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  1. OBJs girlfriend posted a picture with a browns helmet with a new and updated gray face mask. It doesnt look like a pre 2015 helmet the orange still still more brught. Take with a grain of salt. Just a small observation. Found the picture on brownswave on instagram
  2. We love Deep Ellum in Dallas so much cool stuff we even have beer named after it. Ive got a pretty good feeling about this one
  3. I think a gray uniform with Spurs on the front not San Antonio or the Spur logo would look nice with fiesta accents on the collar arm holes and sides of the jerseys would look good. Cant imagine an entire jerset being feista though
  4. Supreme is working with Nike to make customized officially lisenced NBA jerseys. Anyone have any more details on that or what they will look like? I saw on DJ Khaleds snapchat of him customzing his own nba jerseys in the “nike lab” a few weeks ago. Some had different color ways on different jerseys, for example he had customized a Miami Heat jersey with Miami hurricanes colors
  5. I think you have a good idea to create consistancy between the logo and uniforms but the CavalierS you put on the font doesnt resemble what is on the jerseys. The jerseys word mark are curved and there isnt that major of a size difference on the wordmarks. The sword might look better if it was vertical rather than horizontal like on the sword C logo and the basketball for some reason reminds me of basketballs used on Clippers concepts. I love the idea to create consistancy and i think this is a good base.
  6. Will there be alternative jerseys as well for this league redesign? And I think a blue or orange could help create a better identity for the Bucks since green is commonly associated with the Celtics as mentioned earlier, other than that the Bucks look great! Cant wait to see what you have in store for the Cavs!
  7. A Cleveland Browns theres always next year would be nice lol
  8. It is a damn shame you arent the entire 49ers design team.
  9. These are nice but its lacking some stuff. Try having the home say Grizzlies, make the striping go all the way down the shorts, the alt shouldnt look remotely similar to the Christmas jerseys I dont care the reasoning why it just doesnt work on an NBA uniform. Adding the yellow would be better if it was used for very subtle accents or maybe even make the yellow a metallic gold.
  10. Did anyone else notice the Browns uniforms during the first round of the draft? The NOB was a creme color instead of orange on the brown jersey, obviously the reasoning is because they put the name on there just minutes before and the exact orange probably isn't available. It does show how much better a white NOB would have looked though..
  11. Weird how the NBA League Pass app already has the Wizards logo updated to the new one but the Cavaliers court used in the app is from 2 seasons ago. I'm about to check if the Bucks logo has been updated too. Nothing crazy, just weird how only certain things get updated..
  12. The jerseys are decent and could have been better. I literally cannot think of a logical explanation as to why the decided to write Browns on the pants. That might actually be the worst thing to write on pants legs. That being said, its still a trillion times better than Jacksonvilles helmet and Tampa Bays number font. 3.75/5 stars IMO.
  13. The OKC alt would look a trillion times better if the lighter blue on the wordmark, the NOB, and the numbers were white. Other than that, I love the concepts!
  14. The new TCU monochrome uniforms looks like pajamas.
  15. These look great! The only things I would change is putting the Toronto script on the road and possibly the number font. Other than that, fantastic work!