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  1. The Jets don't have hunter green anymore; they've replaced it with a pretty loud (nicely looking) shade, Gotham Green. They also don't have beige/sand like in this concept – they have white (and black). Means that many teams are similar to each other. The Chiefs use red and yellow; the 'Skins, too. The Rams and the Chargers – blue and yellow. The Cardinals and Falcons both have red, black and whte. Let alone all these teams who are red, white and blue; like my Giants.
  2. Totally agree. In my view, the negative space that shapes the Pentagon is perfect.
  3. I really, really like the uniforms/color scheme. It's so unique because it's so not NFL-ish at all, which is always good. The logo is simple, yet pretty smart (five stars/five-star general + negative space is the Pentagon). Many NFL team logos are overly simplistic, like the Cowboys lone star, the Colts' horsehoe, the Chargers bolt, the Bears' Wishbone C – and hey, let's not forget – the Browns don't even have a real logo except for an orange, logo-less helmet which is unique, bold, and the right way to separate themselves from the rest of the league. And the more I look at this logo, the more I like it. I actually think that this is a very good concept. Good job! Question, AndrewG70: Would the helmets get a matte finish in real life? Say yes...
  4. Thanks, OmegaRed. Yeah, I totally agree. Before that update, I focused too heavily on the laces, I guess. But it works nonetheless.
  5. They absolutely would be traditional! Washington with uniforms like these poorly executed things the Bucs had in 2014, or the Browns, Titans? No way!
  6. I think you should try to find a way to blend in the football with the pig a lot better. Because right now it's a floating football in front of a pig, so basically two elements that should rather be only one: a pig with a football-shaped body and laces, or a football that looks like a pig. Something like that.
  7. Thanks, KevinJohnsonTheTruth. A roundel should have a certain size compared to the spear, so it should be big enough to visually complement or support it. But then you would have too much unused, negative (burgundy) space inside that roundel; especially for a primary mark.
  8. My only nitpick would be...oh wait...it's perfect!
  9. Thanks, chestnutz! Much appreciated. I have revised the DC football logo – and I think it's pretty good the way it is now. We now have a consistent yellow-gold outline, plus the stars are still recognizable being football laces. Images have been updated. Thanks a lot, miltonANDlumbergh! Happy to read that...
  10. Thanks, OmegaRed! Much appreciated. An extra outline doesn't look good at all. I've already tried it – it looks messy. The reason why these three DC stars are placed the way they're placed, is because they also represent the laces of a football – basically a side view of a football. An outline would always come into conflict with the stars, or vice versa. And making the stars smaller and less prominent, works even less.
  11. Possible, Buc. That's the one that I've found a couple of days ago when looking for that specific one which I still haven't found yet. I remember that the "W" was more modern, not that simplistic, also white with a navy outline (I'm not confusing it with this "A" here). Anyway, this logo is at least one reason why I didn't want to adopt the Washington Monument for my "W".
  12. Agree. The NHL Capitals are R/W/B, same goes for the NBA Wizards, and the MLB Nats. As much as I like this color combination, it would be a massive visual overdose for Washington sports fans. Washington looks great in all-white, but they look superb with burgungy jerseys and yellow-gold pants (my favorite).
  13. Thanks, LogoFan. The "W" in the partial logo needs to have a flat instead of a pointy bottom because the outlines would enhance that pointy effect tremendously. I corrected the placement of the "W" inside the white cirlce in the primary mark, and revised the "W" a bit here and there. Images have been updated.
  14. Thanks, JMTexasn09. When designing a logo package, I always seek consistency in terms of colors, outlines, line width, etc. That's why I chose yellow-gold as an outline color for alll logos. Because a yellow-gold outline around the primary logo really pops on that metallic-burgundy helmet. The DC football logo with a white outline would break that consistency. The reason why these three DC stars are placed the way they're placed, is because they also represent the laces of a football. An outline would always come into conflict with the stars, or vice versa. I also prefer the red-on-white version since the flag's stars and stripes are red (in the case of the Warriors, they're burgundy).
  15. Thanks a lot, SNBSlugger. I know for sure that I have already seen a "W" with the Washington Monument as the middle part, but I just can't recall where I've stumbled upon it. It is (rather "was") a professional or semi-professional inactive sports logo, or, and this is more likely, that very gimmick was already used by some designer here or on Behance, Dribbble, etc. Anyway, I didn't want to adopt it, so I chose a different, more complex shape for the "W" that you usually can find in older serif typefaces that radiates grace, dignity, or wisdom. So I came up with this "W".
  16. The Washington Redskins have to change their name – and no one should ask why. This very word has always been utterly racist, therefore degrading, and historically absolutely unambiguous. Welcome the new Washington Warriors, a team with a name that owner Dan Snyder has suggested in the mid 2000's. Colors remain unchanged – except for black, a supporting color – was dropped. UPDATE: DC Football logo now has a consistent yellow-gold outline.
  17. I personally would clean up their current logo – colors, outline, 3D-beveling – whatever we could talk about, in order to get rid of that bland and outdated chrome look. You could also try making the blade becoming the O's inner part. I just don't know whether the length of the stick might end up being too short in order to recognize it as a (hockey) stick in the end. I'd just try out and see what happens.
  18. The original logo makes a lot of sense because the hockey stick creates a separation that makes the viewer read an "O" for "Outliers, and a "U" for "Utah", which is a pretty simple, clever gimmick. Your logo doesn't deliver that anymore. Right now, the hockey stick looks like a hasty afterthought. Therefore the entire logo doesn't look homogeneous. The hockey stick should at least be angular, so that its shape matches the black inner part of the "O" in terms of parallelism.