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  1. The red is actually the exact shade the Seattle group is using in all their promos and media. I wanted to utilize that color in atleast one of my concepts. I actually had more blue, but then the blue becomes the center of attention and I didn't want that, I wanted it more to be an accent. I think a better solution to the problem reading Seatle, is outlining the two halfs of the plane individually. I may try that. Edit: here it is with a bit more seperation so that it read Seattle. Personally I don't read it as Seatle, but of course there is bias as I worked on the logo.
  2. Added Seattle Pilots. LMK your thoughts! Hopefully will get Rainiers started and done soon.
  3. Thank you! Appreciate it. As for the names, I just struggle to do anything with emeralds. I have some ideas for Rainiers and might make a logo for that name, probably my next one after I finish working on the name Pilots. Renegades has been done by multiple teams in the past and doesn't fit well with Seattle, personally not a fan.
  4. Odd, I see that on my phone, but on my laptop the pictures load Edit: should be fixed now.
  5. Hey everyone, haven't use these boards in a while but wanted some feedback on some concepts I've been working on. I've finished 4 potential names for the new Seattle team and wanted to see what everyone thinks. I also would like to know what other names I should tackle as well as seeing what other names people think are realistic for the owners to choose. 1. Seattle Kraken This name probably won't be used, but it's the first logo I made for the team, so I've been working on it for while and still wanted to share. 2. Seattle Sockeye I think this is the most realistic name for the team, It's well liked by most people. My issue is do the people of Seattle want a fish as their mascot? 3. Seattle Totems One of my favourite logos I've made in while. The problem with this name is people will and have called it cultural appropriation. Nonetheless, could be a cool brand IMO. 4. Seattle Sasquatch I've always liked this name, it's unique, and can make for a cool logo. Notice I've added mount Rainier in the logo. I think this name is probably a long shot but who knows. 5. Seattle Pilots Next up is a concept for the Pilots, a name with some ties and history to the city. It was used for an old baseball team, hence why I was inspired to do a script logo. People probably won't like that, but I'm trying to be creative and different from the rest of the NHL. I also made a primary logo (lines need a bit of cleaning up, but I don't want to spend too much time on this name), which is a propellor in the shape of an S. The name is again a long-shot, but one of my favourites and sounds like an NHL name. The problem is that it is very similar to JETS, and again ties more to baseball history than hockey. Thanks in advance!
  6. Yeah it seems like the bottom one is the best but not for the name. I agree with everyone's comment. That's pretty cool chris, unless you don't like dead people Ahaha. And I'll work on a secondary with a scythe or something
  7. Thanks. It's not my team. Someone else's. They just wanted me to make them a logo. But I agree with you
  8. I'd love to hear what everyone thinks and which version they prefer The team is called the death dealers.
  9. RoughRider...Although the official "VegasWantsHockey" group featured this poll on their website, the list was actually a collection of suggestions put forward by the Las Vegas Sun. You can find the list and vote on your favourite here...LAS VEGAS NHL TEAM NAMES. The options were...Aces...Black Knights...Scorpions...Mustangs...Miners...Monsoon(?) "Scorpions" are, right now, a solid 3rd in popularity. Christian...Great look! Thanks sparky, the reason I went with scorpion is because there are quite a few concepts for the top two names, including yours. So I went with scorpions.
  10. Las Vegas Announced 6 possible team names that they will let fans vote on. Silver BUllets was not included so I had to create a new concept for the team. I chose scorpions. Here it is: Jerseys will come soon after I get some feedback
  11. I do notice now it might've come off as harsh. I know it's tough when you get critisme when it's not really constructive, trust me I've had a lot. I just really think your concept would go from 5/10 to 8/10 if all the small details we mentioned were fixed in those 5-8hours. I know it's possible. I'm also Canadian so .. Sorreh.
  12. Just copy paste the hem stripes and use them for the arms, it doesn't take a professional graphic designer to do it. Sorry if it's harsh, but like you said if you don't put in as much time in your concepts, the comments will reflect it.
  13. The font needs to be changed, it looks like a preset Microsoft word font. And I do agree the rounded can look nice, but in this case it just doesn't do it for me. And I second what morgo said about the thickness of the stripes.
  14. No you're not, I actualy did the Halifax schooners in my expansion series. And was inspired by the atlantic schooners. As for the concept the arms are to bare, and the font is to thin.