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  1. Michael Weinstein did a great job on that logo and wordmark. In other words: you should at least inform us that the logo which is being used in your work is not from you.
  2. Arizona looks great, no doubt! But Cleveland looks almost like a carbon copy of NCAA's Bethune-Cookman Wildcats primary logo.
  3. Thanks, SNBSlugger. Much appreciated. I've chosen a bright, loud green, since I absolutely dislike that muddy and dark shade that they're currently using. In my view, accent colors can and should pop sometimes, especially when most colors within a scheme are dark and/or lowly saturated.
  4. Thanks, vtgco! I don't think it's too bright. It's a loud color, but since it's just an accent color on uniforms, it's okay to me. I like some strong color contrast. Thanks, Greg. I've removed the outline. Images have been updated. Think it looks better now! Thanks, Zeus. If I had to create uniforms (but I won't), I would only use the bear's head with that green outline.
  5. An almost six-month old project that I haven't even posted here thus far: new grizzly, new colors, new identity for the ECHL's Utah Grizzlies.
  6. Thank you, Pengin. Much appreciated! A complete set of five Nike uniforms (Association, Icon, Statement, City, Throwback) will be posted next week.
  7. Thanks a lot, WarriorFight. I totally agree about your three teams that need some rebranding badly asap. The Clippers previous identity looked kind of baseballish because of the script. Yet, it was a unique identity, even though it wasn't the most creative one at all. But, compared to what they have now, it has looked lightyears better. OKC's mark is a joke that most of us have gotten used to. But what about the Brooklyn Nets? It will always look like some clipart – which is definitely not a good thing. Their uniforms look fine to me, but they need a complete logo package overhaul, since they have the cheesiest, most amateurish set in the entire league. I also don't dislike Indiana's identity a bit. Yet, I never liked their roundel logo which, under Nike, has become their (international) primary mark. I just always thought that the "P" inside that circle is too small. Plus, it doesn't help that it's a cursive letter, which in my view makes the whole thing look even more clumsy, amateurish, and like a last minute thought. Their "P" looks good, clean and totally fine to me as a stand-alone mark, but I just don't like the fact that they've put it in the middle of a circle.
  8. Just a note about the new color scheme: I decided to give the Pacers a more bluish, more saturated navy, a color that looks more like the one that the Pacers have used during their famous and highly popular Reggie Miller era in the 1980's and 1990's. It would definitely make a visual difference during televised games. Yet, I wanted to avoid them looking too much like the Golden State Warriors, so the new shade is also not too saturated, and not almost royal blue. In order to separate them even more from the uber-team from Oakland, their shade of gold is now a touch warmer than before – since I like this kind of yellow/gold very much. Silver is mainly functioning as an accent color in logos and uniforms, but, again to avoid looking too much like the Warriors primary court, it is much more prominent in the alternate court design.
  9. "Only" because of its very significant socio-historical context, you have aroused my interest.
  10. Thanks a lot, Greg. I've now enlarged the checkered pattern in all logos, except for the roundel. The squares are now almost twice as large as before. I think it should work this way. Images have been updated. Thanks a lot, Shadojoker. Much appreciated! Thank you, chapper. Yes, a complete set of uniforms and court designs – sometime in July.
  11. Thanks, NicDB. As stated above, there will be uniforms sometime next month.
  12. Thanks a lot, vtgco. I understand what you mean when you're talking about logos like this one being used at smaller sizes. But my reply to that is: so what? ? Logos aren't primarily designed to look good or great at small or tiny sizes. They're primarily designed to look good at bigger sizes, namely on courts or fields, on uniforms, clothes, merchandise, during animated graphics on television, in printed publications like sports magazines or books, etc. The most important technical requirement on a logo is its easy reproducibility at smaller sizes, but not really if a logo still looks good or great when it's for instance printed or displayed on a device in a microscopic size, as it was depicted in your post. I chose this size of the squares in that checkered pattern for one reason: it's eventually the cleanest look, since most squares, white and black, inside that quarter oval are completely visible, instead of being covered by the navy seam lines, to eventually end up with too many tiny spots of white or black left, which would clutter up the overall look. A basketball inside the "P" wouldn't look good, since the letter is a square blockletter with a checkered pattern, but the ball is round. To me, that'd be a no-go. It doesn't harmonize. Thanks a lot, SplashBoogie. 1) I tried to explain to @vtgco why the checkered flag pattern looks like that. 2) Nope – not in my case. Motion lines are ALWAYS behind the object, means that motion lines also somehow represent the past if you will. A drawn flying plane has its motion lines always behind the wings, behind the tail section. My Pacers-P initial logo moves from right to left, with motion lines behind it, to its right. The Lakers primary logo for example has its motion lines to the letter's left, since the "LAKERS" wordmark moves from left to right in front of a stagnant basketball. About the color silver: I chose to not drop it, since I also as a consequence had to drop the whole ABA basketball idea (three colors – white, blue, red). Since the checkered parts also include white, I had to stick to silver in order to eventually have three colors – gold, checkered, silver. Why not navy? It just doesn't look good at all to use navy for that basketball. Plus, it's somehow apposite to the Indy/motorsports theme, since silver is comparable to chrome.
  13. A complete set of uniforms, plus court designs, will follow in July.
  14. I have done that before. The "B" looks terribly distorted and almost like an "8".
  15. I don't need to try it, since you wouldn't recognize the logo as "SF" anymore. You're mistakenly taking the outlined "S" and "F" for three-dimensional letters, which they're not. That's why I'm saying that both letters are on one level, regardless whether the one letter has outlines crossing the other letter or not. The only three-dimensional part of my logo is the three-dimensional "shadow" behind/underneath the initials.
  16. Thanks, WavePunter/tigers. I haven't tried that out because I wanted to avoid just that. In my design, both letters are on the same level, while in the original logo the "S" is placed on top of the "F".
  17. Wouldn't look good at all, and it wouldn't really make sense, since the logo will be placed on a metallic gold helmet anyway. Compared to a dark gold outline, it very likely would look better with a white border – at least on helmets.
  18. Draft B | Use of current shade of darker scarlet and no drop shadows Draft C | Use of lighter shade of scarlet and gold 3-D drop shadows
  19. Thanks, HRC4. I don't know what display device you're using when looking at my logo, since cell phones have never been the most reliable device when it's about correct color display in general. The color contrast, as it is displayed on my calibrated computer screen, is perfectly fine. I could even remove the black drop shadow without reducing it too much. Thanks, Jake3.roo. My drop shadows aren't two- but three-dimensional, plus the font's outline is now gold instead of black. In terms of the use of drop shadows, I think you can't compare the two designs anymore, since the original logo has initials that are outlined in black AND have that very superfluous, outdated 2-D drop shadow of the same coloration, while my logo uses a 3-D drop shadow in black to enhance color contrast. What I'm trying to say is that my drop shadows, whether you like or hate them, at least make a lot more sense than the one that's being used in the original mark which looks just tacky and absolutely superfluous. However, I will post one or two drafts that I have in mind right now.