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  1. I think the Las Vegas badge would look better without the Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas sign detail. It seems unnecessary and clutters a great design (great colors). As a Las Vegas resident I'm glad you did not go with a gambling theme. I am part of a LV soccer supporters group that used to be called the Atom City Army, but changed it's name once the Lights came to town with the USL.
  2. I like the 1st crest in the 3rd row, but I suggest you match the angle of the diamond with the angle of the tree and it’s reflection. Extend a line along the edge of the tip of the tree. Then move the points on the side of the tree to that line. This would create the V with a more consistent thickness.
  3. The feather looks great. Unfortunately the F looks too much like this clothing line logo (yours is the better application of the F).
  4. I don't think your modifications to the crest were improvements. It was a simple chevron with a dual meaning (both military and mountain). Now it's only a mountain with a disjointed stroke. I always thought the old timey ball in the original crest was its weakest element, but it works better when the ball is the same color as the background. When you changed the ball's color to white it stands out too much. By making the change to the chevron and to "CALGARY", the crest loses any symbolism to the team name of CAVALRY. If you don't like the monochromatic look of the original crest, try changing the chevron to red (along with the black stroke you added in your version). I do really like the away kit. Clean.
  5. The stroke on the crest is inconsistent at its points. Two are pointy and four of them are rounded. Personally I think pointy looks better than rounded in this application. I also think the vertical spacing between the “RAPIDS”, the “C”wave, and the 1996 should be evened out and centered.
  6. Maybe a thicker 'stach or a 'stach that connects as a full beard. GoT reference: The Hound's beard is more intimidating than Littlefinger's beard.
  7. Excellent start! Has a fierce look! Can't wait to see the progress. The top of the head/nose just doesn't have the correct anatomical features. It's hard to describe in words: You have an outward curving forehead rather than an inward curving one. Maybe google a few images to look at the head profile and you'll get what I'm saying. Try to make the curving snout line between the mouth and the horn a straight line. Also end the white highlight about half way between the horn and mouth. You might move the base of the horns together also. Maybe make the ears as if they were rotated facing forward. Like they would be if the rhino was charging.
  8. Keep at it Htown! Snakes are tough. That's why there are so few great snake sports logos. I did a redesign of a Diamondback logo for the high school I work at and it took me nearly a year to get it the way I wanted it. https://desertoasisathletics.com/
  9. The lower jaw of a snake looks nothing like that (almost has a horse head look to it). The body has thickness inconsistency issues as well. It needs to look like a snake in the shape of a D rather than a D that happens to resemble a snake. Sorry - not an improvement on the current logo for me.
  10. The new horn shape seems unnatural! What type of animal would a Viking have removed a horn of that shape from?
  11. I'm a Las Vegas resident and Golden Knights fan. I feel like the light bulbs an stars bring the concept into the minor leagues. I understand what you are trying to do, but when designers try to make concepts "Vegasy" it almost always loses the professional sports look. That "Vegasy" look was fine for the Las Vegas Wranglers back in the day, but I don't think it works for the Knights. One other issue for me is the red outline around the logo. Not enough contrast with the black base of the jersey (ya we call them jerseys in Vegas, I know I know). I kind of like the idea of a black (it's a little LA), but would love to see a gold jersey.
  12. You may need to check the NHFS uniform rules regarding numbers and coloring. I believe the uniform top torso must be a single solid color, front numbers must be at least 4 inches high and centered, and #18 is illegal (number can only use 0s, 1s, 2s, 3s, 4s, and 5s).
  13. I keep seeing a Harry Potter golden snitch rather than a propeller. I think the shape is slightly off. The sharp symmetrical point at the ends are not what a propeller looks like in my mind (or on Google images). I love the arch in the ball though.
  14. I'd switch the shorts and go all green / all white. The knot detail is very nice.
  15. Very nice logo. It has a MiLB quality to it. I agree the front shoulder/leg is too muscular. For a high school logo, you need to reduce the amount of colors from 5+white to 3+white for it to be affordable for the school to reproduce on paper and apparel. The wordmark is strong, but lose the dark red (that will quickly make the logo dated in a few years as shading/beveling/etc go in and out of favor often). Find a happy medium between the dark grey and light grey, and the replace all greys with that one color. It would be nice to see a comparison with and without a pupil in the eye. Some designs need one and some don't. I like it without one, but who knows.
  16. Getting better! Now you will need to play around with the spacing of the stars and angle of the diagonal slash to make better use of the space. One other thing that draws my eyes away from the rest of the design is the mountain peaks. They seem tilted. They lack vertical line symmetry.
  17. I like the new font! I suggest: 1) Making the spacing around the GNAC (distance from the letters to the blue outline) consistent on all sides. The left and right side spacing is too small. 2) Change the thickness of both the navy and white outlines in the diagonal slash to match the thickness of the outer outlines. (OR just make the diagonal slash navy only). 3) Make all the edges in your mountain range straight rather than some straight and some curved. 4) Possibly change the stars into more of a 4-3-2 triangular pattern. * * * * * * * * *
  18. Wow! I think the wordmark G on both the cap and primary look great! That navy cap without the white outline is sharp. I'm a HS teacher/coach and to me that cap is something that would sell extremely well to a student body. $$$
  19. I would try the wordmark G on the navy baseball cap. I was also wondering how it would look to put the wordmark G on the primary gator's sweater??
  20. The primary is nice. The lines for the knuckles and toes could be thicker to be more consistant with the rest of the logo. One other consideration for high school logos is the amount of colors used. Most public schools can not afford to reproduce logos on paper and apperal with more than 3 colors (not including the background color). So I suggest trying to recolor the primary using only navy, gold, green, and white. All of your alternates are well done, but there are too many. There is a reason colleges and pros limit logos within there brand identity to a primary and one or two alternates.
  21. The jet is still off (especially the nose and tail section). If you take away the word mark, I'd guess it was a rocket or missile of some kind. Do an image search of "top view of a fighter jet" and you will get a better idea on the shape adjustment you need to make. I also suggest centering the jet in the triangle. There is a lot of empty space in the triangle. Maybe thicken the beginning of the red trail, and thin it a little at the curve.
  22. The shape of your train is good, but it feels like a coloring book image that has been paint bucket filled. SIMPLIFY. SIMPLIFY. SIMPLIFY. You have too much detail. We can tell it is a train without the detail. Thicken all your shape defining black lines and get rid of the rest (the color change creates its own line). You are using 6-7 colors and high schools usually can't afford ($$) to reproduce graphics (paper & apparel) with more than 3 colors. Now that you have a good overall shape, work on giving it a motion/movement perspective (find some good logos of trains/cars/boats/etc. that imply motion and use that to inspire you).
  23. Great idea for the league crest. Think about making the width of the blue outline of your crest match the width of the 5 kubbs on the top of the crest.
  24. I agree that It would be more cost effective for the school to rebrand, but keep the Tigers mascot. The idea to switch to the Express is good. The mascot is more unique than a tiger, but don't fall into the same trap as your school by recycling the logo from the Roanoke Express. Find a photo of a train you love and use your skills to create an original logo from the photo. Then use this board to get suggestions to make your original logo even better. (... and the F on your helmet really looks like University of Florida's alternate F logo).
  25. My only critique is that your template would be better if it was symmetrical and proportional. The shorts are very short.