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  1. Yusss! Gotta get me some new Bucks gear now!

  2. UPDATE: Obviously some of you may have noticed the lack of posts from me recently, and I try to post every now and then over the next 4 days, but it will be minimal because I'll be more concerned about my final exams. I hope you all understand, and thanks as always for the support! (I think I'm going to do like I did for the NC State basketball one for all future college basketball sigs and only include NCAA appearances if they go to Sweet 16 or beyond, sorry bud. Also, reminder that "S" and "T" mean "season" and "tournament") (Sorry for the low quality on the Dukes, that's the best I could find) Thank you so much! This is great, but I have a better pic for the Dukes if you would be okay with changing it, but if not that's okay. The pic is below! Yeah, I could do that for you!
  3. (I'll take your word on these years...) (Reminder that I leave out the NFC Championships if they win the Super Bowl, and your years were the years the games actually happened, not the season) (I think I'm going to do like I did for the NC State basketball one for all future college basketball sigs and only include NCAA appearances if they go to Sweet 16 or beyond, sorry bud. Also, reminder that "S" and "T" mean "season" and "tournament") (Sorry for the low quality on the Dukes, that's the best I could find) Next:1. Philadelphia Eagles with 80's logo (rob4671) 2. Philadelphia Flyers (rob4671) 3. Philadelphia Phillies with 80's logo (rob4671) 4. Seattle Seahawks (MCH925) 5. Washington football (MCH925) 6. San Francisco Giants (TheGiantsFan) 7. Miami Dolphins (TDPhins13) 8. New York Islanders (Coast2CoastAM2006) 9. St. Louis Cardinals (jaker52) 10. Winnipeg Jets (TRoyConcepts) 11. Sporting KC (Wgeddes122) 12. Everton FC (Wgeddes122​) 13. Celtic FC (Wgeddes122​) 14. Bayern Munich (Wgeddes122​) 15. Carolina Hurricanes (Raleigh Panther) 16. Clemson Football (clemsonfan25) 17. Atlanta Braves (clemsonfan25) 18. Kansas Basketball (next_gen_uniforms) 19. Liverpool FC (Dan O'Mac) 20. Los Angeles Dodgers (masterchaoss) 21. Los Angeles Lakers (masterchaoss) 22. Los Angeles Kings (masterchaoss) Again, I can't thank everyone enough for the continuing interest and patience! Hope you enjoy this haul, and thanks for all the compliments so far!
  4. The city of Green Bay's flag has the Packers logo on it, then what? Just a different color scheme Packers clone?
  5. Up Next: 1. Lehigh Football (Dalcowboyfan92) 2. Dallas Cowboys (Dalcowboyfan92) 3. Baltimore Ravens (Thatlaxgoalie) 4. Vancouver Canucks (Thatlaxgoalie) 5. New Mexico Basketball (Jabel777) 6. Albuquerque Isotopes & Dukes (Jabel777) 7. Philadelphia Eagles with 80's logo (rob4671) 8. Philadelphia Flyers (rob4671) 9. Philadelphia Phillies with 80's logo (rob4671) 10. Seattle Seahawks (MCH925) 11. Washington football (MCH925) 12. San Francisco Giants (TheGiantsFan) 13. Miami Dolphins (TDPhins13) 14. New York Islanders (Coast2CoastAM2006) 15. St. Louis Cardinals (jaker52) 16. Winnipeg Jets (TRoyConcepts) 17. Sporting KC (Wgeddes122) 18. Everton FC (Wgeddes122​) 19. Celtic FC (Wgeddes122​) 20. Bayern Munich (Wgeddes122​) 21. USA Lacrosse (Thatlaxgoalie) 22. Carolina Hurricanes (Raleigh Panther) 23. Clemson Football (clemsonfan25) 24. Atlanta Braves (clemsonfan25) Again, since the number on the list is not going down, please be patient, I am only one person. I will be fairly busy the next couple of days, so the production is going to be much slower than it's been, but your patience should be rewarded. I also want to appreciate everyone for their continuing demand for these and nice remarks! If I screw up or you want to change something, always let me know!
  6. (In the Conference champion stars (Southern and ACC), the "S" and "T" stand for "season" and "tournament" respectively) In Progress: 1. Detroit Tigers (nathan8848) 2. Detroit Red Wings (nathan8848) 3. Lehigh Football (Dalcowboyfan92) 4. Dallas Cowboys (Dalcowboyfan92) 5. Baltimore Ravens (Thatlaxgoalie) 6. Vancouver Canucks (Thatlaxgoalie) 7. New Mexico Basketball (Jabel777) 8. Albuquerque Isotopes & Dukes (Jabel777) 9. Philadelphia Eagles with 80's logo (rob4671) 10. Philadelphia Flyers (rob4671) 11. Philadelphia Phillies with 80's logo (rob4671) 12. Seattle Seahawks (MCH925) 13. Washington football (I'm assuming from you existing signature) (MCH925) 14. San Francisco Giants (TheGiantsFan) 15. Miami Dolphins (TDPhins13) 16. New York Islanders (Coast2CoastAM2006) 17. St. Louis Cardinals (jaker52) I'll try to get these done as fast as possible, and I appreciate all the kind remarks and patience from those waiting! I also would like to thank all the people that have only requested one team; you make my life a bit easier. Also, if you use these as your signature, could you guys give me a shout-out or some sort of credit in your signature? Thanks!
  7. Oops! I noticed I forgot a label on the NL Wild Card, so here's a revised one! NL? The Yankees are in the AL You are absolute right, my friend, I'll change that in a jiffy!
  8. Oops! I noticed I forgot a label on the NL Wild Card, so here's a revised one! NL? The Yankees are in the AL You are absolute right, my friend, I'll change that in a jiffy!
  9. I have yet to see the logic in some of Ted's picks, but I suppose it was a good draft, but time will tell... #PackersDraft

