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  1. Got bored? Or stole my ideas? Didn't say it was my idea, just made these into an actual image so we could actually see it.
  2. Houston Astros, Shooting Star (1965-1970, reversed colors through 1974): Golden State Warriors, The City (1969-1971): Tampa Bay Bucs, Creamsicles (1976-1996):
  3. Got bored and did the AFC if they this sort of thing with the NFL logo. Some of 'em could certainly use different color schemes.
  4. The Houston Rockets made a total upgrade when they went from this abomination (1995-2003): to this (2003-present):
  5. So what's up with all of those white stains on the cap? I've noticed more players wearing this look lately.
  6. Looks like Houston will be wearing almost the same gear from last season: Not sure if they're going to bring the grays back (although they really should, minus the side panels):
  7. Would love to be able to go back to the classic satin dugout jackets, but will probably never happen.
  8. The Astros cap is an abomination! They could've AT LEAST taken out the original logo star, and used that stupid star. If they were intent on keeping the same logo, they could've colored the original logo star with that stars and stripes nonsense... just not both. Dear..lord...not both.
  9. They never did wear orange socks last year. It's a great new look when they do. I still think their primary home look should be white jersey/orange caps, sleeves and socks. Save the solid navy cap for the road only. Definitely agree about the orange being primary. Orange socks update was documented on page 115. Now they just need batting helmet alternates.