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  1. You think? Well take a look at this:, and i've actually agree with the list that LCS hockey has put. Let's think about it. While he did had great numbers, but most of greatness took place in Edmonton. He didn't put up specatular numbers like he did in Edmonton when he was with LA, St. Louis, and New York. He was a shell of former self when he reached those hights..
  2. "is all along the watchtower" What do you mean by that?

  3. Thanks for letting me know. I'm new to this site. No there is not. But I put in the right section this time. Can somebody delete this? HotWheelsdude, the thread a lot of us have been using is the thread named "2014-15 NHL Jersey/Logo Changes". In that thread, we talk about all the new NHL jerseys that are released as well as any jersey news that makes its way around the NHL Jersey Grapevine. I hope that helps! Thanks it really helps.
  4. Like any Dodger fan would want to have them survive close games against the Cardinals, you know, the freaking "Freddy Krueger Trollbirds of St. Louis, Missouri!" I don't want a repeat of those close, chess matches of last year's NLCS, where virtually every God-damn little bounce went the Cardinals way. Just a sickening, horrible feeling. Lots of team offense with the bullpen doing its work is fine by me (hopefully Ryu is healthy enough to be the 3rd starter). I know the Cardinals have the best bullpen, but how threatening is the Cardinals lineup? Besides, one of these days the Cardinals will take a early playoff exit.
  5. You're dead to me. I don't hate the Chicago Blackhawks. I'm just saying that the Cardinals will be taking the same path as the Blackhawks. Because both teams defeated their LA counterparts.
  6. My predictions: AL Wild Card Game Oakland Athletics 6, Kansas City Royals 0: The Royals lack experience even with Shields there. NL Wild Card Game San Francisco Giants 2, Pittsburgh Pirates 3: The Giants have a questionable Lineup. American League Divisional Series Baltimore Orioles over Detroit Tigers 3-1: The Orioles Lineup is better then the Tigers. Besides, sooner or later the Tigers will get an early playoff exit. Oakland Athletics over Anaheim Angels (That's what l like to call them) 3-2: Experince will be the deciding factor as the A's will finally win their first series since 2006 National League Divisional Series Los Angeles Dodgers over St. Louis Cardinals 3-0: The Dodgers should follow the same script as this years NHL's LA Kings as the Cardinals will be playing the role of the Chicago Blackhawks. The Cardinals lineup will be it's undoing as the Dodgers will get revenge from last year's championship loss. Washington Nationals over Pittsburgh Pirates 3-1: The Nationals pitching staff will shutdown the Pirates. They also have a soild lineup. American League Championship Series Oakland Athletics over Baltimore Orioles 4-2: The Orioles will need more playoff seasoning before they can go to the World Series as they will stopped by Oakland's Defense. National League Championship Series Los Angeles Dodgers over Washington Nationals 4-2: Like the Orioles, the Washington Nationals don't have enough experince to win the series as the Dodgers will go to the World Series for the first time in 26 years. 2014 World Series Los Angeles Dodgers over Oakland Athletics 4-3: This should be a great World Series. This series has game seven written all over it. However, Oakland's bullpen will be it's undoing as the Dodgers reach their goal.
  7. Thanks for letting me know. I'm new to this site. No there is not. But I put in the right section this time. Can somebody delete this?
  8. Hey Chris Creamer, thanks for crating one of the best Sports websites in history along with the forums. There are no words to describe how extraordinary the website is..

  9. The Washington Capitals revealed the jerseys for the 2015 Winter Classic when they play against the Chicago Blackhawks The jerseys are putrid! I can't even describe how bad it is.
  10. One of the greatest players in Philadelphia 76ers history, Caldwell Jones died yesterday of a heart attack.
  11. The problem is basketball is not nearly as exciting and the season is way too long, plus everybody makes the playoffs making a regular season game hum drum. The NFL's popularity is based on a few things. First football is exciting and thrilling yadda yadda yadda. What makes it so popular is the season is short 16 games, going any more would be a mistake. This makes every game important and adds to the intensity. Less than half the league makes the playoffs, so getting one of six spots is a season long battle. NBA, NHL, MLB they have games nearly every night you miss a game here or there you lose a game here or there its just a game. Most NFL games are on Sunday its a day off you can watch it for 12 hours and be entertained all day. Especially watching the red zone. Betting on football is easy and straight forward, compared to the NBA, NHL and MLB. The NBA game has dead moments runs here and there and it is not until the last five minutes does the game really get interesting. The NHL may be able to open a door here, but they cant seem to do anything right marketing wise. The NHL is tight and exciting through out and every goal is crucial. MLB is the same but its too serene as pastoral to ever truly regain the top spot. Although it will never happen, if I had to choose, it would be the NBA. The Runner-up would be Nascar (even though I don't think it sould be on the list, and it's not part of the big four)
  12. According to who? What do you think the job of "commissioner" actually means? It's not to be well-liked by fans. It's to make the owners more money. Bettman made the NHL a crapton of money and got a salary cap, he's done a fabulous job to the only people that matter. I know what commissioner means, but forcing three lockouts in less then 20 years is just putrid!
  13. I am not too sure that Ziegler was that great, either. For example, he passed up a national US TV deal in the 80's. You could have had Lemieux and Gretzky on almost every weekend, showcasing the top two players in the game. That's true. But, I liked the way he ran the league, and did not cause any problems to the players or the owners. Don't get me wrong, I have to agree with you there. In fact, that would be my only major problem with Ziegler as a commissioner in the NHL.
  14. Agreed. What was wrong with ties? I would love to see winless, and unbeaten streaks (with ties) to comeback.
  15. It's Gary Bettman. He has caused nothing but problems to the league. He forced the players association into three lockouts. Including one the wiped out the whole 2004-05 season. Which is the main reason why the NHL sucks today. He has added a salary cap to each team, removed ties, changed Stanley Cup Presentations, added teams which have poor fan base, and changed up the rules after the 2004-05 season that should have not been changed. I understand that the owners wanted salary caps after teams went into bankruptcy, but's it's unnecessary to include one. He's so bad, that i have to agree with everything that Frank "Tank" Fleming (NJTANK) from Sports E-Cyclopedia said about him. He is the worst commissioner in sports history, and the dumbest man on the planet. The league should have kept John Ziegler until he decides to retire, then find a good commissioner. I don't care what the owners think after the 1992 players strike, they should have not forced John Ziegler to step down. The owners should have regreted on letting Ziegler go from the position. He was the greatest commissioner in NHL history. The NHL governors should have regreted on having Bettman as a commissioner. He should be gone by now after three lockouts that destroyed the league. Better yet, he should have been gone instantly after the third lockout. The NHL will never succeed until he steps down. But, history is history. Do you agree with me? Who do you think is the worst commissioner in sports history?