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  1. I love this design concept! You're a true artist, Philip! No doubt! The Chicago Bulls (un)officially have their modernized logo! Simply beautiful! Kudos! 10/10!
  2. Really? I don't get your comment. How about this official New Era cap here?
  3. I am a big fan of this logo concept. 1.) I would prefer the round nose ring instead of the angular one because I don't think it looks out of place compared to the rest of the logo. But that's just a matter of taste one could discuss for several hours. 2.) I like the addition of baby blue as a third color and I immediately got your intention. But I'd be pretty interested to see this logo with cool gray instead of baby blue. I just think it would look better, more serious, like @Dilomski already mentioned. Could you post the primary logo using gray? 3.) I don't really like the blocky secondary logos, except the bull head from the side view. Try using a round basketball and leave the horns angularly. This would consequently mean that the "C" surrounding the ball should be round as well. Quite frankly, I don't know how that would look in comparison with the rest of the concept. 4.) I love the "Windy City" script. I wouldn't necessarily say that it doesn't fit with the rest of your concept. 5.) Pretty good wordmark, too. Nice font, no generic stuff. All in all, 9/10! Great work! Kudos!
  4. Geez! What is this all about?
  5. Outlines are essential. The thicker, the better (in most cases). But you've deleted it. Therefore it's no enhancement. It's rather at least two steps back. It just looks unfinished and unpolished.
  6. Congratulations! It looks awesome. But I think it's too detailed to become an NFL logo. It's too realistic, like a really great drawing. But I think it would fail to become a primary or even secondary logo for any NFL team – because of the aforementioned reasons. Apart from that, I wish I was just one-tenth as talented as you are in terms of drawing. Kudos!
  7. The 2014 logos say "TOURAMENT" – the "N" is missing. Apart from that, I really prefer the color version – mostly because the chrome version doesn't look like chrome at all. But the color version looks pretty good to me. I would just use the semi-bold Gill Sans (?) instead of the (normal) font that you have used. Would probably look better, but not really sure myself.
  8. I specially like the cap logo. Simple, but original. Good color scheme, always works. I just would have spaced out "ORLANDO" a little (primary and secondary logo), so it looks like that: O R L A N D O Apart from that: I like that design. Definitely an upgrade compared to the original and pretty lame logo!
  9. Thank you! Court and uniform concepts will follow within the next couple of weeks...
  10. Thanks. I've already tried that out, but the shape of the state of Texas in combination with the script, the position of the spur and the location of San Antonio on the map won't match in a way that it eventually looks decently in terms of proportions. I could never place the spur in the actual location of San Antonio without the "Spurs" script looking completely misplaced. But the idea is a very good one – just impossible to put into practice. At least with this concept.
  11. The referees uniform comparison hits the nail on the head! I don't like this color neither. P.S.: Your design is fresh and clean. I like it!
  12. Thanks a lot for your help. I already used Photo Bucket yesterday but I did something wrong when using the Direct link on CCSL.net. Don't know what it exactly was... LOL
  13. Finally here is my logo concept for the San Antonio Spurs (primary, secondary, tertiary logo and wordmark logos). I like their current one but I think they should modernize it – at least a little. So, that's how I would have done it... Primary logo Secondary logo Tertiary logo Primary wordmark logo Secondary wordmark logo
  14. I prefer your version of Verizon Center. I like the use of the alternate logo there!