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  1. Pat Hughes - Giants
  2. Here's another. Giants and Chargers 2005. Only time this one happened:
  3. 1998 Giants and Broncos. The only time these 2 sets met up:
  4. I had Marquette season tickets for 3 years and they would normally wear the whites in the non-conference portion of their schedule.
  5. Not a huge fan of the home whites either. I'm holding out hope for the gold alt set.
  6. No. According to their equipment manager the Giants are in blue this week: Joseph Skiba ‏@JosephSkiba Aug 14 FYI: Blue game jerseys this week in Buffalo. @giantspathanlon @giantswfan
  7. Brandon Jennings' attempt at Photoshop. He tweeted this yesterday
  8. Raised helmet logos for the Dodgers. Ugh...
  9. Lukas said it's a fairly small thing so I wouldn't get your hopes up for anything major.
  10. Giants Vikings Saints 49ers Bills Steelers Colts Raiders
  11. Sign me up. There were so many cool designs from the WHA. I'm sure the teams that came over in the merge could throw back. I'm not sure who owns the rights to the teams that folded.
  12. Prior to tomorrow night's game, the only time the Giants have ever worn white against the Dolphins was 2007 in London:
  13. So much better than what they both wear now.
  14. Are you sure about the Knicks? I thought they were going to wear a 1950s throwback this year. If you are (potentially) counting Christmas uniforms , then I would count throwbacks, too. They wore them last month against Charlotte
  15. I believe the last several years more often than not the Giants have beaten the Cowboys wearing their regular home "blue" jerseys, and a few times in the 80s when the Giants force the Cowboys to wear their "blue" jerseys for a road game, it backfired. I think the Giants are one of the very few teams that don't believe in the Cowboys' "blue jersey" curse. The Giants wore white at home against the Cowboys every year from 1980-87. They went 5-3 in those games.