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  1. Again: Please no more comments on racism, racial injustice, etc. I have commented on the situation of Native Americans, racism in general, and I think I made my position clear to other users. My comments have resulted from one or two user comments which I wanted to address; comments that were also design-related. Then one thing led to another. Thanks.
  2. "Also worth noting that "white conservatives" don't make up the entire spectrum of people who might disagree with a name change." That's bs. And you should know that, too! Otherwise, just two groups of people, racists or complete morons, would remain, walking by a Native-American, asking "Hey, how's your day, Redskin?" I used the words "these conservatives", "these right-wingers". Why do you want me to specify that? It should be clear enough. The word "these"? Most of the conservatives/right-wingers don't even feel that the word "Redskin" is a bad word, let alone they would ask for a replacement! Don't be nitpicky, please. You know that nothing that I've said is wrong. You just don't like the fact that I didn't use the word "some", although you should know which breed of people I was referring to. That's nitpicking – for whatever reason it might be.
  3. They absolutely would be traditional! Washington with uniforms like these poorly executed things the Bucs had in 2014, or the Browns, Titans? No way!
  4. The quality of a comment doesn't automatically improve itself just by repeating it.
  5. I guess we have a classic case of 'white fragility' among us? I also bet you're basically incapable of understanding what I'm saying when commenting this very topic. But you can console yourself, since you're not alone...
  6. But I'm not the owner Dan Snyder. I just rebranded this team the way I would have done it (if I were the owner) – a long, long time ago! Because these justified discussions on/about this team's nickname and identity aren't new. They have been taking place since the 1980's, but nothing happened.
  7. I think you should try to find a way to blend in the football with the pig a lot better. Because right now it's a floating football in front of a pig, so basically two elements that should rather be only one: a pig with a football-shaped body and laces, or a football that looks like a pig. Something like that.
  8. Please no more comments on racism, racial injustice, etc. I have commented on the situation of Native Americans, racism in general, and I think I made my position clear to other users. My comments have resulted from one or two user comments which I wanted to address; comments that were also design-related. Then one thing led to another. Thanks.
  9. Thanks, KevinJohnsonTheTruth. A roundel should have a certain size compared to the spear, so it should be big enough to visually complement or support it. But then you would have too much unused, negative (burgundy) space inside that roundel; especially for a primary mark.
  10. Funny. White people, white Europeans – to be more specific – basically have invented racism centuries ago, have applied for a patent, and have spread it all over the world to places that they've either conquered, colonialized, or legally populated. So my serious question to you is: in what world are you living?
  11. No. I wouldn't want to appease these fans at all. Not a bit! I'm exclusively thinking of Native Americans. I just don't want this certain group of conservatives/Trump supporters to again point at political correctness, so that they could start debating this very topic – racism and the systematic suppression of minorities – in a way that only these people dare. I'm exclusively thinking of the Native American heritage. I couldn't care less about appeasing these people, people who just refuse to admit that racism exists. Because that would require them to practice self-reflection! Therefore, I couldn't care less about hurting the feelings of die-hard racists who have never read a book in their lives and usually don't really care about the lives of people who either aren't Christians, or at least white. In this context, I'm pro-Native American and against all blockheads in general. I don't even think that one could win them over through a new design – for the aforementioned reasons. I think this would be a complete waste of time. Let's ignore them as much as possible and do the right thing to honor Native American heritage.
  12. Not true. You said "all". But I didn't say that ALL white conservatives are like that. Otherwise, I would have said "In my view, ditching even the feathers would completely freak out ALL of these white conservatives......." But I didn't. One just can't deny that there's a huge problem among conservatives/right-wingers/Trump supporters in the U.S. when it's about properly acknowledging black or Native American history. One just can't deny that.
  13. Not at all. Ask real die-hard conservatives, Trump voters, most traditional voters of the Republicans whether they think that it's a good and necessary thing to change the name "Redskins" and replace it with a non-offensive name. And then guess what most of these people would say! The vast majority would definitely not agree with me on this, since they think that it's part of American history, like statues of slave holders or utterly racist civil war generals, like Robert E. Lee, that one has to defend – and that would be their most "rational" way to argue! What does that tell us about the ideology of these people? Plus, they never ask what black people feel when they walk past one of these statues! Others would even claim that it's not racist at all, because there is no thing called racism against minorities, but there's that thing called "reverse racism" – something that actually doesn't even exit, since white people have always been the majority in the U.S. and any "racist" behavior or attitude from Afro-Americans or Native Americans toward white people has always just been a reaction to racism by whites toward themselves for so many centuries – to this day. No, I didn't generalize at all, because I didn't say that ALL white conservatives/Republicans, Trump supporters are like that, but way too many are exactly like that! And please don't tell me I'm exaggerating because the entire rest of the world knows that this is not an exaggeration. Just visit the comment section here on the CCSL startup page from time to time, and you should know what I'm referring to. Even here, some folks just can't get over the fact that the South has lost the war because it was a war that solely was fought for one reason: the end of slavery.
  14. My only nitpick would be...oh wait...it's perfect!
  15. I have to disagree. Let's pretend my rebrand were the official rebrand of the Washington NFL team. In my view, ditching even the feathers would completely freak out these white conservatives, these right-wingers, who refuse to understand and admit that the word "Redskin" is an utterly racist term based on an unambigious history. So their only concern would then be to solely blame political correctness, which, in their eyes, had once again won over "liberty", "freedom of speech", and "the right to have individual opinions" although the usage of the word "Redskin", or the "N"-word, have absolutely nothing to do with all of this, since racism is no opinion, but just an inhuman ideology. At this point, these folks would not even feel the necessity anymore to discuss the true meaning of the word "Redskin" because, c'mon, "even the feathers are gone!" Let's not play into these people's hands even more, since there were mostly conservatives or right-wingers that have been benefiting from soft language or political correctness (which is a term invented and used by conservatives) over the past decades which, by the way, never solve the real issues of people, for example, Native Americans, who are suffering even today, but rather bury their issues under a certain jargon.
  16. Thanks, chestnutz! Much appreciated. I have revised the DC football logo – and I think it's pretty good the way it is now. We now have a consistent yellow-gold outline, plus the stars are still recognizable being football laces. Images have been updated. Thanks a lot, miltonANDlumbergh! Happy to read that...
  17. Thanks, OmegaRed! Much appreciated. An extra outline doesn't look good at all. I've already tried it – it looks messy. The reason why these three DC stars are placed the way they're placed, is because they also represent the laces of a football – basically a side view of a football. An outline would always come into conflict with the stars, or vice versa. And making the stars smaller and less prominent, works even less.
  18. Possible, Buc. That's the one that I've found a couple of days ago when looking for that specific one which I still haven't found yet. I remember that the "W" was more modern, not that simplistic, also white with a navy outline (I'm not confusing it with this "A" here). Anyway, this logo is at least one reason why I didn't want to adopt the Washington Monument for my "W".
  19. Agree. The NHL Capitals are R/W/B, same goes for the NBA Wizards, and the MLB Nats. As much as I like this color combination, it would be a massive visual overdose for Washington sports fans. Washington looks great in all-white, but they look superb with burgungy jerseys and yellow-gold pants (my favorite).
  20. Thanks, LogoFan. The "W" in the partial logo needs to have a flat instead of a pointy bottom because the outlines would enhance that pointy effect tremendously. I corrected the placement of the "W" inside the white cirlce in the primary mark, and revised the "W" a bit here and there. Images have been updated.