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  1. Awesome Job Zeus. Here are Toulouse's. Just waiting for the story till I add numbers and branding. Home, Away, Alternate, Occitan Pride. Pride.
  2. Who wants to do the roster for Toulouse?
  3. Sweet. I really dig those Colorado Prides.
  4. Thanks dude. Just edited the name. Yeah, I used to visit there a ton and that cross is everywhere.
  5. Hey, I finally finished two possible Toulouse logos, one could serve as an alternate to the other. Feel free to make any edits to these that you feel are necessary. (I'd recommend the full name Le club de Hockey sur glace Toulousaine . It's wordy but it's a bit of a nod to the Habs.) Toulouse 2.pdn
  6. Hey, here's a possible alternate logo I made last night before you announced the primary for Beijing.
  7. The tail kinda bugs me, but I like where this is going.
  8. This is the best hockey template I've seen. Please open to the public.
  9. I like the Blue and Rust, but it could be mistaken for the Astros' Blue and Orange
  10. Your league logo should be adopted by the MLS.