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  1. Not an innaccuracy, but in NCAA March Madness 08 if you do throwback uniforms, sometimes they come up as short shorts barely making it to the thigh.
  2. For the Bulls you could fill up more space on the shorts by making the stars larger and stacking them on top of each other vertically. I really like the hardwood pattern for Boston (especially the green one), but I sense that there are too many patterns filling side panels.
  3. The number placement is different. The first set has staggered numbers, the second has even numbers, and the third has no numbers. By that, do you mean the original? Oh my goodness I must be blind! I liked the one without the numbers the best, but the one you used was my second choice. Looking at it a second time I love the use of cream for Omaha. It reminds me of the covering of the prairie schooners. You did a really good job coming up with the history for the Shearmen. How long does it take you to come up with the history for each of these teams? I like the minor use of red for the Shearmen to differentiate from the Pirates. Good Work.
  4. To me I only see 2 uniforms posted 3 times. I must not be able to see anything right now. Both of the alternates that I see look good though. I especially like how Colorado turned out. Great series so far! Looking forward to the rest of it.
  5. I think that the original script looks fine. I can definately see where you guys are coming from though. Maybe if you just curve the top right part of the left side of the d down a little bit it would get rid of that effect.
  6. These look really good. I especially love... well I can't choose; probably Houston since I have always thought that they would be better off with more red and a white helmet. I also love what you did with Jacksonville, I personally think that they use too much black and that they should emphasize teal and gold more. I think that Tennessee looks much more solid with the new helmet logo and the loss of the yolks. Good Job! The only complaint I have is that I think that the Colts would look better with either a blue or a white facemask instead of gray.
  7. Honestly i thought that was yellow. however its a Yay from me Yellow? Anyone else seeing this problem? It looks orange to me. I also see yellow, though it's a dark mustardy yellow-gold.
  8. Tampa Bay is amazing and I really love the pattern on the Bills' shoulders.
  9. I really like how you put the team's logo mowed into the outfield. These all look really good, Iowa is my favorite.
  10. That Notre Dame one looks really cool. I once heard that it was covered in gold, but I didn't see an up close, so I couldn't really tell to what degree. Now, with that pic it really looks like there is a lot of gold on that helmet.
  11. The idea for the spider-web is really clever, can't wait for the Big XII.
  12. KU's basketball team only wore their uniforms that had blue shoulders on the white jersey (whish wasn't worn again after we lost to San Diego State at home; our "chalk" and "phog" unis were unveiled then) and red shoulders on the blue jerseys. I hope the same goes for the ones we have this year, in my opinion they are absolutely awful. *EDIT* Hey, I just realized that today is my one year anniversary of being a member of this site. YAY!
  13. I love cycling and watching le tour de france every summer and just to let you know there is a big pocket on the back of the jersey to hold numerous water bottles in for your teammates and it displays your number on the outside of it and you might also want to add a hemet but other than that it is great.
  14. I don't have a pic, but the Royals only played the Washington Senators 34 times over the course of 3 years.
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