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  1. Here's a slight modernization, a rebrand of the current Kansas City Chiefs primary mark. Completely gone is the color black since the team has been using it solely as a supporting color, plus it's nowhere to be found on their uniforms – except for helmet logo usage. The entire arrowhead is tilted in order to make it look more aerodynamic and faster. Same goes for the "KC" initial and the letters themselves which I also revised. I also added some texture to the arrowhead, including the initial to improve the overall look. Kansas City Chiefs primary logo on colored backgrounds Kansas City Chiefs primary logo on a football helmet
  2. I agree with @jaha32. The lines shouldn't be that thick. Especially the upper part of the basketball where all the seams intersect, looks a little bit too cluttered. Apart of that, awesome job! I prefer the red and yellow-gold version. Very clean, very balanced. This is how a Rockets primary logo should look like. Their current rebrand is one giant atrocity – particularly that absolutely superfluous and counterproductive graphite gray which creates almost zero color contrast in combination with black.
  3. Just googled whether this is their official logo – and it appears it is. I like the simplicity. That's a plus. But I think it's not really working well since the brain will always tell you that this is actually not a zero, but the overlaid combination of the numbers 6 and 9! If at all, the Blazers' primary logo is just a very abstract way to shape a zero. I bet that most people, who got absolutely no clue what this logo is about in the first place, have at least a very tough time to immediately guess right. The logo is creative, but at the same time pretty forced, too.
  4. Thanks, guys. Much appreciated. There will definitely be more purple than ever before.
  5. Since the most boring Super Bowl ever is behind us, l personally look forward to another great MLB season which is just around the corner. I'm one of millions of baseball fans who think that the Colorado Rockies could use at least a refresh, a modernization of their current look. In 2017, the organization has degraded their primary logo to alternate status in order to replace it with this very boring "CR" interlocked initial; unfortunately a trend that many teams in recent years have followed. I actually always liked their former primary mark a lot – thematically – but I absolutely disliked its execution. The simple design makes a lot of sense: the Rocky Mountains in the back while another baseball is leaving the yard – very fitting since the Rockies have had one of the most dangerous offenses in the past years. The wrongest part of their current logo is the font choice. Bembo might look great on other occasions but in this regard it is definitely a blooper. Or does the team play their home games in Aspen? I revised the mountain and the baseball, added an appropriate angular custom typeface and created another third logo, an alternate mark, based on Colorado's state flag. Completely gone is the "CR" initial logo since I can't stand these initials anymore (btw: such an interlocked "CR" never looks good, no matter how you arrange these letters). The revised partial/secondary mountain logo would become the team's helmet and cap logo – at least in most cases. Uniforms will follow in the next couple of days.
  6. The MetroStars logo doesn't work for me at all. I wouldn't say that it looks unfinished. It just looks unbalanced. The utterly busy and overly detailed top of the mark doesn't harmonize with the rest of the logo – which is very old-school. I completely agree with @raysox on the other two logos.
  7. Thanks, Section30. Correct. This will very likely never happen because MLS refuses to have three teams based in NYC. Thanks a lot, Zeus.
  8. If the good old New York Cosmos entered Major League Soccer, this is how I would like their brand to look like...
  9. But there are no white tennis balls with red seams! The Independent Baseball club Joliet Slammers – and other teams in the MiLB – have baseballs in their logos that have the same low level of detail. I like it a lot. Plus, I think it fits a lot better into that whole fun-themed MiLB design style. Two reasons why I won't drop the bubbles. Firstly, the logo would have a little bit too much unused light blue space, and secondly, these bubbles add that aforementioned typical "MiLB fun-theme" aspect to the mark which I wouldn't want to miss.
  10. Thanks a lot, TheHealthiestScratch. To be honest, I didn't even think of such an update. I was solely focussing on modernizing their mark by putting some heavy emphasis on the "Port City" theme. Thanks, guys! Much appreciated.
  11. Logos have been updated. Orange is now darker, more saturated and a touch redder than before to achieve better color contrast with gray.