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  1. In my first post in two years, I figured I’d give some thoughts as a diehard Revolution and crayon flag fan. I have to say the timing comes as a complete shock. I will admit the crayon flag is by no means a great logo but the reason it’s loved by a portion of Revs fans is because it’s unchanged and unique. That said, every Revs fan has accepted that it would one day be retired, potentially alongside a stadium development. I do like the new logo, it has grown on me in the past 12ish hours but the thing I like the most about the rebrand is that they are keeping the name the exact same. That’s big for me especially when teams like Montreal and nearly Columbus have thrown their historic identities in the trash.
  2. With the Revolution looking at potentially creating a reserve team in the USL, I decided to mock-up a concept of this club if they were located in Rhode Island. I imagine they would play at a renovated McCoy Stadium is Pawtucket and was thinking about rendering a design for that as well but I don't have the time yet. For the name I had to stick with the Revolutionary theme and chose to name them after the First Rhode Island Regiment. The logo is just a basic shield with the classic R.I. anchor and stars in the formation that is found on the regiment's battle flag. C&C is appreciated, it's been a while since I've posted anything on here so this took a bit of trial and error.
  3. The Revs are revealing their new primary at the stroke of midnight tomorrow night. Note the graphic at the end of the video, looks like maybe some SKC-esque light blue hoops.
  4. Next up we have Columbus and LA Galaxy. For Columbus, they're getting a new road kit so I was contemplating going with white but decided black looked much better with the checkers. For LA, I think they'll stick with the sash and I think they'll keep it pretty basic.
  5. With Atlanta United's recent away kit leak, I decided to try and "predict" what some teams will come out with for the 2018 season. I'll kick it off with New England and Chicago. For both jerseys I used the half shoulder stripe because that's what Atlanta's has. For the designs themselves, I used a dual horizontal stripe for the Revs because that's what their social media branding utilizes and I see them sticking with the whole red/white stripe thing seen on this years primary and secondary. For Chicago, they're also getting a new home kit so I went with a classic vertical stripe down the left.
  6. 5th isn’t too bad for my first time! Thanks for all the votes!
  7. I’m interested as to why you chose that flag design for Houston, it looks nearly identical to the flag of DC.
  8. The logo itself is solid but there isn’t anything to tell me that it’s a basketball team or even a sports team at all. But besides that I really like how the ship comes out of the roundel and the overall design of the ship is very good.
  9. I like it as a design but as others have said, it’s near impossible to know what the initials are supposed to be without being told beforehand. I would suggest to connect the lowest lines that makes the outside of the B and take out the straight line on the top of the M shape. As for the stars, as you have it right now they’re in the same formation as the flag of Chicago’s six pointed stars whereas the Slovenian stars are supposed to be in a triangular shape, maybe putting one below and two on either side could work but I can see you’re going for a sleek look and putting them in that position may make it seem like they’re not part of the design.
  10. It looks like they searched up ‘free tree logo’ on Google and chose the first one without a watermark.
  11. Thanks for all the C&C! I feel like the revised stadium is much much better. I'm going to continue to work on the elements around the stadium and the skyline which would be just across the river behind the supporters section. Any more suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks, thats a pretty good location and it did help with my revised design. -Only reason I had 1839 in there was to take up some blank space but it looks fine without it -I don't know why I filled the background I just haven't made many presentations lately, if I can find my template then I'll update the jerseys with the mannequin style -For the revised stadium design I made an interesting roof design but I still tried to make it realistic considering Precourt isn't the most wealthy owner. Football Club is one of the trademarked names along with "Austin Athletic" so thats the only reason why I chose football.
  12. Austin FC If you haven't already heard, the owner of Crew SC is trying to move the team to Austin if he can't secure a new home for them in Columbus. Last week I had began creating a new stadium for the Crew before any of this had been announced so I decided to make the seats green and create a concept because unfortunately it's looking increasingly likely that the club will be playing in Texas by 2019. Hopefully the rally on Sunday plus the #SaveTheCrew movement will persuade MLS to keep the team in Columbus but right now Garber has said he supports Precourt. Onto the concept: I decided to do a pretty basic design for the crest, incorporating the shape of the Austin coat of arms in the shield as well as the white stripe. The star comes from the Texas flag and the name "Austin FC" was already trademarked by the league previously. The stadium is also basic and cookie cutter including an Orlando-like safe-standing section that the league is seeing becoming more popular to house the supporters. The approximate capacity would probably be around 18-20,000. I'm no professional architect or anything so it's nothing extraordinary but I used sketchup and Twilight Render plus some photoshop. C&C is appreciated and also I should note that I don't support the Crew moving to Austin.
  13. This seems like a really great resource! I will definitely be using some of these.
  14. Kits The primary has a unique sash to match the angle from the logo and the secondary is just a basic red and white design.
  15. Just gonna bump this to see if anyone else has any thoughts. Here's what it looks like with a green outline
  16. So I updated the stroke thickness, added some white and a monogram and made a few different options. The empty space is a bit awkward so if anyone has any ideas on what to do I'll see what I can do. I also threw in an alternative idea I had but it's again really awkward with the empty space. I'll make some kits as soon as I decide on the crest. Thanks for the C&C!
  17. The effort and commitment put into this series is incredible. Looking forward to see what you do in the future! As for a champion, I like St. John's logo and kits the best of all so I'd vote for them as the underdogs lol.
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