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  1. This will be my last post on here, anyway my idea for the Nords if they were to return....
  2. SR Designs

    Logo Edit

    My edit of a logo I found on reddit. I changed the colors to be used in a hockey uniform concept set. Original - Blue and Orange
  3. This is just an addition to the logo I made a while back. A concept logo for the Oilers.
  4. This is the logo I used for the Colts logo, quite obvious I just changed the colors. But! The South Hill logos and all are original.
  5. Different colored background and on a jersey set
  6. I hope this logo I made pleases your eyes, its for a fictional hockey team called the Hampton Firestorm.
  7. I posted this Seahawks Color Rush concept on my iFunny account and Instagram account and somehow it has an alarming amount of support (nicknamed it the "Green Goblin"). So I'm trying it on here, not expecting much because I don't get much of anything other than negative criticism instead of constructive.
  8. My idea for the Philadelphia Eagles, with a Kelly Green throwback Alternate. I dropped the black from their color palette. Steelers Concept -
  9. - UPDATE - Since there is a strong want for yellow/gold pants here is an updated version with said yellow/gold pants
  10. Just a Steelers concept I threw together in like 15 minutes
  11. Another one of my many concept hockey teams. I completed a league of 20 teams, you can see all 20 logos and 46 jerseys I did on my website: The league name is the WCHL. As for the logo below, I hand drew it and integrated it on my computer, went from there to make what I think is one of my best logos.
  12. That's what the word concept is for, its not a finished product. There is a team called the Quad City Mallards.
  13. My logo for a concept team, the Dallas Lady Mallards. Hope you guys like my incorporation of the Penguins logo from the 90's