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  1. Sidewinders look great. Only concern is did you try the primary roundel with the baseball straight? Did it just not look right or something? IMO it just doesn't look right crooked. On the other hand, this is probably the greatest baseball concept series I've ever seen so kudos to you!!
  2. Texas Tech and that third TCU court win lol And may I ask what the pattern in the state is on TCU?
  3. I don't think the state flag in the paint for Ohio State works well either... The other two for Ohio State are my favorite in this set though!
  4. Illinois is gorgeous. But, I'm not really a fan of the state flag in the paint on Maryland's.
  5. Could you do LSU Football (all championships) with the Tiger Eye logo please? Thanks so much!!!
  6. I think that you should include argyle somehow in North Carolina's. Maybe on the baselines?
  7. I like the US number font. Looks really nice!
  8. The Duke logo looks a little stretched out vertically
  9. Yeah for sure, that'll be in 1957 forward.Thanks for the kind words guys. Matt, that's the first time anyone said that about the font. It's the NFL font but I felt it could work as something from the 1950s. It's just really simple i think. Skinny, how come you don't like the Japanese uniforms? I think they last one more tournament, just curious. The font seems somewhat too modern. That's just my opinion on it though. But, I absolutely love that it says Nippon on it. That is a really clever idea!
  10. This is really cool! Although I'm not really a fan of Japan's, the rest are pretty solid!
  11. Can you please look at your Sigs thread. I would like one of them :)

  12. Oh... And the STL Cardinals division titles and World Series championships. Thanks so much!!!
  13. Could I get all LSU football and baseball championships, the Royals division titles and World Series titles, the ATL Hawks division titles and Playoff titles, the 49ers division titles and Super Bowl wins, and Chelsea's major cup championships. Thanks so much in advance!!
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