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  1. Henry good, looks like a nikeized Denver nuggets
  2. Love the Browns, just think the font of the numbers is bad. Personally I think that it should be some sort of generic font like they have now
  3. Well, that's news to me. That's awesome.As for me, it may not br a small detail, exactly, but I really like the Flyers' nameplates. Well liked in Philadelphia. Also, a little detail I love is the blue stars in the Phillies wordmark. Keeps the "usa/liberty" feel in the team. http://thephilanews.s3.amazonaws.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/04/2013-Phillies-Season-Begins-On-PHL17.jpg
  4. A simple background is nice. I like the one you used for the white sox. simple but it's also not boring. As for the uniforms, excellent work
  5. Philadelphia would be nice to see as well... And very good, just wish Baltimore had more orange... At least that'd be a third kid
  6. Baltimore needs more orange. They are the only AL team with orange, it must be used to differentiate themselves
  7. Thanks so much! Favorite college to favorite team it's awesome... Both look great! I phone wallpaper! Which one do you like better? Personally I think the black one doesn't look as good as the gold one, but the black one might look better as an iPhone wallpaper.I'd say I think using that picture, the fact Robinson is in blue I think the teal and black should switch. I hate this gold they brought in... That's why I suggested change.very very good they look awesome all of them
  8. Thanks so much! Favorite college to favorite team it's awesome... Both look great! I phone wallpaper!
  9. They are all good. I'd say make the Jaguars teal on black instead of that gold color. I personally like the teddy bridge water one, I think the colors pop well. Great work!
  10. Allen robinson to the Jaguars pleeeaasseee?
  11. Pick out the ones you made because they are so good I can't tell which is which!
  12. I always loved the sens number font, and I like how you kept it. Plus the coyotes should've switched to that set when they "moved to" Arizona from phoenix
  13. Flyers need the white nameplates. It looks awkward without them
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