logo they use, and an avalanche coming down from the Rocky Mountains. C&C welcome!
  4. As a lacrosse player myself, I would go with the second option. The solid carolina blue pairs well with the solid navy shorts. From experience, different colored shoulders look good on paper, but trash when you get the final product. That's just with lacrosse jerseys though. And then on the field, the checkered pattern would just be a blur when players move around. And I wouldn't use the checkered pattern unless it had ties to the school, like in the crest. But those are just my opinions.
  5. If you could do Maxx Williams when he was with the Golden Gophers, that would be cool. Device would be andriod
  6. Not saying it's wrong to use it, but is that the Golden Gophers font on the Bengals?
  7. The N alone is great. Go Huskies!!!
  8. It's a great idea, but why Gemini over other constellations?