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  1. The L.A. DEFIANCE thread was closed due to the following explanation: "Concepts depicting current or recent political figures or using partisan political symbols as an example of content that may not be posted".


    Okay. Then I don't understand why THIS thread, in the Sports Concepts section, was NOT closed by any moderator back then in 2016 due to the same aforementioned reasons:


    Firstly, I find it extremely odd that this very thread has even less to do with sports in general, unlike the L.A. DEFIANCE thread  – namely purely nothing at all! Zero. Yet, it wasn't closed.


    (Let alone the "fun" fact, that both parties of the two-party system are responsible in the first place for that very system that black people have been forced to live under for centuries, a system that actually led to Colin Kaepernick's kneeling and the BLM movement!)