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  1. There are some missing alternate MLB All-Star Game logos from both 1997 and 2019. I'll see if I can find good images of them.
  2. Browns were also a home white team for a long time.
  3. The fact that the press release says "road whites" seems to indicate that the CFL has more of a college football/NHL "home dark/road white" concept while the NFL is more along the NBA lines of "home team choice".
  4. That's the logo used for throwback stuff now since wahoo stuff can only be sold in NE Ohio and the Reds heavily curtail the Indians' ability to use the wishbone C (mostly allowed for 1933-72 game cap replicas)
  5. Thanks! I seem to recall they originally planned a 1-year limit on city and 2-year on statement
  6. I'm back after some minor health issues. Is the NBA and/or Nike allowing teams to keep statement jerseys past 2 seasons? There's no indication of a new Cavs statement jersey.
  7. To me, it sounds like the opposite. Every team (including the Lakers) must have a white "association: jersey, but nothing is stopping a team from having a gold jersey for one of their other three and using it as their primary jersey at home.
  8. It said that all 30 teams will have white "association: jerseys. I take it this means that the Lakers' exemption to wear a gold home/"association" jersey is over? My guesses Lakers - white association, gold icon, purple athlete, black community ("Hollywood Nights" set). Cavaliers - white association, wine icon, navy blue athlete, black community (color they wore when they won the title), I could see them try to get on the "classic" rotation as often as possible with one of their early home jerseys to keep gold in the rotation.
  9. The construction is also that of a souvenir cap, as I noted above. I think the official road cap is yet to be unveiled.
  10. My other thoughts Logo - not bad,but the shadow on the nickname is unnecessary. Home uniform - cap logo is too large, but that's been an issue with Frontier League cap logos for almost two decades (Canton Crocodiles had the same issue), rest of uniform is great Road uniform - would've preferred a gray jersey with a purple third with "Crushers" on the front, but does anybody in the FL have a gray jersey?, otherwise not bad
  11. Comparing the construction and design of the two hats, I think the one worn with the road unis is a souvenir cap. It's a low crown cap (not even "5950 low crown but still looks like a game cap", but "souvenir cap low crown") with a pre-curved brim and the full primary logo. I've never seen a baseball game cap like that.
  12. Could a team develop a new logo on their own or come up with their own uniform design (or plan to return to a prior one) and tell reebok/adidas "make this to our specs" or does reebok/adidas have veto power on logos/uniforms?
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