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  1. Nice work! Will you be upgrading the Los Angeles Kings? Their current set needs it.
  2. On the LA Kings, you have too much black and white, not enough silver. On the home black, sleeve numbers should be silver with black trim. Back number: silver trimmed with white. On the road white: silver sleeve numbers trimmed with white, back number: silver trimmed with black. The big crown on front is a good idea, but lose that "Stadium Series LA" and replace it with the Shield logo. For the collar colors, refer to the 1988-98 Kings jerseys. And lose the "Gangster" number font. Replace with 1970s font. Likewise for the Name on back.
  3. 1.No player names on the New York Yankees' jerseys. 2.Team decals on NHL players' helmets. 3.Mostly black Hockey skates, with white laces. 4.Crappy uniform designs by the idiots at nike.
  4. Blue pants and helmet with the Montreal Canadiens' Red jersey and socks. It balances the colors beautifully.
  5. Dodgers started using thinner back numbers in 1977, when they added white trim to them and the front script. (Dodger fan since 1969)
  6. Agreed, and the alternate cream jersey should have Cardinals w/birds on bat in the same style as Stan Musial's rookie season (1941),with matching cap.
  7. Pants need a lightning bolt on each side. Number font needs to match what the Lightning currently wear. Road jersey needs less gray. (This isn't MLB.) Needs shoulder logos.
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