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  1. Being a Browns fan, this week's match-up looks great. Very classic. Part of me wants to see white at home for the Browns, paired with orange pants of course. But that might just be because they haven't worn white at all this season.
  2. Primary colors (color rush) in Denver when Denver announced their standard orange?
  3. Looks like the Browns are riding the orange pants until they lose...white jerseys, orange pants and brown socks today
  4. https://923thefan.radio.com/articles/cleveland-browns-wear-color-rush-uniforms-against-new-york-jets According to this. Browns will go with the color rush October 7th as well.
  5. The reason l I say week 16 is because it's their final home game and in the past, before these uniforms they've done all brown for the home finale...next question what does everyone think they'll wear in Tampa week 7? Possibly the 3rd color rush week? Or will Tampa be done with white at home at that point in the season?
  6. If Cleveland wears goes with the color rush 3 times and with what we already know. What do you think the most logical games are? My guesses are... Week 3 against the Jets Week 16 against the Bengals If there is a 3rd? What does everyone think? I really don't think we will see the orange alternate. But I also didn't think we would see brown and orange pants. So who knows.
  7. Yeah. My point was that maybe they're going to go with color rush so the Steelers don't wear black in Cleveland. I may be in the minority when I say I don't mind the all white though...But on one hand I still hate seeing Pittsburgh wear black in Cleveland. So torn!!!???
  8. Wonder if it's the Browns going with the color rush...Not a fan of the Steelers wearing their home uniforms in Cleveland...Kind of makes me sick haha!
  9. Not that anyone is surprised, but the Browns in all white again this week. https://923thefan.radio.com/articles/tyrod-taylor-corey-coleman-headline-cleveland-browns-buffalo-bills-preseason-game
  10. It really looks like the Browns are really trying to ditch the brown uniforms. If you remember when they introduced Baker Mayfield and Denzel Ward, they held up white jerseys...
  11. Looks to me that the Brown's season may be white all year minus two or three color rush games...
  12. According to the Panthers schedule, they will be wearing black in Cleveland. Looks like a lot of games in all white for the browns this year. Minus the color rush.
  13. I realize that. Just because they have the brown uniform, doesn't mean they have to wear it hahaha!
  14. Being a Browns fan, I hate being stuck with these horrendous uniforms for two more seasons. I honestly think they should scrap the brown jerseys, orange and brown pants completely. Go all white, minus two or three games where they wear the alternate orange with white pants. Thursday night September 20th would be a good game to break them out. Than one more game later in the season. They play Tampa in October. They still may be wearing white at home. That could be the third time. 2020 can't come soon enough!
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