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  1. OBJs girlfriend posted a picture with a browns helmet with a new and updated gray face mask. It doesnt look like a pre 2015 helmet the orange still still more brught. Take with a grain of salt. Just a small observation. Found the picture on brownswave on instagram
  2. We love Deep Ellum in Dallas so much cool stuff we even have beer named after it. Ive got a pretty good feeling about this one
  3. I think a gray uniform with Spurs on the front not San Antonio or the Spur logo would look nice with fiesta accents on the collar arm holes and sides of the jerseys would look good. Cant imagine an entire jerset being feista though
  4. Supreme is working with Nike to make customized officially lisenced NBA jerseys. Anyone have any more details on that or what they will look like? I saw on DJ Khaleds snapchat of him customzing his own nba jerseys in the “nike lab” a few weeks ago. Some had different color ways on different jerseys, for example he had customized a Miami Heat jersey with Miami hurricanes colors
  5. Will there be alternative jerseys as well for this league redesign? And I think a blue or orange could help create a better identity for the Bucks since green is commonly associated with the Celtics as mentioned earlier, other than that the Bucks look great! Cant wait to see what you have in store for the Cavs!
  6. It is a damn shame you arent the entire 49ers design team.
  7. The NBA needs a lot of work, all the uniforms need to be updated with the NBA logo on the back and add the gold tags to the teams that feature one for the previously won championships. The new Atlanta Hawks uniforms need to be added, along with the new PacMan logo, and their new PacMan court. The new road Boston Celtic uniform, the sleeved St. Patricks Day uni, and the mental illness that is their pride uniform need to be uploaded. The Charlotte Hornets new uniforms need to be uploaded. The Cleveland Cavaliers need the navy uniform they played against the Hawks in a few seasons back as well as their new navy alternate they are wearing this year. They also need the court they used during 10/11-11/12 as well as the new court for this season. The Dallas Mavericks need the new 15/16 uniforms uploaded although I'm not sure if you plan to wait until next season to upload those. The Golden State Warriors need their new 'slate' uniform uploaded. The Los Angeles Lakers need their atrocious sleeved Hollywood Nights uniforms added. The Miami Heat need the MIAMI script road uniforms added as they no longer wear the black road uniforms that say HEAT. The Milwaukee Bucks primary logo needs to be updated. It says BUCKS not BuckS, along with their road and home uniforms. The Minnesota Timberwolves need their sleeved black uniform uploaded. The New Orleans Pelicans need their red alt. uniform added. The New York Knicks orange alt. now has a blue NOB rather than a white NOB. The Orlando Magic need their silver/grey sleeved pride uniform added. The Portland Trailblazers need the sleeved Rip City uniform added. The Sacramento Kings new uniforms for this season need to be added. The San Antonio Spurs need the sleeved and non-sleeved cameo uniforms added. I believe the Jazz had a slight change in uniform this year as well. I think something extremely minor changed colors. The Washington Wizards no longer have the stripe on the back side of their home and road uniforms and they need the new blue alt. uniform added. The BIG Color christmas uniforms from 2012 need to be added along with the disease that was last years Christmas uniforms. The sleeved and non sleeved Latin Nights uniforms need to be added.
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