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  1. I remember made a team whose name was the Rockminers and the shortened name was R-Miners Maybe that or the Diamond Miners/D-Miners?
  2. Norfolk Clippers/Vessels- Transportation history. Seal. Louisville Gatekeepers/Rivermen- City nicknames Daytona Beach Bashers- I've been to Daytona Beach and it's pretty crazy there. It's a play on words Daytona.....Beach Bashers. Daytona Beach......Bashers. Boise Boisean- Demonym
  3. Lol. There are two threads like these now. Looks very good though. Edit: Las Vegas Sinners?
  4. The Clippers new logo and jersey are very ugly I don't like the fact that the NBA is changing half of their teams look
  5. I really like the black jersey. Yea, the purple pants look very weird with a black jersey but hey the Browns had a brown jersey with Range pants and that looked weird.