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  1. On 4/21/2018 at 2:28 PM, Shumway said:


    Somewhere at my parents house, there's a Starting Lineup figure of this guy in this uniform.


    (I couldn't find a video of "Nobody knows who Von Hayes is!" from It's Always Sunny, but if I could, it'd be here.)


  2. 10 hours ago, DiePerske said:

    I like it too, but I think the current balance is good. Smiling bird for the caps and most everything, but the ornithologically correct bird for the primary logo. 

    Wish they'd sell more merchandise with it though. 

    While it would be a bit mis-matched, I wouldn't remind seeing the realistic bird return as a sleeve logo with the smiling bird as the cap logo.


  3. Just because the current set is a trainwreck doesn't mean we have to give this uniform all the love in the world:



    The colors are dull and outdated (from an era where it seemed like everyone had to tone down colors and used the blandest shade they could find).


    It's like if the Anaheim Ducks made the switch from their 2007 Stanley Cup uniforms to something much more horrendous, and everyone clamoring for the old look and claiming it's the best they've ever looked.

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