  10. Oops! I noticed I forgot a label on the NL Wild Card, so here's a revised one!
  11. Current Queue: -Carolina Panthers (Hornet's Nest Native) -NC State Basketball (Hornet's Nest Native) -Chicago Blackhawks (dwertman) -Detroit Tigers (nathan8848) -Detroit Red Wings (nathan8848) -Lehigh Football (Dalcowboyfan92) -Dallas Cowboys (Dalcowboyfan92) -Baltimore Ravens (Thatlaxgoalie) -Vancouver Canucks (Thatlaxgoalie) -New Mexico Basketball (Jabel777) -Albuquerque Isotopes & Dukes (Jabel777) I will be doing them in that order, and I have been doing them at about 10 per day, so do the math. I should get through all these in a couple days. Please be patient, but still feel free to request more, or give me some C&C on what I'm doing. Thanks again for the overwhelming (in a good way) interest!
  12. You can use the one on the original post for the Bucks...
  13. Ooops! I apparently don't know how divisions work in the NHL, here's a more accurate one: You have no idea the inner turmoil I had making this. Hope you like it! I'm doing a Rangers one as we speak for a previous user, so look there when I post it! Thank you guys so much for all the requests! I'm having a lot of fun making these!
  14. I'm really tempted to say no, but sure, I'll do it! Dude, of course you can use the Packers one, and I'll get your Blackhawks one done after the previous requests! NOTE FOR EVERYONE: If the team you specified has won a league championship, I'm simply going to leave off the corresponding conference championship, because it's implied and it saves space (like I did for the Royals, Hawks, 49ers, and the Packers for that matter). Also, as I get more requests, the time it takes me to finish yours is going to get longer, so be patient, I'm only human! Thank you so much for liking my work enough to request!
  15. If you guys have any issues with these, let me know!
  16. Come on Ted, we don't need any more WR's, we need linemen... #PackersDraft

  17. In the past, I had some signatures that looked like: Where a solid silver/gold star represents a league championship, a hollow silver/gold star represents league runner-up (conference championship), and colored solid star represents a division championship, and a hollow colored represent a wild card (if its significant for the franchise, like the Brewers). If you would like signatures like these with your favorite teams, let me know! Completed: In The Works (In Order of Priority):
  18. RT @nfl: Round 1 - Pick 30 @Packers select Damarious Randall, S, Arizona State. #NFLDraft

  19. I hate seeing it end like this, but it was a great season, @Bucks

  20. Tonight, I'm going to be torn between the @Bucks and the #NFLDraft, but that's what phones are for. #multitask #BucksPlayoffs #PackersDraft

  21. It's fine. I know where you're coming from. I get the urge to help people out with stuff just like you did just now. I went back in search of plenty of stuff while working on Green Bay. I could find nothing. Usually, if there's no logo, I'll go with a helmet stripe, but the Pack lacked even that. I couldn't just leave it blank, though. Now, in the Acme years, of course, they had the iconic uniforms they like throwing back to, the ones with the yellow circle around their numbers. Naturally, though, I didn't want to use a number to represent the entire team, but I also didn't want to leave a blank circle, so I used the interlocking GB they started using in 56 to replace the number with. I had absolutely friggin' nothing for the intervening years, and inspection of their uniforms year by year yielded nothing usable, so I just decided to use the GB as well, simply as a way of saying it was Green Bay. Packers is tough fitting into 13 pixels, and when I first saw your version, it looked like a steamroller or a train engine. XD As for the awards, I did use pins and watched for pre-Commissioner's Trophy baseball, but I had a resource to find awards for the whole league. If you're aware of such awards for the other pre-trophy champs, I don't know if I want to include the watch. It would be a unique thing for the Packers, and may make it look like they won their own special award or weren't competing for the NFL championship with everyone else. By the by, your work does look pretty cool. If it wasn't too hard to put together, you might want to offer your services to everyone else. Ok, now I know where the GB was coming from, and the circle now, thanks for the clarification! I agree the squished Packers does look like a steamroller now that I look at it again (cannot unsee ). The watch thing was just an interesting thing I found, similar to putting rings for baseball like you did, so I'm not offended if you don't use it. If you keep the Packers the way you had them, I'd just say that in 1931, the Pack didn't have the classic circle number unis from 1929-1930 and I think there's some weird shade of green around the G for the ones before the gold ring was added (1961-67). It's funny that you mention my work as good, because I didn't like the lack of space for future years, so I'm making a new signature as I write this mimicking the inside of stadiums where the years are posted. I have the Packers and Brewers done, and I'm working on the Bucks. (Packers and Brewers, let me know what you think: )
  22. I hate to be that guy, but I'm obsessed with the Packers and Packers lore, so I have some suggestions/criticisms. I've liked your sigs for MBurmy and WissX, but I don't think the logos for the Pack in the late 1920's to 1930's is accurate because the interlocking GB logo was introduced in the late 1950's for the coaches hats. And a thing to add is that while the colors are correct for that period for the most part, the Packers did have a kelly green jersey in 1936. My knowledge of Packers history is that the only "logo" the Packers had before the 1960's were various wordmarks and as a result their helmets were just color designs. Also, while there was no trophy for the 1929-31 Packers, pocket watches have surfaced in numerous auctions from player during the champion season which leads me to believe that's what they were given instead. So to make a long reply short, here's my solution/version of the early packers logos with a couple of my own versions of the later logos: Again, I don't want to come of as a dick or anything, I've loved these signature for years without knowing who did them and subsequently making my own. I would also like to know where you found your older logos, because I've never seen the one in the circle before.
  23. What. A. Finish! @Bucks win and stay alive!